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Should camera phones be banned? Your response

September 01, 2005 22:41 IST


I believe imposing a ban on camera phones in public places to prevent their misuse is like a ban on knives to prevent stabbing and suicides.


Atul Bhatia

Classic knee-jerk reaction of shooting the messenger. Girls get raped in cars with dark windows, so BAN DARK WINDOWS



The main usage and applicability of the mobile phones is lost. I happened to see the college going guys taking photos without the knowledge of the girls on the road.This culture will no way lead the people anywhere. It's the responsibility of the parents to provide stringent advice for their children. Yes, u can't blame the children. Will parents will give a close look to this issue? It is in their hands.



Everybody is misusing the camera in their mobile phones. Since the camera in mobile phones are introduced everyday some new news come out relating to misuse of camera. Even there is no use of camera in our mobile phones. In everybody's mobile one can see all porn stuff is there. These mobiles are impacting our new generations in a very bad way. So these should be strictly banned. Government should take some bold steps regarding this.



Privacy? In India?! Hahaha...We live in a country where anybody can come to anybody's home at any time and share a meal (all unannounced). Our lifestyles and preferences are insensitively criticised in front of us. A country where holding your lover's hand in public is a shameful act. Who are we kidding? Double standards. Either, we young people, rise up and embrace technology or be left behind in the stone age. Camera phones should not be permitted in changing rooms, etc. but why not on the streets? Narrow-minded and negative thinking is all I can say about this attitude. There are many good sides of owning a camera phone. You can use it as a camera to capture your baby's smile when you don't have a camera-camera with you. Think about that.



It should be banned surely for everybody (children, adult). Its an absolute breach of privacy. No matter how the companies position it in market.



well contrary to what it seems everyone is not a voyuer.. for me it is better than carrying a camera around.. multipurpose objects.. for it is has many events memories logged which i would never have been able to capture for lack of carrying a camera around all the time.. well considering the reducing size of camera u think mobile phones would be the only thing to be scared of.. i dont think so.. yes there have been problems but most of the mms's around have been shot with consent.. its the distribution thats the issue.. im not the kind of person to bob down technology every advancement has its disadvantages.. u expect everyone to carry 2 cellphones and switch between them in private and public places.. sounds like the dumbest thing to do... nope my verdict : banning not justified !!



A. The term 'privacy at public places' sounds like an oxymoron. If you were in a public place, say bus stand, museum, or movie theatre, would you be involved private activities?

B. If you are referring to incidents of individuals being caught on cam during an intimate episode at college or bar, then its not the fault of cam-phone but the individuals involved in such lowly activities.

C. So I suggest Geetha to move a bill to make the educational boards give the subject "moral science" as much weightage as they give to core subjects such as maths and science.



This should have been done before. camera phones must be banned. Mobile phone is a need but should not be used as a fashion. Now a days we see school/college going students are having a mobile phones. They are not that much mature to understand the need of mobile phones. As we all know the various cases happened in the past. As per my opinion there should some hard rules needs to be incorporated for use of camera mobile phones.



When you are in public there is no privacy thing going on, which would be captured in camera phones. There is no logic in telling that these phones should be banned. Ofcourse, children upto 18 yrs could be restricted in using such phones in schools and colleges.



If this bill is passed, then it will be definitely be a big shame for so called pseudo-democracy that is prevailing in our country. Even a closed and orthodox society like Saudi Arabia had to give in and allow camera phones. Who are some parliament members to decide whether we should use some technology or not? In that case, we should ban all kinds of photography in public places from now on. No more tourism in India! Today a camera phone, tomorrow some illiterate parliament member will say BAN TVs and computers themselves, children can use them to watch pornography.

India indeed shining! Thank you my worthlessly voted politicians!



hello there

I'm living in saudi arabia, and the use of camera phones in public places, is already banned in this country, but no use, normally govt. officers can not control this thing practically.

And if it is not possible in country like saudi arabia where law and maintaine so strictly , then how it could be possible in india where merely people care about law.

I think, indian politicians dont have any good, serious, and important topics to raise, so they raise such stupid topics and make them self to come in headlines.

This is so pathetic that, they raise such topics, like banned on camera phones, banned on plastic bags, change the name of perticular area, etc.

All these topics are nothing but waste of time and money, just to gain popularity.


Anjan Santra

A knife in the hands of a butcher takes a life. Is this a reason enough to ban the knife? We must not forget that a knife in the hands of a surgeon can save a life.

Today it is a camera phone, tomorrow it will be retina embedded camera. What we will do then? Ban the eyes! A technical innovation like camera phone must be used with maturity and responsibility. Making an individual aware of the fact that personal space of others must not be violated can help to a certain extent. Another thing to be kept in mind is the current phase of abuse of camera phones will die its own death only if we do not raise so mush of dust over the issue.



I only know phone is used for talking. What is the use of camera in phone. If u want to take pics than it can be done in camera also. Than what is difference of paparazzi and us if v interfere in the private life of others without knowledge of theirs. it is a crime.


s narayanan

Yes. It must be strictly banned and is there any need to give to students who are doing eight standard or tenth std need to have camera phone with them, though their parents are very rich . And moreoever the students or children are not like as in 1960s or 1970s and they are all become very cruel in their mind after seeing the TV CHANNELS and magazines. We MUST BAN EVEN TV CHANNELS AND LOT OF MAGAZINES IN THIS COUNTRY.



Yes, she has a point, as the companies claim, it is only true else where in the world and NOT in India. India and Indians are a very different country.

There is a saying "like monkey getting a halfed coconut ".

Certain things are not used in true sense by Indians (NOT EVERY INDIAN, there are rule abiding Indians, India has large less educated, less rule abiding people).



The answer is YES. What started out as pure fun has only backfired. Miscreants are often seen clicking away at unsuspecting subjects. This is a clear breach of one's privacy. Unfortunately this is mainly being done by school/college going kids who dont feel there is anything wrong with it till one of them is the victim and it is left upto their poor parents to try and save their kids reputation.


Ketan Gandhi

We are on spree of banning everything that creates problem. We need to understand that technology offers lot of facilities, we should start thinking of using it for benefit of society instead of blocking the use of technology.
Lets start putting 3 good uses of phones with camera on the rediff site every day and you would see that people would start using this technology by which the society can benefit.

Let me start by giving some good uses -

a) One can click photo of potholes on the road and send it to the municipal council while complaining about it.

b) click someone taking bribe and send it to media for publishing in their media

c) take snap of eve teaser and send it to police for taking action.

All the gadgets would have pros and cons lets look at brighter side of it and develop positive attitude.


Murali K. Vemuri

My point is very simple...there are millions of ways of disturbing anybody's privacy...

It is the motive you gotta kill rather than the tools.

As a matter of fact, every single invention has both the sides of coin...just because you could get electrocuted, why don't we go ban "electricity" as a whole, and in turn will automatically close everything....your mobile phones need charging, and you ban electricity....all your problems are solved...i think our "so called" leaders need to put some common sense into work before they do such stupid rules.