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December 29, 2008
Dad wouldn’t like me crying
His mother, wife and daughter recall Inspector Vijay Salaskar, the son, husband and doting father.

'India's patience is not infinite'
At a seminar in Washington, DC, a group of former diplomats, military leaders, politicians, businessmen and others said the minimum requirement from Pakistan is 'an irrevocable disbandment of the infrastructure of terrorism… This time we are not going to be satisfied with games. We want this seriously done.'

December 28, 2008
Supreme Court grapples with corruption issue
The image of the third pillar of democracy came under a cloud with the names of judges coming up in the Uttar Pradesh provident fund scam and cash-at-judge door scam in Chandigarh.

December 26, 2008
PM ensured it is still advantage India
He may have been cautious in reacting to the Mumbai attacks. But one month on, his approach has suited both the government and the country.

The couple that evaded terror, twice!
Dara Huang and John Fesko had just asked for the check in Leopold's when they heard the first shots. As they made their way out of the cafe and back to the Taj Mahal hotel, little did they know that they were walking into a far more serious and dangerous situation.

How the Cama nurses saved all their patients
On the horrific night of November 26, the nurses, doctors and other staff at the Cama hospital took a sequence of life-saving decisions. Brave decisions that saved the lives of every one of the 180 patients, their relatives and a few others who had sought refuge there.

26/11: Why did the commando operations take 60 hours?
A former Special Forces commando candidly assesses the Mumbai operations.

December 23, 2008
'The Mumbai attack is not an India-Pakistan issue'
Strategic thinker and former bureaucrat, K Subrhamanyam says that India is not doing enough, just yet, to respond to Mumbai attacks.

How the police saved hundreds of lives at the Oberoi
'We had only pistols with us and no bullet-proof jackets. When we came here we thought some gang war was on. We did not expect terrorists.'

December 22, 2008
'Antulay has maligned police force'
'If Karkare was killed by any other bullet than the ones that came from the terrorists's AK-47s we would have known.'

Cabbie's wife vows to keep his dream alive
Moumina Khatoon, who lost her husband on 26/11, is determined to educate her three children.

Why the CIA does not want Dawood in Indian hands
According to intelligence sources, Ibrahim is a CIA asset.

Heroes: 'Tukaram Omble deserves an Ashok Chakra'
If it was not for him, the Mumbai police could not have captured the sole terrorist alive.

December 19, 2008
How fake currency funds terror
Investigating agencies estimate the amount of fake currency as Rs 170,000 crore. RBI officials dispute the figure and say this mean 28% of Indian currency is fake.

'The jihadists are dragging us into the Middle Ages'
The jihadists tap into 'the resentment the Pakistani elite feels for the success of India.'

Heroes: He held off terrorists for four hours
The doctors have told Inspector Deepak Dole of the Colaba police station in south Mumbai to avoid sunlight and dust for at least three months. The reason: Large swathes of his skin, burnt by the fire started by terrorists in the Taj Mahal Palace hotel, are peeling off.

'The mental trauma of the attacks was enormous'
Psychiatrist Ashit Sheth provides an insight into the current state of mind of Mumbai residents, especially those who survived the terrible tragedy at the Taj and Oberoi hotels.

December 18, 2008
'Pakistan is the centre of world terrorism'
Salman Rushdie slammed Islamabad for its 'cynical denial' that the terrorists involved in the Mumbai attacks were not its nationals.

He put duty before safety
Gutsy Indian Express photographer Vasant Prabhu risked his life to take images during the early siege at the Taj

How Lashkar's terrorists are tech savvy
A dedicated technology laboratory at the Lashkar headquarters in Muzaffarabad, PoK, trains terrorists how to use tech and assemble bombs on the fly.

'Have summary trials for foreign terrorists'
'When foreigners enter our country and create havoc it is a war-like situation and hence such persons should be tried differently compared to other criminals.'

Terror's youngest victim
The heart-rending story of four-month-old Sheetal Yadav.

December 17, 2008
'Talk of war, surgical strikes is ill-advised'
'The priority at the moment should be to strengthen our internal security arrangements and improve coordination among the intelligence agencies, state governments and military authorities,' says Naresh Chandra, India's former ambassador to Washington.

ISI not involved in Mumbai attacks: US expert
'This is something the ISI would have wanted to prevent. There was no direct ISI involvement whatsoever,' claims American national security expert Harlan Ullman, who has close links with the Pakistani government and military.

'I saw a policeman slumped to the ground'
Eyewitnesses recall the encounter which captured the terrorist.

Tackle terrorism or else, US Congressman warns Pak
If Pakistan continues to dilly-dally in bringing the perpetrators to justice and closing down the terrorist camps that operate within its borders, influential US lawmaker Ed Royce says he will lead the fight in the United States Congress to cut the massive military and security assistance to Pakistan.

Our MPs blocked the NIA 8 months ago
'Under pressure from corporate houses, this government will certainly work faster, but Home Minister Chidambaram will have to ensure that intelligence gathering would form an integral part of the other inter-related operational and investigative functions of the agency.'

From the terrorist's bullets to the altar
'I did not want to go to the wedding without hair. I didn't want my wedding to be postponed.'

December 16, 2008
'The international community won't help'
'India should act harshly by discontinuing the peace process. The Lashkar-e-Tayiba could not have the kind of capacity to train commandos. The Pakistani establishment's help has to be there to prepare people for such attacks,' says former foreign secretary Kanwal Sibal.

In Delhi, tears for the fallen heroes
Family members of policemen and soldiers, who died battling evil murderers in Mumbai, were honoured on Monday.

Attacks, 'blessing in disguise': Hinduja
The billionaire believes the 'whole world has awakened to this evil of terrorism' because of the Mumbai strikes.

'I didn't want to run away, so I fought back'
Harishchandra Shrivardhankar dared to fight back during Mumbai's night of terror, and survived to tell the tale.

December 15, 2008
India will have to fight in its own way
'India definitely does have options to respond effectively against the perpetrators of the Mumbai attacks. And no one is talking about war here,' says former national security adviser Brajesh Mishra.

Why Dhanji Karsan will never steer a boat again
Exclusive: Insights from a fisherman who spent two years in a Pakistani jail.

December 12, 2008
The handler who managed Mumbai attacks
Intelligence agencies believe the attacks were redemption for the man who botched up jihadi terror's arrival in South India.

ISI raises Rs 1,800 crores for terror: IB
Money for terror operations is raised through smuggling of arms, fake currency, abductions, investment in the stock exchange and real estate.

December 11, 2008
Yahya, Lashkar's Bangla associate
It provides support to all Lashkar operations in India. Infiltration from Bangladesh is a major cause for concern.

How Mumbai's children cope with trauma
Doctors say parents need to educate themselves on how trauma affects a child and how it will show up in children.

'US erred in not shutting down Lashkar, Jaish after 9/11'
'The US focused on just getting Pakistan to focus on Al Qaeda and turned a blind eye to Pakistani support for the Taliban and to these militants,' says Lisa Curtis, a former South Asia analyst at the CIA.

The NSG commando who won't give up
A K Singh's injury may mean no more missions for him. But the elite commando won't go down without a fight.

December 10, 2008
'My father was not a Pakistani spy'
An exclusive interview with the slain Kuber’s captain’s family.

India's lack of preparedness 'pathetic'
'This is the basic mistake in our methodology of tackling terrorism -- there is no intelligence integration, there is no operational coordination.'

'I would have run over the terrorists'
Maruti Phad saw the terrorists kill the Mumbai police officers.

The miracle baby born that horrific night
The story of a baby born with the help of courageous doctors and nurses who worked even as terrorists rained bullets at the Cama Hospital.

The man who negotiated with the terrorist
P V Viswanath, a finance professor in New York, negotiated with the terrorist at Chabad House for five hours.

December 09, 2008
How we caught the terrorist alive
The terrorist lay down on the road as if in surrender. Tukaram Omble tried to disarm him by grabbing his gun. But the man fired. Omble did not let go. He was killed, but he saved his colleagues.

India must develop ties with Pakistan army
The Pak military is as concerned about terrorism as anybody else. ‘Frankly, they have created a Frankenstein. They want to control it, but cannot.’

How unsafe are our seas?
What needs to be done to protect our maritime defences against the enemy.

December 05, 2008
A last call to his wife
He died alone in this dark lane, even as the terrorists moved on ahead looking for fresh targets.

Nariman House: Diary of an eyewitness
A boy screamed: 'My mother is dead and my father is dead'

December 04, 2008
'We want to celebrate what's right in India'
Anjali and Michael Pollack relive that horrific night at the Taj during the terror attacks.

'Absolute perversion of Islam'
'The terrorists intended to provoke a 'clash of civilisations', pitting Hindu against Muslim, India against Pakistan. The best way to honour those killed and injured in these attacks, and the best way to show solidarity with the people of Mumbai, is to work to defuse the crisis that these terrorists seek to advance.'

'Three armed men in black'
Beyond the refrigerator, we hear an Indian woman crying for help.

The NRI who saved 150 lives
"The gunshots were getting louder and louder and the floor and ceiling were actually shaking from the blasts. I knew if we stayed put that, eventually, they'd find us. As an entrepreneur, you learn to think that nothing is impossible. The word 'No' doesn't register. So I asked myself, 'How do we do this?' and 'What would Richard Branson do?'" says British businessman Deepak Kuntawala.

December 03, 2008
The heartbeat of a wounded city that will bleed, but will not bend
'The multitudes come and mourn in their own ways, hang around and greet new arrivals, share news and information, rumour and suspicion, and above all, anger.

When the terrorists hurled a grenade and fired.
'I had a feeling the rabbi was shot that night'

December 02, 2008
Images: Leopold hums back to life
Like every day of the year and nearly every hour of the day, the cafe is packed to capacity. But Monday was different.

Pakistan will have to pay a heavy price
'There is a captured terrorist in Mumbai. If what he is saying is not evidence, then how can you get more evidence?'

On the trail of the terror boat
Is the Kuber a red herring? Were the weapons brought by another route?

December 01, 2008
'The ATS is not equipped to handle intense encounters'
Under the banner 'Enough is Enough', young professionals came together in the hope of creating a coherent voice out of all the undirected rage that many of Mumbai's young adults have expressed in the wake of such enormous tragedy.

The other heroes at the Taj
The firemen had no bullet-proof vests, their weapons were ladders, hoses and the blue uniform with which they braved the onslaught of those hours of terror.

'I took this phone out of a dead body's pocket, who's speaking?'
Chand Pasha, a waiter at Leopold, lost his brother in the terror attacks.

November 30, 2008
Remembering those we lost
Religious leaders prayed for the Mumbai policemen who lost their lives fighting murderous thugs this week.

Commandos exchange guns for roses
The NSG heroes after the Taj encounter.

Silence, then the tears came welling down
The policemen provided tea to all the relatives waiting for bodies. A little warmth in that cold mortuary.

November 29, 2008
‘Shouldn't Narendrabhai have waited?’
Mumbai seethes over 'politics of martyrdom'

'He was a very brave officer'
Mumbai Anti Terrorism Squad Chief Hemant Karkare was laid to rest with full state honours on Saturday.

The NSG triumphs against terror
National Security Guard commandos liberate one of India's great hotels of the cowardly thugs who murdered many innocent people in cold blood.

November 28, 2008
Bloomberg mourns for Mumbai
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg addresses the Indian-American community at the Hindu Temple Society of North America in Queens, New York City, during a prayer service for victims of the Mumbai terror attacks on November 27, 2008.

November 27, 2008
India's best commandos fight terrorists
The MARCOS are the Indian Navy's elite special forces.

Ah, Taj!
A symbol for amazing grace, of a time that no longer exists.

The Mumbai landmarks that came under attack on 26/11
The terrorists selected Mumbai's landmark locations as venues for their murderous mayhem. These prominent and beloved Mumbai spots are part of the city's heritage, sites that Mumbaikars are extremely proud of.

November 20, 2008
The King of Bhutan and I
Exclusive: Astad Deboo danced at the coronation of the world’s youngest monarch.

November 14, 2008
Nehru's mind was like a gun, always loaded
Walter Crocker's book Nehru, A Contemporary's Estimate reveals some little known and engaging facets of the first prime minister's life.

November 13, 2008
In history, Nehru is to be compared with Napoleon
A fascinating excerpt from Nehru, A Contemporary's Estimate, which provides rare insights into India's first prime minister -- the man, his political style and his mind.

November 07, 2008
The whole world was watching Chicago
Ram Kelkar was at the Obama celebration in Grant Park.

November 06, 2008
The Man Who Wasn’t There
For the preacher from Atlanta, murdered by hate 40 years ago, Barack Obama's triumph was his finest hour.

November 05, 2008
A phenomenon, and a commitment
Aziz Haniffa on the next POTUS.

'America, we have come so far'
Stirring excerpts from Barack Obama's victory speech:

Birth of a new nation
Millions of African Americans wept and rejoiced at Obama's triumph, an event that they could never have anticipated would happen in their lifetime.

Truly, History will be made
If he wins the White House, Barack Obama, the son of a Kenyan scholar and a White American social activist, will be America's first African American president.

'Unilateral US policy does not work in the present world'
'Unlike Bush and the Republicans Obama has a vision'

'This election is important because of the economy'
Indian Americans, who arrived early to cast their votes in Edison, New Jersey, were concerned about the economy, along with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
October 17, 2008
'Am I better off than eight years ago? No!'
Theresa Thanjan, the New York Coordinator of South Asians for Obama, says she joined the campaign out of conviction and support for all that Obama stands for. She plans to return to the media world once the elections are over, and says she did not join the campaign expecting to springboard into political office later.
October 16, 2008
Is the Eelam dream over?
The Sri Lankan army is merely 1.2 miles away from Kilinochchi, the Liberation Tigers of the Tamil Eelam's headquarters in Northern Sri Lanka. The Lankan government believes that the quarter-century old militant movement of the LTTE is in its last phase.
October 09, 2008
Stars favour Obama, says US astrologer
The stars are with Barack Obama, says an Indian astrologer in the United States. "Whatever the polls may convey, the cosmic timetable and the karmic events all seem to point in favor of Barack Obama to occupy the Presidential seat in January 2009," Malini Parthasarathy, a former senior management specialist at the World Bank, and an astrologer, says.
October 07, 2008
Grandmother's tales: The Girl From Foreign
Sadia Sheperd digs deep into her roots in her memorable new memoir.

October 06, 2008
Meet the teen who fasted for 34 days
Eva Mehta fasted for 34 days to observe the Jain holy season of Paryushan Parva. She just had boiled water during that time.

Kayani clears the decks ahead of battle
Much is being made of Kayani's attempt to surround himself with his own men. That is only partially true and in many ways legitimate too. However, it does not seem that he would have unnecessarily pushed Lt-Gen Taj out of the ISI in less than a year of the latter's having taken charge of the agency if internal and external actors had not begun to cast doubts over the agency's internal and external conduct.

September 22, 2008
How Veerappa Moily wants to fight terror
The Second Admnistrative Reforms Commission headed by Veerappa Moily has submitted its report on tackling terrorism to the Union government. The report titled Combating Terrorism - Protecting by Righteousness states that a comprehensive and effective legal framework to deal with all aspects of terrorism needs to be enacted.

September 18, 2008
India sidelined in Lankan war
Perhaps the Indian establishment do not subscribe to the thesis that un-exhibited power is more potent. Innovative diplomacy and statesmanship with no nonsense approach is the need of the hour.

September 15, 2008
Wide tentacles ensure SIMI's plans go on
An IB report on SIMI's recruitments says the outfit has at least 150 frontal organisations working for it.

September 14, 2008
The hunt for the Indian Mujahideen's 'al-Arbi'
A profile of Abdul Subhan Qureshi, the Indian Mujahideen's bomb-maker.

September 11, 2008
Why China did what it did at NSG
'Procedural procrastination' was Chinese strategy to delay India waiver, NSG diplomats say.

Why Melghat's children are dying
117 children died of malnutrition in the Melghat region in Maharashtra from April to June 2008. The condition of Amravati's remaining children is also grim.

September 05, 2008
What will a poor man do with a nuclear bomb?
Long after India abolished royalty, Padam Singh showcases a bygone era of kings and palaces.

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