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Terror in America

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The Reign of Terror
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Hot Lines:
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US Attacks
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Attack aftermath seen from space
The skipper of the International Space Station beamed back new
video of a devastated New York City, as seen from space

Who said the Web fell apart?
In fact, contrary to the criticism, the Net rose magnificently to
the occasion. It was only a matter of knowing where to look

Cyberspace attacks feared
Experts fear an electronic Pearl Harbor in the wake of the terrorist
strikes on New York and Washington

FBI issues cyberthreat advisory
An advisory is the second-highest alert condition that can be issued by
the FBI to members of InfraGard, a joint public/private sector program
designed to share threat information about possible cyberattacks
and cybercrime

Hunt for suspects moves online
On Wednesday, both America Online and EarthLink, two US ISPs acknowledged
that they are working with the FBI to turn over specific information that
may be relevant to the case.

"Nostradamus prediction" of WW III a hoax
"In the City of God there will be a great thunder/ Two brothers torn apart
by Chaos, / while the fortress endures, / the great leader will succumb,
/ The third big war will begin when the big city is burning..." Reads the
content of an email hoax claiming to be a Nostradamus prediction.

Auction site withdraws WTC items
After first announcing that it would allow people to sell World Trade
Center-related material, eBay, the largest online auction company, has
decided to pull all such material from its site until October 1.

Site suspends interactive whodunit game
The publisher of the online role-playing game "Majestic," an interactive
thriller involving murder and corporate intrigue, suspended the popular
game after Tuesday's attacks.

Web becomes support forum
The Internet provided a virtual balm as friends, families and strangers
logged on for soul-searching and emotional support

Will attacks hurt Net privacy?
Is stepped-up government surveillance of cyberspace needed in the wake of
the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, DC?

Hollywood terrorism films held up
Studios delayed release of two major films featuring bombs or terrorists
-- including Arnold Schwarzenegger's `Collateral Damage -- and yanked ads
for Spider-Man a day after the attacks

A blogger, armed with a digicam, tells his story
How to cope
Attacks question utility of spy satellites
Autopilot could land hijacked planes

Web site warned of attack four days ago
Dated 7 September, the warning says US citizens are under
increased threat from attack by groups allied to Osama bin Laden

Trapped and chatting in NYC
Email and instant messaging provide lifeline to survivors

Passengers' last terrifying moments
Passengers make calls before crash

Asia Hits Phone Lines, Internet After U.S. Attack
Asians flooded phone lines to the United States to try to get in touch
with relatives after a series of devastating terror attacks and millions of people
flocked to Internet news sites to track the dramatic events.

Web Offers Both News and Comfort
More than news, what people all over the world craved in the wake of Tuesday's
terrorist attacks was connection to each other, and many of them found that online.

Net offers lifeline amid tragedy
People in New York City and around the globe turned to the Internet to communicate
with their families and to grasp the horrific sequence of terrorist attacks that transformed
the World Trade Center and the Pentagon into disaster zones.

Purge our society!
Post-disaster threats and expressions of racism bubble up on the Web.

News sites hit by deluge of traffic
Web sites, covering the terrorist strikes, are struggling to keep up with the surge in traffic

Tech sites pick up the news
Technology websites abandoned their normal news-delivery operations as major Internet
media outlets wilted under the crush of traffic following Tuesday's attacks in New York and Washington

'My Prayer for my brother' offers prayers and help for those affected by the tragedy

          You searched for - Rediff Guide to the Net
- Tips for good results
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