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Does Mukesh Ambani need government security cover? Tell us!

Last updated on: April 22, 2013 17:22 IST

He may be the richest man on Earth but RIL chairman Mukesh Ambani has shown that when it comes to the crunch, although he can afford the best security in the world, there's really nothing quite like Z category security provided by the government.

While it is still unclear if Ambani will pay for the security cover or the government -- if the latter, it really means the tax-payer -- the matter has drawn criticism from everyone.

Under the Z category security cover, Ambani will be provided with 22 security guards, an escort and a police car -- not unlike what Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi have.

The cost of the exercise is just one issue. Equally critical is whether a security machinery that is so already so stretched, so much so it cannot be relied upon to protect the common man, should provide cover for someone who can easily get the best protection money can buy.

So what do you think the Z category security provided to Mukesh Ambani? Do you think he is a national asset like the government says and should be protected at all costs, or should be look after his own security?

Tell us!