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Terror in America

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Terror on the Masthead
How the US newspapers covered the tragedy on September 11.
Images in PDF format of front pages of the special editions.
And how the rest of the world did...

Hijacking clues may be red herrings
The abundance of apparent
clues the attackers left does not fit well with the perfection they showed
in executing their mission. This begs the question: Are the clues diversions?

A Time Exclusive: Shattered
A collection of photographs from
an award-winning photojournalist

How to defeat bin Laden
Treat him as a criminal fugitive and not as an enemy of war

Scamsters capitalise on tragedy
Email seeking Red Cross donations sends surfers to trick site

US Attacks: Rumour Watch separates the true from the false.

Your life's worth an oil change
A blogger wonders about airline security and the world he lives in.

Mass emails rally support
Chain mails, the scourge of inboxes, have now become symbols of solidarity

Coming to grips with Jihad
How did Afghanistan become a hotbed of international terrorists?
Three Atlantic articles look at the origins and consequences of jihad.

Burning twin towers on CD cover
Designed before the attacks, cover of hip-hop
group Coup's new album has an eerily familiar sight

FBI sniffing out e-mails for clues
Will federal investigators use the controversial software,
Carnivore, in search for leads?

Did encryption empower the terrorists?
The US government's attempt to roll back recent relaxations on encryption
tools on the grounds that cryptography helped terrorists cloak their
preparations raises many questions

Can technology stop hijackings?
It can. But at a heavy price

How difficult is it to fly a plane?
You don't need to be a skilled pilot if you don't have to take-off or land
but are merely on a suicide mission, says a flying instructor.

Design choice for towers saved lives
A lucky choice of design for the World Trade Center towers
reduced the toll, say engineers

What happened on Flight 93?
Investigators are trying to piece together the sequence of events on
board the only plane that crashed into countryside. And it may be
easier to find clues in this crash than in the other three.

Pilot of Flight 11 sent secret messages
An American Airlines pilot stayed at the helm of hijacked Flight 11 much of the way from Boston to New York, sending surreptitious radio transmissions to authorities on the ground as he flew.

The ethical boundaries of combating terror

The future of air travel
Increased security at airports and airlines will spell trouble for the global travel business, already reeling from an economic slowdown. But will that make our flying safer?

In wake of disaster, nation searches for news and Nostradamus
A special report on how people have been searching for terrorism coverage


          You searched for - Rediff Guide to the Net
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