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'You cannot stop us, we have this Anthrax'
Samples of notes and envelopes of the Anthrax letters sent to Senator Dashcle, Tom Brokaw and the New York Post editor. From the FBI site.

Taleban using civilians as human shield
Taliban forces are taking cover among the civilian population of Kabul and stashing their military equipment in mosques and schools to avoid US airstrikes, according to refugees who have fled the capital in recent days.

Osama bought Anthrax samples for $10,000
Osama bin Laden bought samples of anthrax by mail from shady laboratories in Eastern Europe and Asia for as little as $10,000, a former follower has told authorities in Egypt.

US aims to choke Taleban by cutting supplies
As the United States launched a third day of air raids against Taliban troops on the front lines in Afghanistan, senior Pentagon officials said for the first time today that they hoped to choke off fuel, food and other supplies that the Taliban leaders need to maintain their grip on power.

A skyline is conspicuous by an absence
These days, capturing the New York skyline -- on canvas, on film, with the naked eye -- has become a complicated, even emotionally wrenching act. The towers are such powerful symbols that they overshadow everything -- whether they are present or absent.

Trust becomes casualty in web of deception
Abdussattar Shaikh finds his fundamental beliefs shaken by the fact that he shared his home for several months last year with two of the 19 suspected hijackers in the terrorist attacks, Nawaf Alhazmi and Khalid Almihdhar.

Muslims love Osama bin Laden
The Muslim world is bursting with adulation for the Saudi militant.

Taleban areas completely destroyed: Refugees
Refugees have reported that Taliban controlled areas have been completely destroyed in US air strikes.

Nasdaq considers moving house
The Nasdaq Stock Market is considering moving its headquarters to midtown Manhattan, in yet another sign that companies are rethinking the wisdom of working in the financial district following the terrorist attacks.

Peshwar's youth are tinder for Islamic extremism
If you want to understand why the world no longer feels terribly safe, you would do well to stroll down Cinema Road. The sights and sounds would make you think you had walked into a third-world ''Blade Runner,'' exhilarating and grotesque.

Why US is not willing to pay the price for cheaper Cipro
Is the US government willing to put American lives at risk to protect pharmaceutical company profits?

UK not ready to send in the Marines
The British government balked at a proposal by the Service chiefs to commit 1,000 Royal Marines, an aircraft carrier and five other ships to the war on terrorism.

A Harvest of Anger at the US
A remote Pakistani village recoils at American bombing of Afghan "cousins." Some see Islam under attack and join the Taleban.

Britain Osama group 'peaceful reformers'
Khalid al-Fawwaz, an organisation, created by Osama bin Laden in Britain, and accused by US of being a terrorist conduit, is "a perfectly lawful and peaceful reform group", it was claimed at an extradition in the UK's House of Lords.

Iraq, Soviet anthrax samples being matched to letters
Federal investigators are trying to determine whether a chemical mixture used in the anthrax mailed to the Capitol and news organizations matches samples of biological weapons stocks from Iraq, the former Soviet Union and other nations.

Mopping up a deadly Microbe
As the death toll from anthrax rises and more people fall ill, health officials now face the next challenge: destroying the dangerous microbe wherever it is found. What has to be done to decontaminate buildings after an anthrax attack, and when can people be sure it is safe to return to those places?

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