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'We'll take the crusade to its logical end'

Last updated on: October 19, 2006 22:44 IST

Priyadarshini Mattoo's classmate and close friend Indu Jalali discussed her 7-year battle for justice for Priyanka Mattoo on the Rediff Chat. Here is the transcript:

 Indu Jalali says, Hi, I am to answer your questions relating to Priyadarshani Mattoo case.

NasirJ asked, Will you associate yourself with Jessica and Katara campaigns, or are you exhausted?
Indu Jalali answers, Of course I will. Who says that I have exhausted myself. The fight for the justice has just started. It is not just about Priya but about every female in this country who has suffered. asked, how long did you know priya
Indu Jalali answers, I think I was six when I met her for the first time in Presentation Convent in Srinagar.

kanwal asked, hi ,congrats for the good job done.i am anxiously waiting for the day when singh will be hanged till death as it will bring peace to the priyas soul and will be lesson for the people like singh in future.thanks for the fight
Indu Jalali answers, Thanks a lot for your wishes and hope your support will be there for Sabrina, Neelam Katara and many such near and dear ones of the victims.

sanjeeb asked, we are very happy with the verdict.Thou it bit late after lot of hard work.Why does it happen evry time when anyone filed a case against big shot.
Indu Jalali answers, Well, in this country money,muscle and power can buy anything and everything. But I am thankful to the youth of this nation who has started raising their voice and concern about it.

NasirJ asked, Congratulations Indu, Is there any technical advise you will like to give to others fighting similar causes?
Indu Jalali answers, My advise to people who are waiting for justice is to have faith in God and then in themselves. Nothing is impossible. Trust me if there is faith, determination and consistency in whatever you are doing then you would definitely achieve your goal.

sangram asked, thanks u induji,really u have shown the way to millions of people how to fight for justice ,also how to change the system
Indu Jalali answers, It is not only me the credit goes to the entire nation which came on roads to protest against these high profile cases which ultimately helped in getting justice in this case for Priyadarshani Mattoo and her ageing father.

Sandeep asked, Do You feel Satisfied Now afgter victory or still this can be delayed by filig apeel in supreme cour. Great work -Congrats
Indu Jalali answers, The issue here which mattered was bringing the accused Santosh Kumar Singh out in open and expose him.

Indu Jalali answers, Thanks for your wishes.

amit asked, Hi Indu,Did u get any threats from any one during the course of trial.
Indu Jalali answers, Frankly speaking when I started this crusade I was well aware of the fact that what can happen. asked, Induji!!! namaskar. Being a kashmiri I am satisfied with the verdict and at the same time "hats off" on your efforts.
Indu Jalali answers, Thank you Pramodji. Shukriya mahra.

vinay asked, Hudrends of such cases are happenning around the country. Priyadarshini has got the justice because it became very high profile case. Attempt should be to give justice to all such victims. The investigations are normally influenced either by providing money or muscle power or any other matter. These things should be stopped otherwise hundreds and thousands of such victims will not get justice.
Indu Jalali answers, I agree as long as people stand up for their rights.Go back to the Gandhigiri and fight for justice without any weapon.

niroj kumar patra asked, santosh did crime rape and murder by preplaning,i think deth sentance to him is most preferable award for such type of guilty. you are welcome for such type of fight against unjustice done to ms motto my question is santosh think i will conqure world ,no one harm me
Indu Jalali answers, Yes, it was there on his face even when the two judges who were about the deliver the judgement while court no 35. When the jugdes held him gulity, the expression on his face changed and the man who thought he could conqure was conqured himself. His face fell when he was led out by two CBI officials to the judicial van which took him to Tihar jail-the place where he should have been there long ago.

anand] asked, see indu, dont u think that this girl might shown some soft mentality towards him ?
Indu Jalali answers, No. She in fact registered complaints against the accused and he apologised in writing. She was given a personal security officer as well.

Benny asked, Is it not because of culprit's father the investigaion of Mattoo case were almost sabotaged. How to fix such criminal elements like that IPS officer?
Indu Jalali answers, Of course that is true. Had his father not been an IPS officer we would have got justice 10 years back. Only people and people of this country can fix such criminal elements.

RAJIV asked, Dear Indu ji ,i am rajiv kaul kashmiri,i am happy for the deceased ,her parents and your efforts as well ,let's keep the spirit for all the people whose justice is neglected
Indu Jalali answers, Thanks Rajeev. Keep on motivating and supporting me like this for bigger causes.

vishal asked, How important do u feel is the role of media in this particular case?
Indu Jalali answers, Media has played a very important and effective role in this case. It was only through media that the whole nation came to know about our plight and fight for justice.

Neelam asked, how will you term the first judgement by the lower court, especially the remark " i knoww that the accused was guilty-------" do you think it helped in making the case little bit easier
Indu Jalali answers, Perverse. Yes, indeed it did.

susheel asked, Indu Jalali G, Namaskar! I am Susheel Bhat from Bosnia and I must say Congratulations to you. I am following this tragic case ever since it took place and I feel the High Court decision has kind of put off the fire in my heart and I can very well understand your feelings though we know Priyadarshani cant be got back. My Question is, what important do u find was the recent uproar by the indian citizens in speeding up the process of justice?
Indu Jalali answers, Well, what happened to Priya and to her family can happen to any middle class citizen of this country and hence the outcry. I am glad that from a place like Bosnia you have kept track of the developments in this case. My special thanks to you for that.

radhan asked, Cudoz to you all for getting justice to Mattoo's cold blood murderer. He must be hanged. I think it is high time to think on capital punishment to such criminals.
Indu Jalali answers, Yes, we are also demanding death punishment.

tricky asked, Indu, Do you think you will be able to get justice in SC also, if he moves to the SC....
Indu Jalali answers, We would take this crusade till its logical end. We will fight in the Supreme court as well.

jyoti asked, It was a trial by the media for the media and of the media. This was Trial of the century totally conducted by the media. I think u had no role to play. the media convicted santosh singh before the appeal concluded. This is the first casualty of justice. Dangerous trend set up by you people.
Indu Jalali answers, Okay, if so then why is it that thousands and thousands of such cases are lying in the files of the authorities. I ask you that please come out and lead one such crusade. I will be there to help you Jyoti.

Utpal asked, Now can i ask you one question, like u hv taken up very strongly the Priyas case, why do not you take up with the same vigil the cases pertaining to IPC 498A/406 misuse which are very prevelant these days and because of the misuse of this Criminal Procedure Code of IPC 498A/406 the society is disintigrating and the women who relly require justice are not getting the same. What do u hv to say on this
Indu Jalali answers, With your blessings I would do that as well uncle.

pratap asked, Ms.Indu whole INDIA is proud of you
Indu Jalali answers, Thank you.

Utkarsh asked, Indu, How did u get the idea of starting Justice 4 Priyadarshini ????
Indu Jalali answers, The inspiration was drawn from the aftermath of Jessica Lall case.

Utpal asked, Dear Ms. Jalali, At the outset please accept my heartiest congrats on this efforts of yours Really Hats of to you as well as to Mr. Ashok Bhan
Indu Jalali answers, Yes, and to all those people in India and Abroad who supported us directly or indirectly.

sb asked, Parents nurture their kids especially daughter like a bud to flower. Someone like Santosh who ruined a full blossomed flower, needs to be hanged to death. Let the father of the girl take the honour of pulling the rope and eliminating an ugly creature from earth to make India a place where women can live without fear of such happenings
Indu Jalali answers, I wish this was possible under the law. asked, you left for delhi only couple of years ago, then how were you fighting for the past seven years. and you were never her class fellow. i was...i know her all class fellows. we wqere class fellows. you never were. that is why mattoo uncle and aunty does not like you. you always speak lies
Indu Jalali answers, Thank you Kavitaji.

arun asked, First and Foremost my heart felt condolences to you. I salute your quest for justice. Are you planning to go after the cops who were reprimanded by the courts for having botched up the investigation and the cops who did not do anything inspite of priyadarshini's complaints of harrasment?
Indu Jalali answers, Yes, that is going to be our next step.

Tanveer asked, I am no Kashmiri Pandit but I was active inraising a voice, I also attended the Jantar mantar rally. Somehow all aloong I got the feeling this was more a regional cause than a social one.
Indu Jalali answers, Thanks for joining us in our fight for justice for Priyadarshani. It was certainly not a regional issue but more of a social cause because her death was not just an emotional thing for us as it involved larger issues like the helplessness of a woman and continued harassment by persons like Santosh Kumar Singh

Indu Jalali answers, This victory is of truth and faith of a seventy year old father to get justice for his beloved daughter. No other issues are involved in this fight.

shweta asked, your judgement has come in at a time when there are two other such high profile cases of murder still in trial i.e nitish katara and jessica lal case,after the jusgement came through did you meet their parents and relatives, and how is their set of mind now after this verdict?
Indu Jalali answers, I met Sabrina Lall, sister of Jessica Lall and she was there when the order was read out. I spoke to the mother of Nitish Katra on a tv chat show on 18th October. It has given them some hope that they too would get justice.

jyoti asked, do you say that afzal should be given clemency and santosh hanged! wah! bhai wah! kya crusade hai!
Indu Jalali answers, I never said that Afzal should be pardoned. The entire nation is demanding his hanging. I hope Jyoti this would satisfy you for the time being.

sunil asked, don't you think delhi police persons who teamed up with accused to slow the case should also be tried
Indu Jalali answers, Of course everyone who helped the accused in perverting the justice should be tried.

sanjaykaul asked, Hai Indu Jalali. First of all accept my heartly congraulations for getting the justice. Congrats Mr. B.L. Wali your advocate also.I have seen him on TV. May God bless you!!!!
Indu Jalali answers, Thanks for your wishes Sanjay Kaul. asked, but your were never her class fellow.that is shy aunty is so annoyed with you. you spoke lies.and you got to meet uncle only few months ago. where were you for all these years whey they were suffering.
Indu Jalali answers, Okay. If I was not there where were you? You seem to be very much close to the family and if that is right what prevented you from taking up the cause of poor Priyadarshani- Rhythima

rahul1 asked, I understand that Miss Matoos family are from the Kashmiri Pandit community who were being forcefully explled from Kashmir around 16 years ago, did that humilation bring any extra motivation in their pursuit of justice
Indu Jalali answers, Not only this mattoo family but 4 lakh other Kashmiri Pandit families were thrown out of Kashmir-their homeland in January 1990. Of course this was an additional factor for motivation but the major concern was getting justice for a helpless woman who had been raped and murdered by Santosh Kumar Singh.

Indu Jalali says, Hi, friends it was nice and great chatting with you but I got to go for another programme. Hope to see you again in near future. Thanks and have a Great and Happy Diwali...Particularly to my Kashmiri Pandit community.