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February 7, 2003

Space travel must go on
The United States must continue to send astronauts into space to explore and experiment, Christa McAuliffe's mother said at a memorial service for the astronauts.

Hi-tech help for recovery
As search crews in Texas continue the task of searching for Columbia wreckage, they are being aided by a high-tech SUV dubbed the "First Responder."

NASA doubts tiles theory
Flying foam couldn't have set off calamity, shuttle chief says.

Teacher still has space dreams
Last Thursday, Pat Smith got a letter from NASA inviting her to apply to be an Educator Astronaut. The letter of congratulations said students had nominated her because of her outstanding teaching.

Email from astronaut Laurel Clark on day before disaster
The day before she died, she sent an e-mail home to family and friends: ``Hello from above our magnificent planet Earth. The perspective is truly awe-inspiring. This is a terrific mission and we are very busy doing science round the clock. Just getting a moment to type e-mail is precious so this will be short, and distributed to many who I know and love…"

Conspiracy theories spring on the Net
The debris from the Columbia space shuttle had barely crashed to Earth when the first conspiracy theories came to life.

Kalpana Chawla
-- Special: The Chawlas' odyssey
-- Kalpana Chawla was a great inspiration for us: Kiran Bedi
-- India mourns woman who challenged tradition
-- "I tell others, my wife is on a business trip," writes husband Jean-Pierre Harrison in this 'Space Truckin' log
-- India mourns death of astronaut Chawla
-- For a Resolute girl, traditions of India imposed no limits
-- India cries for a quiet Kalpana
-- NASA Profile: Kalpana Chawla

NASA to hold memorial for Columbia crew
As the massive hunt for clues into the final, fatal moments of the space shuttle Columbia continues, the crew will be remembered by colleagues and friends at the Johnson Space Center on Tuesday.

Three shuttles remain to carry NASA's load
The destruction of the shuttle Columbia has focused attention on the U.S. space program. Some questions and answers on the shuttle.

NASA offers access and instant answers
Not only is the investigation of this shuttle disaster more open than the inquiry into the destruction of the Challenger 17 years ago, the agency itself has presented a different, less-veiled face.

Weight of space exploration shifts, for now, to Russia
For now, at least, the disintegration of the shuttle Columbia throws the mantle of space exploration onto a venerable program that is arguably as safe as NASA's, more experienced in manned flight - and by most accounts, hard-pressed to shoulder such a heavy burden.

EBay yanks space shuttle debris auctions
The Internet auction site moved quickly to prevent people trying to auction purported debris from the space shuttle Columbia.

Search for answers begins
A massive investigation effort shifted into high gear Sunday night as teams sought clues to unlock the mysteries surrounding the final moments of the space shuttle Columbia.

What went wrong
The clues lie in the craft's last minutes and rain of debris.

Nasa chiefs 'repeatedly ignored' safety warnings
Fears of a catastrophic shuttle accident were raised last summer with the White House by a former Nasa engineer.

Some crew remains found
Remains of Columbia crew found, NASA says, but forensics experts say some questions may go unanswered.

Space: How risky?
The seven astronauts who died Saturday were taking risks far greater than any that most Americans, including the U.S. soldiers now serving in Afghanistan, will ever face.

How space shuttles work
In its 23 year history, the space shuttle program has seen exhilarating highs and devastating lows. The fleet has taken astronauts on dozens of successful missions, resulting in immeasurable scientific gains. But this success has had a serious cost.

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