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April 2001

Apr 30 - The Comfort Zone
Why teens prefer the virtual world

Apr 28 - If you need an excuse to burp...
Logs of some weekend surfing

Apr 27 - Sab Kuch Dikhta Hai
Technology takes you everywhere

Apr 26 - Don't worry, be happy
How to survive stress

Apr 25 - Is the Net killing your love?
Take a quick quiz

Apr 24 - Space Saving Techniques
Save the earth, stop surfing

Apr 23 - Sounds like geek to me
Geeks can be sexy too

Apr 21 - Help me find my way home
Use online maps, anytime, anywhere

Apr 20 - Amar Rahe
Mihir Virani alive now in cyberspace

Apr 19 - Good Shot
Click to become a better phtographer

Apr 18 - I know why Bhuj collapsed
This and other conspiracy theories

Apr 17 - Girl Power
What makes Gursimran Arora special

Apr 16 - Honey, I need a shrink
Try an online counsellor

Apr 14 - What lies beneath?
Archaeology site digs into India's past

Apr 13 - No speak the English?
Get help with grammar or punctuation

Apr 12 - Khul Ja Sim Sim
Simulation games make dreams come true

Apr 11 - Mera Wala Email
Email in any language

Apr 10 - Channel We
The sites that we built

Apr 9 - A Layman's Guide
To invest in stocks....

Apr 8 - Hit the Key
Keyboard tricks to make your PC faster

Apr 7 - What do Ants do...
When it rains and other information

Apr 6 - Fight cancer...
Can my PC save the planet?

Apr 5 - I hate you...
The Internet spews hatred

Apr 4 - How to beat the taxman?
Forget your CA, use the modem instead

Apr 4 - Honey, I found my grandpa
Use the Net to trace your ancestors

Apr 2 - Lost lands, found online
The Internet to help trace our ancestors

Site Tours
Apr 30 - Men
Seven sites to help you understand them

Apr 28 - Loans
Eight sites to help you buy now, pay later

Apr 27 - Animated Heroes
Seven sites of your favourite comic heroes

Apr 26 - Urmila Matondkar
Nine sites on the sizzling actress

Apr 25 - Youngsters Online
Eight sites to keep teens and kids occupied

Apr 24 - Sachin Tendulkar
Eight sites on the Master Blaster

Apr 23 - A R Rahman
Eight sites to hum his tunes

Apr 21 - Summer Jobs
Earn money during your holidays: 6 sites

Apr 20 - Interior Decoration
Eight sites to make your home beautiful

Apr 19 - Govinda
Seven sites to know the Hero No 1

Apr 18 - Indian Radio
Tune into India: Eight sites

Apr 17 - Philately
Nine sites for those who love collecting stamps

Apr 16 - How to write better
Seven sites to take a crash course

Apr 14 - Chill out Zones
Eight sites to hang out online

Apr 13 - Bollywood Flashback
6 sites on the golden days of Cinema

Apr 12 - Brain Teasers
Ten sites to get your grey cells ticking

Apr 11 - Quotable Quotes
Seven sites to catch some words of wisdom

Apr 10 - UFOs and Aliens
The truth is out there: Six sites

Apr 9 - Auto Care
Seven sites to maintain your car better

Apr 7 - Movie Gossip
A lowdown on the latest in tinsel town

Apr 6 - Biographies
Life of the rich and famous: 8 sites

Apr 5 - Legal Eagles
Seven sites to simplify law

Apr 4 - Art Masters
Ten sites of the finest painters

Apr 3 - English Texts
Eight sites for lovers of literary classics

Apr 2 - Filmi Goof ups
Eight sites to prove directors can make mistakes!

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