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Autos, taxis on strike in Delhi against GPS installation

October 16, 2012 13:47 IST

Auto rickshaw and taxi unions in New Delhi went on a strike on Tuesday to demand a hike in fares and protesting the government's directive to install the global positioning system in their vehicles.
The demand for a fare hike has been gaining momentum for some time now.
Ever since the transport department announced that installing a GPS-based fare meter will become mandatory, the auto rickshaw unions have been insisting on a fare hike.
Satish Kumar, an auto driver, said that it was important to hike the auto fares as the price of fuel had increased.
"We are striking because last time the fares were raised, gas used to cost 21

rupees per litre. Now it costs 38.35 rupees per litre but the government does not think about it at all. Secondly, the GPS costs Rs 7,500, but we are getting it for Rs 18,800, why is it so," said Kumar.
Sushil Kumar, another auto driver, demanded that the middlemen should not be involved while the government sells auto to them.
"We are poor people and raise our children by driving autos. Why is the government doing this with us? Why are middlemen involved? We demand that the middlemen should be removed and we must directly get the autos," he said.

Source: ANI