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Fear of dengue outbreak looms large in north India

October 30, 2012 16:38 IST

Fear of an epidemic lurches in Uttar Pradesh due to an increase in the number of cases of dengue fever. The dengue fever has gripped Varanasi with at least 20 patients admitted in the hospital.

Nageshwar Mishra, an attendant said that the number of cases were increasing every day.

"Dengue is spreading everywhere. I am seeing that everyday 2-3 patients are being admitted in the ward. There are about 5-6 dengue patients in this room and same in the other room," Mishra said.

According to media reports, people have died of dengue in Allahabad. Manoj Kumar Jaiswal, a doctor said that the breeding of mosquitoes must be prevented.

"We must try to curb the breeding of mosquitoes, which will result in less cases of dengue. We must also try to save ourselves from mosquito bites by wearing fully covered clothes. This will help to protect us from dengue mosquito," Jaiswal said.

Medical authorities in Jammu and Kashmir's Kathua district have also swung into action after there were reports that there was surge in patients suffering from fever.

The authorities have arranged a mobile laboratory, where blood samples of locals are collected on the spot.

"We have heard and read in newspapers that there are cases of dengue in cities such as Delhi, so it is a very dangerous disease. After a few cases of dengue were detected in the city, the government has taken this initiative. Therefore, they have put up this camp from the last four days. They are taking blood samples of people who are passing by and testing them," said Anil Sharma, a local.

In the past 50 years there has been a 30-fold jump in dengue cases. The World Health Organisation officially puts infections at 50-100 million a year, though many experts think this assessment from the 1990s badly underestimates the disease.

Most patients survive dengue, but it is estimated to kill about 20,000 every year, many of them children, who are not able to fight against it.

Source: ANI