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Feedback  |  December 17, 2002     

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[Celeb Surf with Maria Goretti]

   Arti R

The name:
Maria Goretti

Claim to fame:
Actress and MTV VJ.

How Net savvy are you on a scale of one to ten?
I would rate myself an 8 because I use the Internet a lot. Especially when I travel, I find out about the weather, places and hotels. I even book tickets and make hotel reservations. In fact, when I am travelling, I get online for at least 3-4 hours or spend an entire night online.

When did you first use the Net to travel?
The first time we went to the USA for a holiday, I used it to book hotels and make reservations. Then, once we got there, we just rented a car and travelled from place to place, taking a call based on whatever information was available to us. The best way to travel and see every place is by doing it via the Net and I would definitely recommend it.

What sites do you use?
My favourite site is google.com. I also visit Lonely Planet very often. It works out better than buying a book for every place that I have to visit.

What else do you enjoy doing online?
I use email like everybody else. But I am very against chatting. I'm just not sure whether the person who is saying something online really means it. I would rather chat in person. So if I have to talk to someone, I pick up the phone or SMS. Chatting online is not my cup of tea.

Do you and Arshad fight over computer time?
No, we don't. We both have similar tastes. And usually I get my way!

What do you like and hate most about the Internet?
I like the precision and the speed of being online. What I hate is when I cannot get connected.

What do you download?
I don't download music. I've downloaded pictures of animals, mainly of dogs. Now, I have too many in my own house!

Do you use the Net for work?
All the time. I use it for confirmations when people call me for interviews. I use it to scan and email pictures or for letters related to work.

Would you like to put up a Web site of your own?
Never. I would never go to it myself.

Have you ever ego-surfed?
I've done that once. A friend recommended that I look online when I couldn't find some pictures. She said I should search for 'Maria Goretti India'. I was pleasantly shocked at the number of pages and pictures available. In fact, I got fed up reading through all of them. I would never try it again!

Have you ever bought anything online?
I ordered a book once, but it never arrived. So ever since then, I don't buy online.

What did you recently use the Net for?
Recently, I used the Internet when I had to travel to South Africa for a TV show for Sony. And I had pages and pages of information printed. In fact, I think it really helped because I didn't want to look like a fool! I had so much information that I could talk for ten minutes without needing a book!

One Web-gadget you would like to own?
It would have to buy an MP3 player.

What is your idea of a perfect Web site?
A site that would offer me two free tickets to any destination in the world!

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