Sat Jul 19 19:56:29 2008 Email:
Comment: Congress. After all there is only congress to make anything good for the nation. BJP is not with a real political's on communal basis to make India divided and Left and other parties are nothing but for comics like now.

Sat Jul 19 19:59:53 2008 Email:
Comment: I would vote for BJP for its nationalistic approach.All other parties only have vote bank politics or minority appeasement politics just for votes and power.

Sat Jul 19 20:16:09 2008 Email:
Comment: Congress party being one family centric and no internal democracy and having no place for principaled dissent need to look inward to emerge truly as a cohesive party instaed of one being of power brokers.Let them fight election on their own again to have their place in contemporary history of India.If this thought dawns on them I would be first person to vote for Congress.

Sat Jul 19 20:16:26 2008 Email:
Comment: If u want the answer to the conscious I think I should not vote as the people representative who had gone to the loksaba by elections do not represent the people but always interested to further their interest only caring a least to their people who had elected. But as a responsible citizen I will select the best among the worst. Yes I will exercise my franchise rather reluctantly much against my will.

Sat Jul 19 22:07:30 2008 Email:
Comment: I will wait for the BJP, because that is the only party with a vision.

Sat Jul 19 22:08:08 2008 Email:
Comment: I will vote for BJP. Because its true secular party. Take the case of Andhra Pradesh.. what was Congress stand in 2004 State elections.. "Reservations to Muslims". Tell me why should we give reservations to muslims? Do we voe them or we are their slaves? If their so called "backward economics" are taken as an excuse - Chief priest of TTD (second richest religious instituste in world) gets paid a mear 70K+ per annum. Close to official poverty line. Fate of many bramhins is still worse. why shouldn't they be given seats though they showed their worth by scoring higher ranks.. Every one knows that its the Private Sector that is running the Indian Econimic growth. In 2004 elections Congress has taken a stand saying "Reservation in Private sector". That's a death blow to private sector. Hell with them... I don't think BJP is going to get rid of reservations atleast they won't increase the current reservations percentage creating a sucidal situation for many merit students who by gods mistake were born as so called Forward casts. Now they want to sell of Indian's foreign policy in name of N-Deal to US... Just for sake of 5 months power they are playing dirty politics... Time for them to leave the to leave PMO office.

Sat Jul 19 22:11:53 2008 Email:
Comment: B.J.P.

Sat Jul 19 22:14:06 2008 Email:
Comment: BJP - because it is the party which is the least damaging to the country; and its leaders and cadre are nationalist in general.

Sat Jul 19 22:16:44 2008 Email:
Comment: BJP - because it is the best among the available lot of political parties - that will be the least troublesome government. I appreciate the direction and the development impetus which the country got during their 6 year rule. And its leaders and cadre are nationalists in general.

Sat Jul 19 22:19:19 2008 Email:
Comment: BJP. Because it has clear policies.

Sat Jul 19 22:35:45 2008 Email:
Comment: Congress. No other party has members as cultured and as intelligent as the Congress.

Sat Jul 19 22:43:54 2008 Email:
Comment: i would like to give my vote to bjp and alliance because i want to see what they will do with the deal and what will the stand of congress led opposition

Sat Jul 19 23:06:07 2008 Email:
Comment: If early elections were to be held, I would vote for BJP. I strongley suggest that they have amend the constitution so that there will be only two parties in the election fray for the loksabha election and regional parties has to support either of the two parties, then there will not be any uncertainity of who will form the govt.

Sat Jul 19 23:28:55 2008 Email: Saurabh1972@sify.Com
Comment: I will vote for BJP because congress led government has been following britishers policy of divide and rule.They have divided upper and lower caste by providing reservation which will result in over all imbalance in society and country.

Sun Jul 20 02:11:20 2008 Email:
Comment: I shall form opportunist party of my own and vote for this party to become P M of India by any means without morality. A K P C Swain

Sun Jul 20 02:29:45 2008 Email:
Comment: surely for the bjp and its allaince. The UPA Government had uterly failed in all the parts and they are more interested in remaining in power rather than looking after the welfare of the mass.They are not open in the nuclear deal. Initially they refused for a joint parlimentry party committe on this and formed a comitte only with their allaince partners hoping that they can convience them or can go ahead with their agenda at the fag end of their term as what they are trying to do now. I was a staunch gongress supporte for the past 35 years and even supporeted them during and after the emergency. But i feel ashamed for having done the same as the present day congress is no more a party for the mass and is only for a particular family interest. S.S.Narayanan.

Sun Jul 20 05:47:36 2008 Email:
Comment: definitely i will vote for the party which is really interested in the nation welfare. i will not for any of the left paries

Sun Jul 20 08:53:40 2008 Email:
Comment: No one. coz we working class are paying tax to the government. No body got the right to blow the our hard earning money for election

Sun Jul 20 08:56:05 2008 Email:
Comment: BJP,B'coz congress government doesn't keep up the prices of basic needs.when the oil price hike up is the reason but the government should mainly take part of the loss.Another important reason was the loan of farmers should be cancelled.It is one of the thing which would really help for farmers.In this government do restrict the price of raw materials.Nearly 72 thousand crores was gone.....

Sun Jul 20 08:58:43 2008 Email:
Comment: BJP...

Sun Jul 20 10:07:59 2008 Email:
Comment: I am surely gonna vote for BJP and NDA At least they r fixed to their basics....they r not changing their friends like congress..... Also, politically India was more stable at time of BJP Vajpayee government. Mumbai bomb blasts, BOFORS case, Mumbai local blasts, all these happened when congress was in power, and not BJP. Congress cannot give a stable government. Congress are just greedy for power.

Sun Jul 20 10:38:06 2008 Email:
Comment: B J P as Indian was in reasl shining and 10 out 12 BJP state goverance is better than others

Sun Jul 20 11:48:21 2008 Email:
Comment: It should be NDA with Manmohan Sing Ji again becoming the Prime Minister.

Sun Jul 20 11:50:54 2008 Email:
Comment: any party but congress. congress only if led by a non-gandhi

Sun Jul 20 12:09:59 2008 Email:
Comment: It is BJP & NDA. They have already proved their capacity to improve economy.

Sun Jul 20 12:19:48 2008 Email:
Comment: Definitely the BJP. We need speedy economic reforms and curb on terrorism.

Sun Jul 20 13:40:28 2008 Email:
Comment: No one deserves to be voted.once they are selected they forget everything and the cycle continues.They are seen only during the electionsand finally they vanish till the next elections comes

Sun Jul 20 14:23:48 2008 Email:
Comment: this time BJP, because their administration is good and all will listen their PM's opinion & stand and they will think whole indians wellness etc.joining the ganga caveri rivers.

Sun Jul 20 14:32:20 2008 Email:
Comment: Only to congress and its allies.

Sun Jul 20 14:44:12 2008 Email:
Comment: i always support congress coz no war declred between ind and pak for the last 4 yrs .the previouse war during the period of b j p was to change the attn of the indias poor pple and save their face value.but the life of jawans has no value

Sun Jul 20 15:12:19 2008 Email:
Comment: no party is worth to vote - Boycott elections and make india and its selfish politicians realise that the common man should not be taken for granted

Sun Jul 20 15:41:09 2008 Email:
Comment: i would vote for congress as as they took risk in taking the nuclear deal ahead

Sun Jul 20 15:41:46 2008 Email:

Sun Jul 20 15:54:24 2008 Email:
Comment: First of all congress part will not lose trust vote, and even unfortunately they loss the trust vote then also i will support congress party

Sun Jul 20 16:31:36 2008 Email:
Comment: BJP. They will have a good say on our national interest rather than a party with foreign leader.

Sun Jul 20 18:10:13 2008 Email:
Comment: I will vote for congress. Reason, it will not touch religion and secular.