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Arundathi Roy: 'Brutality smeared in peanut butter'

Governments use flags first to shrink-wrap people's minds and smother thought, and then as ceremonial shrouds to bury their willing dead.

Russia fears US has hidden agenda in Afghanistan
There is increasing concern in Russia, Iran and other front-line states that the US has a hidden agenda: to be the dominant power in Afghanistan, a strategic crossroads and a gateway to vast Central Asian oil fields.

Take Kabul, Please
If an outside military force does not occupy the Afghan capital soon, here's what could happen over the next few weeks.

Can the US legally torture terror suspects
There are ugly ways to extract information from suspects. What are the legal limits?

Special forces paint targets for US air strikes
US aircraft began bombing Taliban frontline positions north of Kabul apparently assisted by special forces personnel operating from Bagram air base 'painting' targets with laser-designators.

Flurry of hugs for Washington's Gang of Five
Lawmakers said they could not remember when leaders in Congress had worked so intimately with each other -- and with the president.

Heroin onslaught theory premature
Immediately after 9/11 a theory doing the rounds was of the Taleban lifting the ban on opium poppy production, so as to flood the West with cheap Afghan herion -- including a new liquid heroin financed by Osama bin Laden called the 'Tears of Allah'. The theory appears to be flawed.

Insurer sues to limit its WTC payout
After trying to negotiate a lower bill, Swiss Re, the biggest insurer of the WTC, sued to limit its payout to half of what the buildings' managers are asking.

Osama lieutenant raised funds in US in '90s
In 1995, one of Osama's top commanders, Dr Ayman al-Zawahiri, embarked on a fund-raising tour in the US and bought satellite communications equipment with the help of Arab-American operatives.

The winter of America's unpreparedness
A war game called Dark Winter that send chills down the spine.

A millennium on, the crusader's giant footprints remain
In the Islamic world, the events of 1,000 years ago are as immediate as yesterday, stirring strong emotions.

Humanitarian crisis may jeopardise US military goals
As winter sets in Afghanistan, finger-pointing over the starvation of thousands of Afghans mayh create fractures within the UN Security Council, constraining US military objectives.

Orphans of War
Afghans who say they have lost kin in the air war find homes in tent camp run by Iran.

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