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November 19, 2010
Speak to us, Mr Prime Minister
No one doubts that Dr Singh is a good man who has the nation's wellbeing at heart. But often, a good man's silence has the potential to cause more harm than a bad man's deeds.

October 06, 2010
The onus for closure is on Advani
'Reconciliation cannot happen unless Advani wills it. As the person who breathed life into the divisive movement, only he can give a quietus to it.'

August 17, 2010
This India of the young is brash, impatient
Glitz, glamour and 'ignited' minds apart, there exists an unbridgeable disconnect between the ruler and the ruled in India.

July 16, 2010
Can we move on from Pakistan, Mr Prime Minister?
'I wish somebody would tell the prime minister that peace with Pakistan is a good thought. Indians and Pakistanis can be friends, but India and Pakistan can never be friends in our lifetime.'

May 27, 2010
Shashi Tharoor is being missed in South Block
A delegation of Latin American ambassadors, which visited Thiruvananthapuram when Tharoor was the MoS, were all praise for him for the attention he gave them, particularly to facilitate their visit to his own constituency. Now, with only one MoS in the ministry, the ambassadors from Africa, Latin America and the Gulf have no chance of meeting the MoS. By his exit, Tharoor has left a wide gulf in the ministry

May 25, 2010
The prime minister doesn't have all the answers
The prime minister's worst achievement is that in the one year of his second government, he has not sent out the message that he means business

May 06, 2010
Sentence delayed is sentence denied
'True closure will come only when we as a people, as a civilisation, can relax in crowded, public places without fear, when the ugly metal detectors that greet us at the entrance of every single public space goes forever. That is a distant dream*, towards realising which Kasab's sentence is but a baby-step.'

February 11, 2010
The answer, my friend, is blowing in the Hind
Vipassana will surely take you to your destination; but it is not going to take you any sooner than the other paths you have chosen. The important thing, according to me, is to get on the path, not the road you are on.

December 31, 2009
Congress@125: Past tense, future perfect
For the Congress, at 125 years, there is double good news. One, the dynasty is back and in control of things. Two, the BJP is in terrible disarray. But it also faces crucial challenges, writes Saisuresh Sivaswamy.
May 17, 2009
A vote for a new dawn
'The real meaning of politics is not power but service, Rahul Gandhi has shown by personal example. If only his party would imbibe this lesson, and not let sycophancy take over and cloud the vision, India is well on the way to claiming its long-awaited potential.'
December 03, 2008
Quit India, Mumbai says again
Today was the beginning; a humble beginning if you want to call it that, but one that will rock the foundations of many hard-held beliefs, one that will show the rest of the country what committed citizens can do if they only step out of their comfort zone.
December 01, 2008
Will the Messiah of the Hour please stand up?
'What worries me is whether the political class grasps the damage its inaction has wrought, not merely on the nation's morale, not merely on the men in uniform who form India's backbone, not merely on its polity, but among its people.'
August 28, 2008
In defence of the Marathi manoos
'Isn't it hypocritical that we who berate the religious minorities day after day for not 'assimilating fully' with the majority, whatever we mean by that, are loath to do the same when it comes to language?'
May 15, 2008
The one billion+ cannon-fodder
Counter fear with greater fear, terror with super-terror, and the perpetrators will think twice before carrying out their evil deeds.
September 14, 2007
From He Ram to No Ram: Who benefits?
Heck, the person the Sangh Parivar painted as anti-Hindu is the one who has come to the Hindu's rescue, establishing her faith in one of the most revered gods of the land. Who benefits, you ask? Sonia Gandhi, obviously!
August 31, 2007
I wish a 60-year-old nation will act its age
Can the nuclear deal become an election issue? Unfortunately not.
August 21, 2007
It's an attack on the prime ministership, no less
'For Dr Singh, it is no more a simple issue of putting the nation's prestige before the world at large at risk, or anything like that.'
August 14, 2007
Could we have been worse off in 1947?
Nationalism is not easy symbols like rising for the national anthem or saying Jai Hind. It involves making the fruits of our hard-won freedom available in equal measure to everyone.
July 12, 2006
Enough is Enough
'It is not enough to possess unrelenting, unremitting muscle power - it also becomes necessary, once in a while, to display that power'
February 21, 2006
What's the Indian State's fault in the cartoon controversy?
'What will it take for the Indian State to enforce the law if the protests get out of hand rather than stand by and watch meekly?'
January 23, 2005
Rahul and India
'There's a long way to go for Rahul. He can either let his famous surname work the magic for him -- which so far he is obviously disinclined to do -- or earn his spurs.'
November 29, 2005
Shiv Sena's own Mahabharat
'As cousins Uddhav and Raj Thackeray gird up, they will do well to turn to Ved Vyas's seminal work before setting out on the course their action has marked for them.'
November 24, 2005
The message from Bihar
The Congress faces an existential dilemma.
August 12, 2005
A crime worse than Modi's
'If Sikhs can be made to suffer so much agony, no community that has given its blood and sweat to make India what it is, is safe.'
August 07, 2005
In the company of scoundrels
Today, when the Supreme Court has termed that original sin 'mala fide', how can Manmohan Singh or Kalam justify their silence over, or complicity in, the morally wrong decision?
August 04, 2005
Mumbai suburbs need to break off
'Despite the money it turns over to the city's coffers, the suburbs are treated with apathy.'
June 13, 2005
Advani puts Jinnah first
'You can fault Advani for many things, but he has brought the central issue in India-Pakistan relations to the banquet table.'
June 03, 2005
Bofors: Remember the time?
It is the only scam in the 55 years of our Republic that led to a prime minister's electoral defeat.
May 26, 2005
Deja-vu government
'The Gandhi Parivar is to the Congress party what the Sangh Parivar is the BJP.'
May 19, 2005
RIP. The end of activism
'Those were the days when Mumbai had a heart; more importantly, it had a voice too, and made sure it was heard. Activism was alive and kicking.'
January 18, 2005
Mumbai's manic makeover
'A city is made up by its people, their unbroken spirit, not just wide vistas and glass facades. Turn them away, and you will have a shell standing.'
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