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July 28, 2006
Dr Singh's govt marching in the wrong direction
'The best way to ensure that an accord succeeds is to build a broad consensus within the Indian body politic before sitting to negotiate with a foreigner.'

July 24, 2006
Why no nation will take India seriously
Some of us want to inhabit a Never-Never Land where Islamic terrorism does not exist (the Shahi Imam's position) or where it does not target India (which seems to be Mulayam Singh Yadav's stance).

July 06, 2006
India's best medical institution has been wounded
'That is a very sad way to celebrate the golden jubilee of an organisation that was created by an Act of Parliament in 1956.'

June 26, 2006
Can the Third Front destabilise Dr Singh?
'A ministry that stands on the CPI-M's lukewarm support will never be particularly sure of itself.'

June 16, 2006
Fuel prices: What's going on?
'From the horrendous mutation of the Saral tax form to the raising of fuel prices, there seems to be a frenzied rush to rake in the money, irrespective of the cost to the Aam Aadmi.'

June 08, 2006
Pawar has smacked Congress in the face
The true story is about the Congress's failure in managing coalitions.

June 02, 2006
The next exodus will be of teachers
Because the best won't find any job satisfaction in teaching. A sorry legacy indeed for an academician Prime Minister!

May 25, 2006
Prime Minister, I've a question
'Are you sure your solution may not be worse than the perceived problem?'

May 18, 2006
Vatican more liberal than priests in India!
'Will we see the day when the Central Hall of Parliament is converted into a theatre so that the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha may pass their verdict on a movie depicting a crooked politician?'

May 12, 2006
The biggest losers in the election are...
'The BJP must top the list.'

May 05, 2006
Mahajan rose because of his own genius
'Never, even when he was Prime Minister Vajpayee's trusted right-hand man, was the late BJP leader ever accused of favouring his own family.'

April 28, 2006
Indian foreign policy on Nepal was pathetic
'We could either have supported King Gyanendra in his battle against the Maoists, or we could have backed the democratic parties with all our might. The Manmohan Singh ministry chose to do neither.'

April 24, 2006
Why's the Jewish lobby thwarting the nuke deal?
'Israel is trying to weaken Iran before a war of words becomes a war of weapons. Isolating Iran on the gas pipeline to India is part of the wider strategy.'

April 20, 2006
NRIs: NDA Indians and UPA Indians
It would be a shame if the unity of the Indian community in the US were broken for petty domestic interests.

April 07, 2006
Don't let our cities degenerate
'Beginning with Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore, we have to get India's cities in working order.'

March 31, 2006
God had better watch out for Kerala!
Because its leaders are looking out only for themselves!

March 28, 2006
All in a bid to save Sonia Gandhi
'Dear Congressmen, was it worth all this just to score a debating point off Mulayam Singh and Jaya Bachchan?'

March 03, 2006
Why Congress needs chaos in UP
'The Confidence Motion simply means that the Congress's dirty tricks specialists must work a little harder.'

February 27, 2006
Narayan Rane's ambitions
'He has become the focus of dislike for all the leading parties in Maharashtra.'

February 18, 2006
Will Jayalalithaa split the DMK alliance?
'Today, old wounds are bleeding once again.'

February 10, 2006
Jockeying for the Muslim vote
'We will hear a lot more about the US influence in Delhi, until the elections in Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.'

January 30, 2006
Karnataka's lessons for the Congress
'Why would prominent Muslim leaders join hands with the 'communal' BJP, and that too pursue the goal so relentlessly?'

January 19, 2006
Beware, the preachers of jihad
'With the exception of Jayalalithaa no party has given the issue the attention it deserves.'

January 12, 2006
End of the road for CPI?
The Left Front may win the Bengal and Kerala assembly elections, but will the CPI be marginalised beyond recognition?
January 06, 2006
Who tapped Amar Singh's phone?
Who could have paid Rs 5 million for the job?
January 02, 2006
Terrorism: The Enemy Within
'Most intelligence officers to whom I have spoken tell me the home-grown terrorist is the minor threat.'
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