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A week later, Viveka's death still a mystery

July 02, 2010 19:57 IST

Why did model Viveka Bababjee die? A week after Viveka's suicide by hanging from a ceiling fan at her suburban Bandra residence, the mystery of her suicide not just hounds her family and friends, but also the Mumbai police which is investigating the case.

The police too are clueless about the circumstances that led her to take the drastic step.

In the radar of the police investigation are lovers, friends, business associates, and topping this list is 32-year-old stock broker Gautam Vora, who allegedly has been named in the model's suicide note.

Vora, who has been questioned by the Khar police, has maintained that he and Viveka were merely friends and there was no question of marriage as she was older to him.

On the other hand, Dale Bhagawar, on behalf of the Babajee family, has issued a statement saying that Vora and Viveka were lovers and were considering marriage.

The Babajee family have also refuted the "depression theory".

Speaking to, Bhagawar said based on Viveka's interaction with friends and family in the last few days, the depression theory did not seem convincing.

"Her phone conversation with her mother was very positive and so was the message on her Facebook account. There has been no indication of slightest depression exhibited by Viveka before her death," said Bhagawar.

To support the claim that Viveka and Vora were very much in love and considering marriage, the Babajee family has stated that Vora had got their horoscopes matched. Every aspect of the Viveka-Vora horoscope was compatible except for the nadis, the family said. Since the nadis of Viveka and Vora were not compatible, Viveka had done a fertility check.

It is believed that if the nadis (adhya, madhya and antya) are same for the bride and groom, then the chances of experiencing infertility are high.

"The fertility test done by Viveka was at the instance of Vora," said Bhagawar.

During questioning by the police, though Vora had denied talk of marriage with Viveka due to age differences, he was not able to deny that there was no physical relationship between them.

"Whatever happened, happened in friendship," is what Vora has reportedly told the police on being questioned whether he had a physical relationship with Viveka.

Besides Vora, the Khar police have also issued notices to Viveka's pervious boyfriends including film director Rohit Jugraj and Kartik Jopanputra.

News reports attributing police sources have said that Viveka and Jobanputra were in a relationship till mid-2009. Kartik and Viveka had floated an event management company that was doing well till differences cropped up between them.

Image: Viveka Babajee and (inset) Gautam Vora

N Ganesh in Mumbai