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When two of the most important democracies in the world hammer out a deal over a period of two years, it is easy for the casual observer to get lost in the maze of information.

Coverage: The Indo-US nuclear tango

So, on the day when India and the US made public the text of the 123 Agreement, got the best brains in the country to disect it and tell you where and how India stands to gain -- or lose. Read on.

G Parthasarathy: 'Pak may try to scuttle India's nuclear efforts'
Rajiv Sikri: Disturbing implications of 123 Agreement
Dr Srikanth Kondapalli: 'China is a concerned actor in nuclear deal'
Manoj Joshi: 'India got more than what N-weapons states get'
Uday Bhaskar: 'This is the best India & US could have arrived at'

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