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Vote! PM, Sonia or Rahul. Whose speech was better?

Last updated on: November 5, 2012 16:07 IST

Rahul Gandhi strikes a combative pose


Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Congress president Sonia Gandhi, and heir-apparent Rahul Gandhi. Much has been said about their speeches at the Congress rally in Delhi on Sunday, but whose speech do you think was better? Vote now!

It was meant to be Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi's graduation event, but in the event he deferred it to another day.

On Sunday at Ramlila maidan Rahul Gandhi was at his combative best, backing the prime minister, waxing eloquent about the Congress party, and rubbishing the Opposition for only opposing.


The Opposition may make a song and dance about corruption, but remember it was because of RTI initiatives that the people are getting to know about government decisions, he said.


And for those who say that the Congress has forgotten about the aam-aadmi, he recalled the UPA MNREGA and said it was not at all, soon to come is the right to food initiative under which all the poor across India will be given food.


In short, his speech blamed the Opposition for everything, including the stalemate on the Lokpal bill, while the Congress alone can lead the country to its rightful place in the comity of nations.


Watch his body language carefully in the video alongside, listen to his speech carefully. Do you think he got it right?


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Video: Video courtesy: ANI


Sonia reads from a prepared speech

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Congress president Sonia Gandhi was at her explosive best, blasting the Opposition for its unwillingness to discuss real issues – "because then they will be exposed for what they really are" – and weakening the foundations of democracy in India.


The Congress is a party of the common man, the farmer, the poor, and will always remain so, she reiterated before the lakhs-strong rally in Ramlila maidan.


They say we are corrupt, but I ask you, if we have anything to hide will we have brought forward the Right to Information Act by which the common man can question any government – be it the BJP's or the Congress's – and find out about its decisions, she asked the crowds.


It was a prepared speech, not delivered extempore, but it lacked none of the trademark Gandhi aggression for that.


What do you think of Sonia Gandhi's speech?


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Dr Singh: Sober and measured, as always

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The economist prime minister, naturally, devoted his speech to the state of the economy, telling the gathering that only economic development can lead the masses out of poverty. No other nation anywhere has overcome problems of this magnitude, and while the government was making its best efforts to tackle poverty and under-development, infrastructure development was not keeping pace with the need, he underscored.


Plus, FDI in retail, contrary to what the Opposition has been propagating against it, was a necessity, and it had the potential to create more employment opportunities.


It was a speech delivered in his restrained, measured tones, and while it may have lacked in bombast it sure had substance. Remember, the prime minister's utterances, unlike others, has the weight of official policy behind it.


So did the prime minister impress you with his speech?


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Thumbs up, or thumbs down for the Congress trio?

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