June 23, 2011
Need to learn from history, FS says in Islamabad
Since Pakistan is in the middle of an intense regional and internal issue, the Rao-Bashir talks are not the "major attraction" in Islamabad, reports Sheela Bhatt from the Pakistani capital
June 21, 2011
Pakistan and the Class of '74
Must Indians and Pakistanis be bound by the easy classifications of enemies and terrorists, muses Aseem Chhabra
June 16, 2011
Christian leaders oppose Communal Violence Bill
A recent national consultation of Christian leaders has opposed the Communal Violence Bill for being inadequate, reports Yogi Sikand
June 15, 2011
Tibetan monks, migrant workers defy Chinese govt
Tibetan monks and migrant Chinese workers have both dared to defy Chinese authorities, says B Raman Pakistan's two-pronged internal threat
Despite their differences, mainly related to political strategy, Islamist groups like the Jamaat-e Islami and the Jamaat- ud-Dawashare a very similar ideology -- of the centrality of the notion of the Islamic State and the compelling need to acquire political power in order. Yogi Sikand critiques a study on the rising Islamic radicalism in Pakistan
June 13, 2011
'India-Israel ties a work of art in the making'
Israel's Ambassador Mark Sofer, will shortly return to his homeland after a four-year-long, eventful stint in India, interacts with rediff readers in the chat room.
June 08, 2011
Kejriwal: Why the govt's stand is not acceptable
Arvind Kejriwal, member of the panel drafting the Lokpal bill, responds to criticism that civic society is trying to usurp democracy and also explains the need for stronger Lokpal bill to tackle corruption.
June 01, 2011
David Headley and his credibility problems
When Tahawwur Rana's defence attorneys cross-examine David Headley this week, it's possible that they will severely damage him, or that he will self-destruct on the stand. Investigative journalist Steven Rotella reports for on the Lashkar operative's credibility problems
May 24, 2011
'Is Sonia concerned about other women prisoners?'
Should Kanimozhi be spared from imprisonment in the 2G spectrum scam because she is a woman, as Sonia Gandhi implied on Tuesday? Sheela Bhatt presents the counter-argument
May 23, 2011
UPA II's dinner celebration lacked spice and meat
Sonia Gandhi kept off the media, Rahul Gandhi was basking in his UP foray, while other Congressmen showed little exuberance when they were not sniping at each other. Sheela Bhatt reports on UPA II's dinner to mark two years in office
May 12, 2011
FAQ: Why is land acquisition so controversial?
The government's acquisition of land for projects has been facing protests across the country, the violence in Uttar Pradesh being only the latest. As people's power collides with public projects, MR Madhavan explains what land acquisition is all about
May 09, 2011
Despite bin Laden hiccup, US-Pak ties won't derail
Security experts say that after publicly condemning Pakistan for its role in the bin Laden debacle, threatening it with sanctions and cutting off crucial aid, the US would quietly re-calibrate its security ties with Islamabad over the next few weeks as it could ill-afford to alienate it. Rahul Bedi reports
May 06, 2011
Osama's secret: How to keep 3 wives, 13 kids happy
One critical secret perished with Osama bin Laden, it seems: How to keep a large family happy under one roof even while hiding from the world's best spy agencies
May 05, 2011
'If US kept Pak in dark, ties will go for a toss'
Since Osama's end at the hands of an American special forces team, the question uppermost in New Delhi is how will it impact the ties between the US and Pakistan. A S Dulat, former chief of RAW gives his take to Sheela Bhatt
April 28, 2011
The chargesheet that nails Raja and Co has in its possession a copy of the CBI chargesheet.
April 25, 2011
Nepal: Did Krishna pacify anti-India rehotric?
External Affairs Minister SM Krishna who wrapped up his three-day visit to Nepal on Friday said his meetings with the country's top political leadership was useful. Though Krishna emphasised on the importance of completing the peace process and the growing anti-India rhetoric in Nepal, the big questions remains -- are these concerns going to see any fruition in the near future? Shubha Singh reports.
April 22, 2011
Muslims debate need for new Islamist-backed party
No sooner had the WPI been officially launched in New Delhi than Muslim supporters as well as critics began posting their comments on various, mainly Indian Muslim, websites, arguing for and against the party. Some, mostly members or sympathisers of the Jamaat, hailed the new party as a welcome development
April 12, 2011
We will win the battle against money power: CEC
CEC Dr S Y Quraishi in an exclusive chat explains his plans for ensuring an trouble free election in the five poll-bound states.
March 30, 2011
'Nationalism is legitimate expression in cricket'
"I am going to cheer for a good game of cricket," said Arun Jaitley, Leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha, member of the Board of Control for Cricket in India and a powerful voice in the world of Indian cricket, who is in Mohali to witness the mega semi-final between India and Pakistan.
March 24, 2011
'Govt's laughter in Parliament will haunt them'
A senior non-Congress MP, while briefing about their focus in the JPC on the 2G spectrum scam, said, "This JPC is very important. We understand the issue and we will fight tooth and nail to corner the government. My question is: can you sell petrol, milk or even vegetables in 2009 at the price of 2002? This government did it in the name of continuation of NDA's policy. How can you sell a new product at the price of an old product, at old rates?" Assassins in the Garden
With the felling of the mango tree at his home, Bijoy Venugopal lost more than just a tree.
March 23, 2011
A day in the life of Sam Pitroda
The prime minister's advisor offers proof that the government of working -- behind the scenes. A woman's battle against Bohra priestly tyranny
Zehra Cyclewala is a leading figure in the reformist movement against the tyranny of Syedna Burhanuddin, the head-priest (dai-e-mutlaq) of the Daudi Bohra Ismaili Shia sect. In a conversation with Yoginder Sikand, she relates the story of her decades-long personal struggle against priestly tyranny
March 16, 2011
Reading the Jamiat ul Ulema's fatwas right
The enslavement of the Muslim mind to the diktats of the mullahs has everything to do with the mullahs' political and personal interests in their capacity as self-styled 'authoritative' interpreters of Islam, says Yogi Sikand
March 14, 2011
Menon-Rao behind soft line on Karmapa?
National Security Adviser Shiv Shankar Menon and Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao, both former ambassadors to Beijing, prevailed over the dominant view of the Karmapa, Ugyen Trinley Dorjee, being a "pro-China asset in India", reports RS Chauhan
March 11, 2011
Black money and a sloppy government probe
"Does that mean the Enforcement Directorate mislead Supreme court? It seems so. This is very serious. I am surprised to know about the judgment," said apex court's topnotch lawyer Harish Salve reacting to a Mumbai court's rejection to the plea by the ED seeking remand of Hasan Ali Khan for his custodial interrogation in a money laundering case.
March 10, 2011
Mamata vs Congress: Who will blink first?
'Mamata needs the Congress more than the Congress needs the alliance,' says a Congress leader. 'If the Trinamool and Congress fight the election together, a party survey claims the Trinamool will get around 165 out of 294 seats, but without us, the Trinamool could get somewhere around 130. It will be a few seats less than a majority.'
March 04, 2011
Bohra dissenters challenge oppressive priesthood
Yogi Sikand chronicles the voices for change in one of India's richest and most progressive Muslim sects-- the Dawoodi Bohras.
February 24, 2011
Exclusive! No rules for Army in Maoist belt
Army sources say that the first of the six battalions, earmarked to train in Chhattisgarh, will start moving into the area by the first week of March.
February 21, 2011
For Sardarji Vaghela, Godhra was a twin tragedy
His son Rajesh got charred to death in the torched bogie and his daugher-in-law Chanda walked away with the compensation and two grand daughters, leaving her then six-year-old son Jatin in his grandfather's care.
February 14, 2011
Why Pak shouldn't succumb to US arrogance
The imperial arrogance of a superpower is increasing daily for a weak democracy in Pakistan, but it is still counterproductive, feels noted Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir.
February 09, 2011
'India needn't worry about Egypt's power-change'
Indian Ambassador to Egypt Chinmaya Gharekhan, a former special envoy of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for West Asia, tells Sheela Bhatt that India should welcome the changes taking place in Egypt and it should not be doubting the Muslim Brotherhood at all. Why the ULFA agreed to talks without conditions
Revealing the stand of the outfit in the aftermath of the arrest of most of its top leaders in the past few months, spokesperson Mithinga Daimary also said that given the (changed) political situation in the region and the world, sticking to the armed struggle could prove suicidal.
February 04, 2011
Wanted to be a doctor, became Carnatic star
A child prodigy, Raghunathan's tryst with music started when she was a toddler; her mother, a music teacher, introduced her to it.
February 03, 2011
'Rebellion will not disappear even if Maoism does'
Author Sudeep Chakravarti compares the India of today with Rajiv Gandhi's India, and talks of issues of the day like corruption and the direction the Maoist conflict will take in the coming months.
February 01, 2011
US varsity scam: 'I have committed no crime!'
Ritu Jha speaks to some Indian students who have been at the receiving end of the Tri-Valley University scam in the United States.
January 31, 2011
Tri-Valley students: Trapped in education scam
Hundreds of Indian students face an uncertain future as a California 'university' faces immigration fraud charges. Suchitra Mitra: A voice that marked time
It is the death of a singer. And also the passing of an era, says Sandip Roy Exclusive! Ex-armymen advisors for anti-Maoist ops
Once appointed, these officers will coordinate and advise states in their anti-naxal strategy in aspects ranging from training to operations, reports RS Chauhan
January 27, 2011
Why Pak terrorist Sajid Mir is dangerous for India
The NIA says it will need go back to when Sajid Mir had come down as a cricket fan to find out more about his Indian sojourn. This part of the probe will be very crucial since it will help establish the Mir angle behind 26/11 with more certainty
January 25, 2011
Deoband head faces fellow mullahs' ire
Reliable sources claim that certain top figures within one (of the three rival) factions of the Deobandi mass organisation Jamiat ul-Ulema-e Hind are the real brains behind the ongoing hate campaign directed against Vastanvi, and that they are using Vastanvi's alleged pro-Modi remarks and certain other accusations now being leveled against him to oust him, says Yogi Sikand Beauties, PR woes, 'photographer' mark JLF Day 4
After two forgettable days, writer-director Suparn Verma was back with a bang on Monday alongside correspondent Abhishek Mande attending the Jaipur Literature Fest, the biggest literary meet in the Asia Pacific. Here's their Day 4 dairy:
January 22, 2011
Day 2 at the Lit Fest: Fever, honour and the loo!
Writer-Director Suparn Verma and correspondent Abhishek Mande are attending the Jaipur Literary Festival, the leading literary event in the Asia Pacific. After their enthralling experiences on Day 1, Suparn didn't have a good Day 2; although Abhishek cuckooed all through the day. This is what he has to say:
January 21, 2011
Pakistan's anti-blasphemy law is wrong in Islam
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan's 1986 essay, centred on a case of perceived insult to the Prophet Muhammed and the violent Muslim response to it, bears immediate relevance to the issues being hotly debated today with regard to the anti-blasphemy law in Pakistan, says Yoginder Sikand
January 20, 2011
Reshuffle shows Rahul, Ahmed Patel clout
Sources claim Rahul Gandhi has been feeling uneasy about the alleged links between some corporate houses and some ministers.
January 19, 2011
Reshuffle shows weakness of Congress leadership
Sheela Bhatt says the only logical question to be asked after the listless Cabinet reshuffle is: Has Congress President Sonia Gandhi started losing her grip over the political situation? 'Jihadist Pak will torpedo India's success story'
"Imagine a jihadist State with the fastest growing nuclear arsenal in the world," Bruce Riedel said. "And, if that doesn't scare you at night, you are watching too many horror movies."
January 17, 2011
Maoists lose leaders in security surge
'Their brains trust has been severely depleted. The situation at the senior level is really bad,' a senior intelligence official said.
January 12, 2011
Bhatkal and Bilal's life followed similar path
Riyaz Bhatkal's story was very similar to that of Shahid Bilal, who belonged to the Harkat-ul-Jihade Islami. Bilal wanted for his role in the deadly twin blasts in Hyderabad. Both Bhatkal and Bilal were products of the Inter-Services Intelligence's drive to setup a terror module in south India. Exclusive: India's jt strategy for army, air, navy
The idea, according to a strategic expert who has worked with the IDS, is: "to develop joint capabilities to ensure that an optimum balance is achieved which would provide the Indian Armed Forces and the nation the capability to shape the environment and create dependencies in our area of interest."
January 07, 2011
Indo-Pak thaw resurrects sacred Sikh shrine
With the incremental improvement in ties with Pakistan, the proposal to open the corridor from DBN to the Kiratpur Sahib gurdwara some 4 kilometres away on the Pakastani side, founded in memory of Sikhism's founder Nanak Bedi has once again been resurrected. Breaking the siege of Gaza
Magsaysay Award winner Sandeep Pandey reports on the first peace caravan from Asia to make it to Gaza.
January 03, 2011
Exclusive: How India plans to counter China
To counter China's steadily increasing military might, the ministry of defence is likely to shift the focus of the Indian Army's next Long-Term Integrated Perspective Plan.
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