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Why Justice Hegde won't attend next Lokpal meeting

June 17, 2011 13:55 IST

Fresh controversy has erupted with regard to the Lokpal Bill with some members of the Bill drafting committee deciding not to take part in the next meeting.

While Justice Santosh Hegde strikes a pessimistic note another member of the committee Prashant Bhushan appears to be a bit more optimistic about the next meeting scheduled for June 20.

Bhushan told that he really cannot say what will happen during the crucial June 20 meeting.

"The government has to make its stand clear on the issue. I feel that the government may accept a couple of our proposals. We have our bill with us and let us see what may convince the government," he said.

Bhushan said that the proposal to include the Prime Minister under the purview of the Lok Pal will be discussed in the next meeting.

Justice Hegde, however, says that the Lok Pal bill that will eventually come out is going to be nothing short of a Sarkari Bill.

"I have decided not to attend the next meeting. The exercise appears to be futile and moreover I also have some pre-commitments and hence will not be able to make it. Nothing has really shaped up as planned. The most crucial points of the Lokpal bill have not been agreed upon," he told


On social activist Anna Hazare's decision to sit on fast again, Justice Hegde said that the campaign must go on at any cost.

"The government needs to be reminded at all times. Campaigns should be nation wide and should be undertaken by visiting different parts of the country. I am sure that the outcome of the next meeting on June 20 will not have anything concrete coming out of it. Hence, it becomes important to keep the pressure on the government," he added.

The last meeting of the drafting committee saw an ugly war of words between civil society members and the government.

The inclusion of the Prime Minister and higher judiciary will continue remains the main bone of contention.

The government has not blinked on this issue while the civil society members will make one last attempt to convince the government failing which there will be a complete break down once again, a member also pointed out.

The government does expect us to react in this manner and boycott the meetings, but it important that we do not fall trap to this, he added.

Vicky Nanjappa