Abhijeet Kosambi

They call me: Abhijeet Kosambi

Have walked this earth for: 25 Yrs

I hail from: Kolhapur

Alma Mater: R.C Shahu College

Down the memory lane:
I remember the first time I danced on a Qawwali.I am not a very good dancer and it turned out to be so funny that I vouched never to try dancing again.That was my first and last time.

Hobbies: Reading, philosophy and history. I also like Salman Rushdie and Shakespeare

Favorite personality: Sonu Nigam Ji, Asha Ji, Lata Ji

Favorite Actor: Naseeruddin Shah, Paresh Rawal, Amitabh Ji

Message to viewers: I need your love and blessings.Please keep watching Zee Sa re ga ma pa Challenge 2007. And listen to everyone’s songs as we all are honest performers.

First Love: Music