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The Mumbai police's Techincal Evidence

February 26, 2009 20:34 IST
Excerpt from the 26/11 chargesheet filed by the Mumbai police 

Technical Evidence:

During the course of Investigation, the Chief Investigating Officer in his Misc. application No 1/2009 submitted in the Court of Addl Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, 37th Court, Esplanade, Mumbai requested the Hon'ble Court regarding issuance of Letter Rogatory to the concerned Judicial Authori8ty in USA requisitioning assistance in investigation. The Hon Court obliged and issued the Letter Rogatory and in response to the Letter Rogatory, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of USA has submitted a report through Department of Justice, USA.

During the entire operation, the deceased accused used mobile phone numbers 9819464530, 9820704561 and 9910719424. On these Cell phones, incoming calls form 012012531824 were found whereas, outgoing calls to 43720880764, 43720880767, 43720880768 were made. These calls were made or received for seeking/giving instructions from the co-conspirators in Pakistan. Investigation further revealed that these numbers were connected to an account created with CALLPHONEX, a VoIP service provider based in New Jersey, USA. It further transpired that on 20th and 21st Oct, 2008, an individual identifying himself as Kharak Singh indicated that he was a VoIP reseller located in India and was interested in establishing an account with CALLPHONEX.

Two payments were made to Callphonex for Kharak Singh's accounts. On October 27, 2008, the initial payment of $250 was wired to Callphonex via MoneyGram, receipt number 80700471903880005473. The sender for this payment was Muhammad Ishfaq. The sender used Money Gram agent Paracha International Exchange located at Road Anarkali Fayazuddin in Lahore, Pakistan. According to Money Gram records, Ishfaq provided an address of Post office Mall Awn, The. Gujar K, Peshawar, Pakistan and telephone number 03455698566.

On Nov 25, 2008 the second payment of $229 was wired to Callphonex via Western Union Money Transfer receipt number 8364307716-0. The sender of this payment was Javed Iqbal. The sender used Western Union Money Transfer agent Madina Trading, located in Brescia, Italy, to make the payment to Callphonex. For identificiaton, Iqbal provided Madina Trading with Pakistani passport number KC092481.

During investigation, it further came to light that the wanted accused, while communicating with Callphonex used email ID This email ID was accused from atleast ten IP addresses. Police Inspector Mukund Pawar of the Cyber Cell, Crime Branch, Mumbai Police has investigated and informed as regards the details of the IP addresses and their respective locations which are as per overleaf.

Sr No.

IP Address

Name and Address


Sajid Iftikhar, 7th Floor, EFU House, Jail Road, Lahore


FDC, 141, w Jackson Blvd, suite#1135 Chicago


FDC, 141, w Jackson Blvd, suite#1135


Ahemed Mekky, P O Box 21340 Safat 13136, Kuwait


Vladimir N Zernov, Joint Stock Company GASCOM 4a Lenina Str, 141070 Koroliov, Moskow region Russia


Vladimir N Zernov, Joint Stock Company GASCOM 4a Lenina Str, 141070 Koroliov, Moskow region Russia


Col R Saadat Ullah, Main ISP Asia Pacific Netowrk Information Centre, Post Box no 2131, Miltan City, Australia. Official Uyser – Col Saadat Ullah, SCO, Qasim Road, Rawalpindi, Pakistan 2. Khurram Shazad, Address as above.


World call network operations, 16-S, Gulberg, Pakistan.


World call network operations, 16-S, Gulberg, Pakistan.


World call network operations, 16-S, Gulberg, Pakistan.

The relevant documents supporting the above findings have also been submitted by P I Mukund Pawar do Cyber Cell, Crime Branch, Mumbai.

Sajid Iftikhar, address: 7th Floor, EFU House, Jail Road, Lahore, Pakistan, Col R Saadat Ullah, Address: Special Communication Organization, Qasim Road, Rawalpindi, Pakistan and e-mail ID and Khurram Shazad, Address: Special Communication Organisation, Qasim Road, Rawalpindi, Pakistan have been shown as Wanted accused as they facilitated the communication between the deceased accused and the wanted accused during the course of the offence and hence conspired with the arrest and deceased accused and other wanted accused in perpetuating the heinous crime.

The deceased accused in the course of offence used five mobile handsets for communicating/seeking instructions from the co-conspirators in Pakistan. The investigation into the IMEI Nos of these handsets has revealed that these were manufactured at the Nokia factory, at Dong Guan, China and shipped to Pakistan. The details are as per overleaf:

Details of mobile

Place of offence

Details of vendor


Nokia 1200, IMEI No 353526024049451

Hotel Taj

United Mobile, Pakistan


Nokia 1200, IMEI No 353526025840890

Hotel Taj

12 Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd


Nokia 1200, IMEDI No 353526025828739

Nariman House

12 Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd


Nokia 1200,

IMEI No. 353526025842235

Nariman House

12 Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd


Nokia 1200, IMEI No 353526025933620

Hotel Oberoi

United Mobiles, Pakistan

It is further revealed that the address of 12 Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd is, 2nd Typical Floor, Executive Tower, Dolmen City, Block 4,

Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan.


the commission of offence, the accused used five GPS sets which were recovered from Hotel Taj, Hotel Oberoi, Nariman House and M V Kuber. These GPS sets assist in locating the correct and shortest possible route/direction for reaching the desired destination. These GPS handsets were sent to the FBI laboratory and the details of the data recovered is as per following.



Details of GPS

Seized from

Details of data


Gramin Rhino 120,

Sr No. 415148192

Hotel Taj

Track back list shows Long-Lat of 50 places in Karachi, Pakistan


Gramin Rhino 120, Sr No 41514528

Hotel Taj

Waypoints show Long-Lat of six places between Badhwar park, Cuffe parade to Café



Gramin 12 Map

M V Kuber

Data of Long-Lat

showing route from Karachi to Mumbai. The waypoints were stored as Ocean 1, Ocean-2, Ocean-3, Ocean-A, Jala-1, Jala-2, Jala-3, Jala-4.

The Long-Lat of Jala-1 to Jala-4 were also found on the diary seized from MV Kuber

The accused terrorists, after abandoning M V Kuber, traveled in the inflatable dinghy for approximately four/five

nautical miles to reach the coast of Mumbai. This inflatable dinghy had an Out Board Engine manufactured by Yamaha Motor Corporation, Japan. The investigation has revealed that the said Out Board Engine was manufactured by Yamaha Motors Corporation in Japan and shipped to a firm styled as "Business and Engineering Trends" in Pakistan.

Enquiry on the Internet, made by the I O PI Shripad Kale has revealed the address of Business and Engineering Trends as 24, Habibulla Road, Off Davis Road, Lahore, Pakistan Tel No 92-42-6311044.

During the commission of offence, a threatening email from email ID was sent to India TV New Channel on 27 Nov 2008. The investigation made has revealed that the said email was sent form IP address This IP address belongs to Vladimir N Nernov, Joint Stock Company GASCOM 4a

Lenina Str., 141070 Koroliov, Moscow region, Russia.

Chief Investigating officer, PI Mahale has observed that the same IP address was used by the unknown accused while communicating with Callphonex with the email ID

It is, therefore, concluded that the person sending the mail to India TV and the person who communicated with Callphonex are one and the same and is based in Pakistan.