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December 27, 2004

Give so others may live again!
'We may never know the true death toll, as many of the affected were marginal, poverty-stricken coastal dwellers living in pathetic hovels.'

November 22, 2004

Govt control of religious institutions: A splendid idea
'If the government can mobilise the funds from all these religious institutions, in no time the national debt can be retired.'

November 12, 2004

The US election is over. Now what?
'I am rather relieved that Bush won.'

November 02, 2004

Are we irritating nature too much?
'What are the consequences of modifications of the natural world, such as the proposed linking of India's rivers?'

October 21, 2004

Noone wants to get involved in America's nasty war
'Indian Americans genuinely dislike Bush. I attribute this to the fear that under Bush, the US is embroiled in an unwinnable war, the draft will return, and their young sons will get pressed into service in an unending conflict.'

September 30, 2004

How to avoid 9/11s & Beslans
'The Americans, alas, have failed to take the lead.'

September 28, 2004

September tragedies: 9/11/73, 9/11/01 and Beslan
'When terrorists kill Russians (or Indians) it is a 'local problem' but when they kill Americans it is a 'global problem.' This is pure 'double standards' or 'hypocrisy.'

August 30, 2004

Guru-varsham 150: The year of Sree Narayana Guru
'His words and actions are an inspiration to the oppressed anywhere in the world: his singular exhortation to them to gain self respect and to make themselves worthy of respect by others is a stroke of genius,' says Rajeev Srinivasan.

August 17, 2004

The campaign against Indian civilization
'India is the only nation that downplays the real and brilliant achievements of its culture, says Rajeev Srinivasan.

August 16, 2004

The battlefield of Indian history
India's loss of knowledge of its history is a double disaster.

July 29, 2004

Here's the bill for your recent riot
'I wonder if this is a post-Independence phenomenon, when a perverse sense of entitlement made people believe that since public goods were owned by everybody, they could be damaged,' says Rajeev Srinivasan.

July 21, 2004

Who is a minority person?
'Given that nobody bothers about Hindu religious sentiments, it's clear they are a minority.'

July 12, 2004

Pax Indica and a multipolar world
'This can only happen if India becomes a military and economic power, one that it confident of its own strengths. The good news is that this dream is within our grasp.'

July 5, 2004

Perverting secularism
'The smrtis, sutras and sutradharas of 'secularism' need to be exposed for the frauds they are,' argues Rajeev Srinivasan.


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