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Breakthrough soon, hope people of Telangana

October 09, 2011 19:36 IST

Another day of consultations on the Telangana issue and yet no decision. However, the mood in the region is upbeat and each one thinks that the Congress has buckled and would give out a positive announcement soon, reports Vicky Nanjappa.

A pro-Telangana activist closely related to the movement said, "We are getting some positive signals and this time I think the government will tell us what we want to hear. At the same time, we do not want to pin our hopes too high since we remember how the same government backtracked last time after giving us an assurance."

The consultation process with the bigwigs in the United Progressive Alliance continued even on Sunday. Sources in New Delhi informed that various aspects had been discussed.

A government source said that they were firm on imposing President's rule in Andhra Pradesh until Saturday night, but felt that it may benefit the Telangana politicians a great deal.

However, the government is also toying with the idea of issuing a statement noting that it is in favour of Telangana, but would need some time as it would have to coax the remaining parties who are part of the alliance.

The last option would be to announce the formation of the state and commence the process immediately, the government source added.

The Telangana activists, however, point out that they would agree only to the 'last option' and any other option would be rejected.

"We need a proper assurance. It is not enough if they say they are in favour of the state. A proper deadline is what we need failing which this protest would continue," a Telangana activist said.

On the other hand, the government is aware of the gravity of the situation and has to ensure that the protests are called off immediately. The ongoing stir is not only affecting Andhra Pradesh but has caused problems in the neighbouring states as well.

Ministers from Karnataka too have started complaining about the power shortage due to the agitation in Telangana.

The people of Telangana, however, want to stay positive this time. They say they will only escalate the tempo of the agitation if the government sits on the fence.

"The rail rokho programme which was to begin on Sunday has been put off in the anticipation that there would be some breakthrough. But they (Telangana activists) would wait until the 11th (of October), or else would go ahead with the plan from October 12," the source said.

Meanwhile, in Hyderabad all political circles are keenly watching the developments in New Delhi. They say that not much information is trickling in, but they expect something by Monday evening or Tuesday.

Vicky Nanjappa