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US should not quit Afghanistan post-Osama, says Mishra

May 02, 2011 10:45 IST
The most important fallout of Osama bin Laden's death will be on the proposed American withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. The coming six months will see major changes in India's neighbourhood. However, Brajesh Mishra, former national security advisor, says the United States should not leave Afghanistan just because Osama is dead.

The Americans had maintained that they were inside Afghanistan to find bin Laden and finish off the Al Qaeda. Mishra told, "One knew that the US was in Afghanistan to kill Osama. If they would get him, then their operation will be over. But, I believe the Taliban in Afghanistan is as dangerous as Osama's Al Qaeda. They are having a presence outside Afghanistan as well in Europe and even in the US."

He also warned that since Osama was killed by US security forces special operation, there will be a feeling of revenge among Pakistan-based terrorists groups.

"The Americans should not leave before their task is finished, of defeating the Al Qaeda, the Taliban and the branch of Taliban in Pakistan. There will be lots of anger among them after Osama's death."

He said it is significant to note that Osama was found right inside Pakistan, which presents that country in a bad light. Pakistani leaders had all the time claimed that Osama was in the hills on the Afghan-Pak border, but it's been crudely proved that Pakistan was misleading the US about Osama's whereabouts.

Sheela Bhatt in New Delhi