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July 1

Braille version of 'Harry Potter' weighs in at 13 volumes
AMost days, each reconditioned Heidelberg cylinder press churns out 8,000 pages an hour as National Braille Press workers collate magazines, manuals, and popular children's books by hand.

'Phoenix' still has Potter magic
The new book a little long, but rich.

'Mother' of Harry Potter fields fans' questions
Might Harry Potter die while yet a lad? Could it be that J.K. Rowling, his creator, doesn't believe in wizards, magic, potions or spells after all? The answers to those questions, in order, are "maybe" and "yes."

Potter works magic on HMV profits
UK music and book seller HMV Group posted a bigger-than-forecast jump in annual profit and said it had seen a pick-up in recent sales, especially at its book stores after the Harry Potter launch.

June 30

Potter sales slow to manageable pace
After seeing a shopper stampede the first weekend of Harry Potter's latest tale, retailers say interest in the magical boy wizard subsided Saturday and Sunday, helping them keep pace with customer demand.

Harry Potter is an island in a swamp
The Potter books and their British author, J K Rowling, have charmed everyone, apparently, by reviving the most ancient medium, words-on-paper, with the most basic technique: excellent stories, told with intelligence and taste.

Harry Potter: the verdict
Young readers torch the boy magician's fifth outing on a giant ceremonial pyre (as if).

Stores catch breath after Potter frenzy
As the sales hoopla surrounding Harry Potter's latest tale subsided, book merchants turned to their next big challenge - to lure shoppers into returning in the weeks following the book's smash debut.

Rowling willing to kill Harry
The author astonished her audience recently when she warned that the world's most famous boy wizard may not survive until adulthood.

June 28-29

Women behind record book sales
Sales went up 150 percent this week on the USA Today Best-Selling Books list, magically lifted by Harry Potter.

Web magic hooks Potter-holics
In the months, weeks, days and minutes leading up to Saturday's release of the book, they've been logging onto literally hundreds of internet sites to share their passion for the orphan wizard and his magical world.

Harry Potter and the International Order of Copyright
Should Tanya Grotter and the Magic Double Bass be banned?

Panchatantra Potter
J K Rowling’s fifth tome recorded an all-time high of 75 per cent sales in many bookshops in Indian metros on the very first day.

Worse than Potter: Can it be?
The arrival of the new Harry Potter book certainly seems to have gotten a lot of folks all heated up, leaving aside the record-breaking millions who have bought it.

Potter tale sold at nine books a second
On publication last Saturday, Australian readers snapped up more than 300,000 copies of the fifth instalment in J K Rowling's series about the teenage wizard.

Owl be there for Harry
The Wharf produced its very own magic for one lucky Wharfer on a mystical night in Docklands. Chaniece Whiting, like many Harry Potter fans, had been waiting three years for JK Rowling's latest wizardry.

Harry Potter's creator would love to be invisible
More than 40 children from a Cambridgeshire school were taking a magical trip to London today.

June 27

Harry Potter's future in doubt
All that magic may turn out to have been too much, too young for the boy wizard as Harry Potter's creator warned that he may never make it into adulthood.

Harry Potter and the ringing tills
It is becoming one of the fastest-selling, if not the fastest-selling, books in history.

Potter books fly off shelves like magic
When planning the family vacation to Manhattan, Peter Ahrensdorf knew there was one can't-miss stop for his kids - and it wasn't the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty.

Harry Potter and the missing pages
A Harry Potter fan has found that their copy of the new book is mysteriously short of quite a few pages.

Lone narrator creates Harry Potter voices
Dale, 67, is the lone narrator behind the audiobook versions of J K Rowling's Harry Potter novels, having created scores of voices during the hundreds of hours spent recording the five books.

Harry Potter's creator would love to be invisible
J K Rowling, interviewed by children from around the world, said Thursday she would love to become invisible so that she could write her books in a cafe as she used to before she became famous.

Harry Potter's creator would love to be invisible
More than 40 children from a Cambridgeshire school were taking a magical trip to London today.





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