Himesh Reshammiya

Mussarat Abbas

They call me: Mussarat Abbas

Have walked this earth for: 25 Yrs

I hail from: Lahore

Alma Mater: Punjab University

Down the memory lane:
I am a big fan of kishore Kumar, KK & R D Burman. I have not gone through any formal training in singing and started singing at the age of 10 after listening to the songs of Ghulam Ali .Ever since I have been giving performances and winning awards for the same.

Hobbies: Collecting good music

Favorite personality: Ghulam Ali Khan

Favorite Actor: Amitabh Bachchan & Ajay Devgan

Message to viewers: Just vote for the best one.

First Love: In Islamabad when I was a pianist there was this girl who used to come just to see my performance. She was just exquisite and seemed like an angel. After few days she asked me out but I was too young at that time and so said no.