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[Celeb Surf with Meghna Reddy]

   Rashmi Ail

The name:
Meghna Reddy

Claim to fame:
Former Channel V VJ and model. In September, Meghna walked the ramp for designer Diane von Furstenberg in New York.

How Net savvy are you on a scale of one to ten?
I am Net savvy, though Sameera is the whiz kid of the family. For the last three months, I've been doing a lot of my work online. Initially I'd spend around two hours everyday finding my way round the Net, downloading stuff and using Photoshop. I'd give myself a 10 plus.

What do you enjoy doing most on the Net?
Checking my mail. Especially since I have been travelling all over -- Mexico, Jamaica, Cuba, New York, Spain -- the Net has helped me keep in touch with my family, friends and agent. My inbox is actually my little gift box. I've received a lot of good news via the Net. My agent has mailed me a lot of work offers that are fabulous!.

What is your daily routine like? How much time do you spend online?
I spend an hour everyday. It's a daily routine with me.

How would your perfect Web site be like?
A site that is easy to navigate. When you are looking for something, you want to find it as fast as possible instead of hitting on links that are misleading. Even a basic user should be able to find his way. More than a pleasant looking site, or more drama, what's important is that you find what you are looking for quickly.

What are your favourite sites?
Google is one of my favourites. Another favourite is tickets.com where I buy most tickets at a cheap rate. In New York, I did most things online - like paying my bills, checking bank account details. It makes life so easy.

Have you been ego surfing?
Once in a while, three times in all. It feels rather bizarre. I must've said something years ago in a whole different dimension in life and now when I see it up there, I'm like "Did I say that?"

One has grown up so much since then. It seems so naïve a thing to say. I check out sites on Sushma and Sameera quite often. When I'm out of town and friends want know what my sisters look like, I go online.

What is your favourite Web based gadget?
I am going to purchase a Toshiba satellite laptop as soon as I get back to the States. There are three varieties and I know which one I am going to select. I also love my friend's Apple ibook.

What do you like the most about the Net?
The fact that it has made life so easy. In the States, if I want a particular brand of shampoo, I just type the name online and bingo! I get a list of references. I know which establishment sells that brand near my place. If it weren't for the Net, I'd still be asking around, looking here and there. So it saves a lot of time. Net phone is also really cheap. You can call all over the world.

What do you hate about the Net?
I hate it when you are typing and typing, and suddenly everything vanishes. You have to start all over again. Moreover, I have a DSL connection out here, which is very slow. If the site has pictures, it takes forever to download.

What do you want to change about the Net?
I don't live my life online. But there are some who lead virtual lives. They get addicted to the Net. I know I can't change anything about this but if I could, I would. Also, the Net is too accessible. Kids can go to a cyber café and access any kind of site, which is scary. There is no parental control.

Any celebrity you would like to like to chat with online?
George Bush. We come from two opposite ends of the world and the clashing of political views would make for interesting dialogue.

Have you downloaded pictures or traded in stocks online?
No, I have not downloaded pictures. I'm very old fashioned when it comes to my money - I like it in gold, dollars, rupees. Liquid money is good. I'm not a gambler.

If the net did not exist…
I would still survive, like we all have for centuries. It's an advantage though, no doubt.

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