Sat Jul 19 19:45:08 2008 Email:
Comment: if mayawati can become the PM with merely 13 MPs then why not the present incumbent who had largest mandate from the nation in the last election. big no for maya

Sat Jul 19 19:46:44 2008 Email:
Comment: For India everybody is potential. Nothing to do for common man, only to increase the price of petrol, diesel, gas cylinder and all essential commodities. Common men are only for voting them to power, after that they will forget them and they will earn maximum, thats all.

Sat Jul 19 19:48:49 2008 Email:
Comment: if one goes solely on the basis of caste considerations, she has. but if one goes on the basis of potential then no

Sat Jul 19 19:49:00 2008 Email:
Comment: No, it will be unfortunate for india that a leader like Mayawati made prime Minister

Sat Jul 19 19:50:28 2008 Email:
Comment: This is the cruel mockering on democracy as well as on people of India.

Sat Jul 19 19:53:45 2008 Email:

Sat Jul 19 19:54:18 2008 Email:
Comment: sheer nonsense from a useless leader who has no backing of the masses.His communist party is a parasite of one political party or the other in this country. his comments and analysis are no good for the country and its growth. he is a big hindrance for the development of society and people at large.

Sat Jul 19 19:59:27 2008 Email:
Comment: No, If that is the case then I will be a very sad man. A person who publicly abused Mahatma Gandhi will be leading the country, what a sad day it would be for a free India.

Sat Jul 19 20:01:18 2008 Email:
Comment: Yes she can be PM of India. Even if there are fresh elections, the nuber of MP's of BSP is going to increase and AB Bardhan's statement would add fuel to the fire.The antiincumbent factor would decrease the MP's of Congrss party and if BJP fails to increase its strength there would be no other political leader in position stronger than Mayawati.

Sat Jul 19 20:02:40 2008 Email:
Comment: never.mayawati has never shown any character of a national leader, nor she has potential.she scrapped the reliance in up just because it has linkage with SP.she has never contended the election on a neutral agenda.. how then she can be PM candidate.left will dump the idea after 22 of this month.when they can dump such a able PM like manmohan singh just on the matter that they are anti US.after Atalji,we have got manmohan as a able PM.this can be just imagined by comparibg india in 97 and is very unfortunate that our politician are saying anything so that they can srcure some votes. for this they are even ready to ignore india growth as a long term.

Sat Jul 19 20:03:31 2008 Email:
Comment: This is the unfortunate for the country after claiming the status of super power, Left are putting Maya as PM. Does she deserve even the ordinary office. If these uneducated politician sits on head of India then what signal is going to the WEST as regards your intellect. how the politician do not trying to understand the need of Indian people and still living in the 20th century without Electricity in some states for less than 6 Hrs. If these are the understanding about politics then India is going into Sepration and can not be united within near future. The statements of Narendra Modi, Mayavati, Raj Thakre etc will help India unitedly.

Sat Jul 19 20:04:07 2008 Email:
Comment: PM should have national stand and vision. None of this is in Mayawati and all in negative for left. So she is not right candidate for 21st century India

Sat Jul 19 20:10:27 2008 Email:
Comment: Mayavati are all of us not feel ashamed to even to think this lady as a prime minister who has no knowledge of fluent english is it not a basic requisite that Prime minister of a world largest democratic country should have atleast a common minimum barest knowledge. How ever one think Mayavati in the P.M. chair. Our country is really going to the dogs. No patriatism all show.

Sat Jul 19 20:26:30 2008 Email:
Comment: After this trust vote, Mayawati is not going to be the PM as NDA has categorically stated that they will be interested in new elections. This statement is floated to give her a potential advantage for getting hold of more SP and Congress MPs as power attracts power.

Sat Jul 19 20:26:12 2008 Email:
Comment: Any thing is possible in politics, so why can't this

Sat Jul 19 20:24:54 2008 Email:
Comment: If it realy happens surely that will be saddest day for this country.....

Sat Jul 19 20:17:07 2008 Email:
Comment: No, not at all. She is the most opportunistic woman in today's politics. She has no other motto but self gain. It shall be the saddest day for our country if she does indeed garner the requisite numbers to be the PM.

Sat Jul 19 21:48:50 2008 Email:
Comment: If people wish die hard for an Italian dish washer Mom and her Son as PM why not a 'pure' Indian made of her own without any posh name tag is MOST ELIGIBLE. Those who are castist or jelousy will object Maya become PM. She is dalit champion and well qualified and experienced for the job. She is the Obama version in India.

Sat Jul 19 21:52:29 2008 Email:
Comment: Maya is doing well in UP, but she has no capacity to become PM. She had to pass several tests in UP while dealing with Islamic terrorist and secessionist groups.

Sat Jul 19 21:55:07 2008 Email:
Comment: not necessarily as astrological factors are not favouring her & she will be facing the dance shortly

Sat Jul 19 21:59:47 2008 Email:
Comment: Communists are always interested in confusing Indians.They want to show their loyalty to China & Soviet Russia.They prefer a selfish political opportunist to lead our Nation so that we can always be subserving the cause of their RED BOSSES by projecting the so called leaders like Mayavati.As usual they will conduct shadow boxing against Hindu Communalism and appeasing minority communities.

Sat Jul 19 22:00:29 2008 Email:
Comment: It will be another historical blunder by the communist.

Sat Jul 19 22:05:34 2008 Email:
Comment: That could be possible only in India,but that happens,then we don't have toPay Income tax like her

Sat Jul 19 22:09:29 2008 Email:
Comment: I will not be surprised if such a day comes. I will definitely be very sad. For every step we take in the right direction, there seems to be forces bent upon pulling us in the opposite direction. The direction of the bottomless abyss. Given a choice between a well intentioned & well educated leader & a uneducated & bigotic leader the civilized choice is obvious. It is indeed a sad day that a worthwhile leader & a worthwhile cause stands testing times. Sad but the BJP stands exposed for all its expositions of National Honor & Self reliance. Nothing more was expected of the Left - the stooges of a failed imported idealogy.

Sat Jul 19 22:10:07 2008 Email:
Comment: Absurd

Sat Jul 19 22:27:26 2008 Email:
Comment: Every citizen has a potential to be PM. Mayawati will be a terrible and horrible disaster for the country. How could she become so rich in such a short time?

Sat Jul 19 22:32:47 2008 Email:
Comment: In a country which has given Prime Ministers like Shastri & Vajpayee, it is a tragedy that v r projecting Mayavathi as a potential Prime Ministerial Candidate. CPI/CPM have made a mockery of our Political system. V r ashamed to take the name of Prime Ministers of our country of late.

Sat Jul 19 22:41:39 2008 Email:
Comment: Non sence. It is only to get the BSP votes to topple the congressHow is that the new avatar(CPI) has cone up suddenly to promote her to the post of PM

Sat Jul 19 22:53:46 2008 Email:
Comment: It is a well known story about the Indians behaviour. There was a Zoological exhibition conducted in UK in which three jars with cockroaches were placed in it. The first one contains white cockroaches, the second one contains yellow cockroaches and third one with brown cockroaches. The white and yellow cockroaches jars were firmly secured with lids while the brown one was open with no lid. The gentle men who saw this asked why the third one was not secured with lid. The person incharge told those inquisitive persons that the white one is american origin, the yellow one is japanese origin and the third brown one is Indian origin. The american and japanese cockroaches are disciplined one if the lid is open they would escape one by one in a disciplined manner. For Indian cockroaches no lid is necessary, because they will never allow the other cockroach to climb and escape, that is why no lid is necessary, no cockroach will escape. Like the people and our parties will not never allow any body to do a good thing. They will never bothered about the nation and welfare of the people. All these MPs are opportunist and cut throat. Each of them want power and money and nothing else. The communists, BJP,BSP,Ajit Singh,Gowda & Rao are birds of the same feathers.

Sat Jul 19 22:55:26 2008 Email:
Comment: mr bardan is making mockry of the n-deal and to make MAYA PM AS BARDAN AND MAYA DONOT HAVE REQUIRED NUMBERS OF MP. INFACT BOTH ARE DAY DREAMING.

Sat Jul 19 22:57:53 2008 Email:

Sat Jul 19 23:00:30 2008 Email:
Comment: I dont feel that she is capable of becoming PM on her own. Its better to choose the most efficient and matured politician like Jyothybasu among third front if they will get enough seats in the next election.

Sat Jul 19 23:01:11 2008 Email:
Comment: NO.......! she doesnt posses those quality , wht our PM has now ! I'm not supporting or against UPA .as a common man, i would prefer PM & Fm to be same even though if the government change !

Sat Jul 19 23:07:47 2008 Email:
Comment: It shame for Communist party. All top 10 communist party leaders should be killed in kerala and west bengal. This is first important duty to nation and indians. It is chief politics. It is started as one USSR and that is India. India will get splited into 20 - 25 countries if same continues within 10 - 15 years. People will get lesson after 20 years.

Sat Jul 19 23:14:14 2008 Email:
Comment: Totally idiotic and shame on india to have her as PM. Let her dirty politics be restricted to UP alone. We dont want Chinese party in India (CPI) predictions to happen

Sat Jul 19 23:19:53 2008 Email:
Comment: PM is face of India...keep mayawati away from it

Sat Jul 19 23:20:17 2008 Email:
Comment: Mayawati as PM...Hell, No way!! Its a shame to even suggest that.

Sun Jul 20 00:12:07 2008 Email:
Comment: Just the very thought makes me feel like throwing up !! makes me puke

Sun Jul 20 00:24:44 2008 Email:
Comment: God will save us!

Sun Jul 20 00:25:32 2008 Email:
Comment: God will save us!

Sun Jul 20 00:31:03 2008 Email:
Comment: she dont have even 1% potential. she is not worth to be a member of parliament. she is just fooling dalits. because of these politiatians India is not deleloping.

Sun Jul 20 00:57:10 2008 Email:
Comment: That would be the end of Indias progress and dreams of Dr Kalam. Everybody is playing caste politics....very very dirty..........i feel for my country..... CPI are agets of Chaina ...... what happens to their spirit during chainas agression..... what answer these guys have for growing needs of energy.... these use less guys spoke the same when the then rajive gandhi introduced computers in banks and industries...these CPI useless guys did bandhs protests...but the realty is India is shining beacause of Our It talent which is of Internatinal quality....I am strong supporter of BJP ... i am a democratic indis more than parties... India needs this N Energy...I hope this deal would be through ...

Sun Jul 20 01:05:09 2008 Email:
Comment: It will be a unique if Mayawati becomes the PM.She should have good and sincere ministers in the cabinet to give proper advise and there should be clean Governance and main aim should be to bring down inflation,especially common commodities.She can be a successful PM.

Sun Jul 20 01:38:47 2008 Email:
Comment: She is the most corrupted and pseudo secular politician in India. In modern politics, for CPM, the is the yard stick to measure eligibility of a person to be PM and they did it right in the case of Maya as well.

Sun Jul 20 01:41:57 2008 Email:
Comment: PM is for the whole country. not based on UP. Mayawati does not represent the whole country. A B Bardhan himself is a baseless leader. And he is deciding the PM? Actually the problem is, UP is near to Delhi..So delhiwalas give importance to UP more than it actually deserves...PM from UP is Ok if he/she is sober, learned, and enlightened...Mulayam Singh is more sober than Mayawati....It does not matter to the nation who is winning 40 seats in UP...Mayawati does not simply represent the whole country...She is corrupt to the core...a total antithesis of Manmohan...Bardhan should take retirement...It is Chinese interest to put Mayawati...

Sun Jul 20 01:43:14 2008 Email:
Comment: Maya is one of the most corrupted and pseudo secular politician in the country. For modern age CPM, this is the yard stick to measure the eligibility of a person to be PM and they did it right in Maya's case as well. On spot....rotten CPM, rotten ideologies....rotten commorades

Sun Jul 20 02:06:06 2008 Email:
Comment: In India politicians irrespective of party affiliations can change their colours at any time.Indian politicians have no integrity and coherence in thoughts and most of them are opportunists . In India to become a primeminister ,one need not have quality or personality.Honourable CPI leader Mr. Bardhan is no less capable to become PM of the country.USA and Russia should arrange some theory and practical classes for the Indian politicians to understand the problems of the country and to follow the meaning of the word 'honesty'. In India democracy is run by political bulls for the unconcerned sheep. A K P C Swain

Sun Jul 20 03:20:14 2008 Email:
Comment: fuck

Sun Jul 20 04:04:36 2008 Email:
Comment: God save India because Reservations are not based on cast lines internationally it's only in India unfortunately

Sun Jul 20 05:28:12 2008 Email:
Comment: What is the future of TAJ MAHAL in her tenure as Prime Minister of India.She has ruined the surrounding of great monument.In every neighbour-hood/ locality there will be a statue of Babasaheb Ambedkar.Hindi language will be replaced by Pali.Bravo Maya Wati.Hats off to Bardhan.

Sun Jul 20 05:33:55 2008 Email:
Comment: i could not understand this candidate capability for the country's highest office. it shows that the left parties want a pm who will act accorditing to their tunes.

Sun Jul 20 06:22:15 2008 Email:
Comment: No. She does not have the reqired maturity.

Sun Jul 20 06:22:38 2008 Email:

Sun Jul 20 06:55:14 2008 Email:
Comment: Yes, She has very good potential to become PM. She is only CM, who could suspend the erroring IAS and IPS officials on telephone. Shr is only able to clean up the criminal from UP. She is only CM who can provide good government for Indians.

Sun Jul 20 06:59:07 2008 Email:
Comment: mayati has no qualification for becoming the prime minister of india.she doesn't desrve it.

Sun Jul 20 07:34:37 2008 Email:
Comment: Mayavati is a total misfit.It will be a sad day for the country.PM. has to have a vision, priciples, a command over public opinion, an acceptable stature in & outside the country, dynamism, clear thinking etc. and many more things like image as a person with uncanny ability, awinning personality,youthful vigour,impressive eloquence and much higher level to control disparate elements in the cabinet, quick grasp & action in difficult situation plus wit and humour. Country has sufferred to the utmost by leaders without scruples and an eye on votes somehow. Barring Morarjibhai,Shastriji and one or two others, we had none with competence and above board.The President of the highest level like the one who had to go this time because he didn't tow Congress chief's line is a clear example. In my opinion, except for the fact that he is in BJP, Narendra Mody is cut out for Pm's position undoubtedly.He has shown his might, clean tactics to meet any situation including the muslim fundamentalists' challenge in Sabarmati train. Today, Gujarat muslims hail him as a great leader with communal peace in full.He controls bad elements while carrying out development in the state. Neither mayavati nor Lalu Yadav who aspire for the post have any stature. They must be ruled out and likewise their so called supporters also waiting for that opprtunity to ammass wealth. In the leftists group, there are capable men but China type of approach can't be accepted in a democracy like ours.

Sun Jul 20 07:35:57 2008 Email:
Comment: done already

Sun Jul 20 08:05:56 2008 Email:
Comment: Are you kidding me?

Sun Jul 20 08:20:08 2008 Email:
Comment: it is a dissaster for india with having all cabinet minsters from the most notouries state Mourn india

Sun Jul 20 08:50:08 2008 Email:
Comment: no

Sun Jul 20 08:51:28 2008 Email:
Comment: It is better to call back britishers to rule on us.

Sun Jul 20 08:56:38 2008 Email:
Comment: satta ke liye ye politics vale kutti ko bhi MA kahenge.

Sun Jul 20 09:00:04 2008 Email:
Comment: Mayawati as PM ! Nothing can be more disgraceful and shameful.

Sun Jul 20 09:12:22 2008 Email:
Comment: Everything is possible in India. Indians need a military rule now.

Sun Jul 20 09:20:16 2008 Email:
Comment: if mayawati becomes PM of india, then god Al-Mighty save us. We all know about CPIM and Maya as they are the fathers of corruptions. As I am in Kolkata and my back ground from Bihar and UP,I know how much they are corrupting, 25 corers that much amount always in Burdhan pocket. As I am a Muslim and I am telling you nothing wrong any thing if india go with USA on the Nuclear deal. So if Shahid Siddique thinks that it is against of Muslim, then really he is taking all his degree in dream. Thanks Alamgir

Sun Jul 20 09:26:40 2008 Email:
Comment: hi lucly

Sun Jul 20 09:29:12 2008 Email: Romi_thul@rediffmail.Com
Comment: Mayawati is a strongest person of politics .If she become pm,that will be great.

Sun Jul 20 09:48:22 2008 Email:
Comment: Bardhan has lost his mental balance,turning opportunist,wants to save his party at the cost of nation.For the last four years,he had hand in glouse with pm and he is fighting for prestige when the pm has lost his patience to dance to the tune of leftists.

Sun Jul 20 09:56:55 2008 Email:
Comment: All rubbish. What is the contribution of them for the nation? All opportunists.The present set up of congress minus Pranab might be a better alternative. Pranab could tackel the issue better

Sun Jul 20 10:02:48 2008 Email:
Comment: No Way.... We dont want India to go back in the ancient times.......

Sun Jul 20 10:08:32 2008 Email:
Comment: Fuck her.

Sun Jul 20 10:12:18 2008 Email:
Comment: not at all. even she should not be PM.

Sun Jul 20 10:25:07 2008 Email:
Comment: I think Bardhan said because she is from backward community. She is not at all fit to be PM both in the caste and competence. If that happens, it will be a black day in indian politics. Communists can take any stand as they did in TN and Kerala. They were in alliance with Congress in TN and opposed Congress in Kerala, that was seen in the borders of Kerala and TN. We witnessed it. So it is very dangerous to support Communist party's stand.

Sun Jul 20 10:34:49 2008 Email:
Comment: He wants a prime minister who can sell India to china for money. What else he can talk better than that. We know what left parties are doing for India. They are the chinese agent.

Sun Jul 20 10:35:25 2008 Email:
Comment: does she know english?? does she know what is nuclear energy, leave aside the deal??? has she governed UP as CM well - ie brought about a ammelioration of the wellbeing of dalits and lower classes and not built statues of herself, and amassed wealth???? if so then she is fit to be PM!

Sun Jul 20 10:36:33 2008 Email:
Comment: She shoulf resign from C.M. Up in worst sitution you can't think as PM

Sun Jul 20 10:44:43 2008 Email:
Comment: Marriage of Convineince. Jaago India Jaago.

Sun Jul 20 10:49:51 2008 Email:
Comment: A foolish suggestion to make others fool.It is clear every one is thinking for his own interest in the name of national interest but all are bussy to do what the can do best for them .Even charge sheeted became dearer and closer and acceptable than what is use of law/law maker and of judiceary, why a common man is being punished and kept in Jails for year & Years & punished for nothing.Realy "BADE BHAGYA M P BAN PAYA" God Pl save the nation and make every one M P .voter pl. must take a lation to taech in forth comming election Thanks to all.

Sun Jul 20 10:53:29 2008 Email:

Sun Jul 20 10:53:54 2008 Email: vijaypaulann@hotmail.comm

Sun Jul 20 10:58:33 2008 Email:
Comment: Only Narendra Modi deserves to be the PM of this ill-fated country.

Sun Jul 20 10:59:42 2008 Email:
Comment: She understands the people of India. We currently have a PM, who has not even contested even for a Panchayat Election, and the former salary earner of IMF, cannot understand the people of India.

Sun Jul 20 11:02:26 2008 Email:
Comment: Bardhan is totally out of tune with people. He is desperate.

Sun Jul 20 11:06:31 2008 Email:
Comment: if Congress lose then Mayawathi will be the better choice to complete remaining period of General Election.^^ wait and see !

Sun Jul 20 11:07:23 2008 Email:
Comment: Yes, why not. If VP Singh and Devegowda can become PM, why she should not. But we all Indians have to remember that When Mr. Vajpayee and Mr. MMS are the two consecutive PMs, and India doing well overall, They brought lots of respect to India, They have been masters in their won fields. Now with Ms Mayawati, Laloo, Shard Pawar, Mulayam, and may be Shibu Soren the Image of India gets Tarnished. They would be depending on corrupt IAS officers for decision making instead of having their own wisdom. We Indians have to raise above all and support for India's cause. The common man has to be eductaed about internation trade, money remittance by NRIs, Industrial growth rate, Food production growth rate by atleast BJP and Congress. Like government runs a compaign for pulse poilio, why not run a compaign for Nuclear deal and other important matters like that. Please for the country sake , we all have to raise above our caste, religion etc. Maya, Mulayam, laloo or any one else would like to become PM just to clear their corruption cases. Imagibe Laloos daughter doing so much business that she gets commission in crores from LIC. we need to do some thing much better

Sun Jul 20 11:09:52 2008 Email:
Comment: It will bring in ony shame to india if mayawati is made india's PM, she has no values as such, very very corrupt politician, ant thes CPI/CPM leaders are basically anti India policy, and are china agents, they never want india to prosper, look at west bengal/Kerala, having one of the brainy people with lots talents, the states are very backward, these communist will never move forward, either throw, communits out of the country by banning the party itself, or god save india

Sun Jul 20 11:11:34 2008 Email:
Comment: NO, when she cann't handle UP properly how can could she manage the whole country?

Sun Jul 20 11:13:54 2008 Email:
Comment: Mayawati as the head of a DANCE BAR, acceptable, the boss of a group of prostitues, understandable, A mafia queen possible, HIJDA group union leader understandable, A CORRUPT politician believable, An Indian PRIME MINISTER- laughable, she will be a mockery for Indians around the world, the day that happens it should be the end of the world. GOD HELP US

Sun Jul 20 11:28:51 2008 Email:
Comment: rubbish, how these shameless opportunist polititians can even think of replacing a man of integrity like manmohan singh with a lady like bahen mayawati.

Sun Jul 20 11:38:34 2008 Email:
Comment: I agree. Mayawati is the real P.M. stuff. She would be much better than Dr. Manmohan Singh type, who is nothing but a glorified peon of a foreigner Sonia Gandhi and her hypocrate son Rahul Baba. Mayawati does not support criminals like congress do, nor bail them out to get their votes. She is the person who will control the price rise of essential comodities and make our life easy. The most opportunistic congress party has lost its relevance. This party can not think beyond the selfish Nehru Family. It is high time we should have a dalit P.M. like Mayavati who has proved herself a good administrator.

Sun Jul 20 11:46:36 2008 Email:
Comment: yes. far better than an italian lady. god save india.

Sun Jul 20 11:46:54 2008 Email:
Comment: Does she know A-Z in writting and speaking, Does she know 1-5 alteast in No.Let her go to Sharukh Serial Kya Aap Panchvi pass hai and if she wins then the people of India I believe can think and after 10-15 yrs when she is experienced we can think of her be a PM.

Sun Jul 20 11:51:03 2008 Email:
Comment: It is non-sense. Able third front leaders should have been selected. eg.Jyothi Basu, Chandra babu..Amyawathi has her own agenda.

Sun Jul 20 11:52:34 2008 Email:
Comment: What a Rubbish-if she will be PM-i am the 1st person to leave India-on 21st century we can not think...Wild-Bear can be PM-she is most look like hospital Nurse-may she had Dgree-i hope all Dgree Certificate she Bye by money/b.mailing to Uniersity-i do not know where she has got law and other dgree;...she is typical look like Mashi(leader of Sweeper)-her better place to offer hes post of UP Municipal-head,to supervision the cleaning the road-dumping the garbage-cleaning the gutter line-she has enough personallity to became a good -Dobhi-Mashi,i do not how state like UP accept like-Mayawati-Mulyam-etc as Chief Minsiter-i think total UP state,s...have a bulk of Joker to rule th state:

Sun Jul 20 11:54:10 2008 Email:
Comment: no

Sun Jul 20 11:57:39 2008 Email:
Comment: I feel Mayawati has no potential to be PM as she has no exposure. Col Gulati(Retd.)

Sun Jul 20 12:06:47 2008 Email:
Comment: No. There are better people waiting for it.

Sun Jul 20 12:19:29 2008 Email:
Comment: I have my reservations. Mayavathi may be a shrewd politician, but cannot be accepted as a statesman to qualify for Prime Ministership.A potential Prime Minister should be above manipulative politics of convenience.

Sun Jul 20 12:23:51 2008 Email:
Comment: It is a pity that a woman (I refuse to even address her a lady) who once openly abused Mahatma Gandhi on the T.V. - 'The Father of the Nation' - to whom we Indians owe our freedom is being projected as the future P.M. Though I am against BJP's policies, yet I feel Advaniji is a million times better than Bhainji. It is a pity that our M.P.s are keeping their self interests above National interests. Mr. Swaminathan Aiyar a staunch BJP supporter otherwise, too in his column 'Swaminomics' (page 26 Sunday Times, TOI) has clearly advocated in favour of the Nuclear Deal, giving reasoned arguments. The villain of the lot is Ajeet Singh - who like his late father keeps his self interests above National interests. Shame on such politicians. Mayawati is doing so to keep the CBI at bay in the Disproportionate Assets case against her. Such corrupt politicians leading the Country - like one Russian said - makes him believe in God. India is still running - makes one believe in God. God help our Country.

Sun Jul 20 12:24:44 2008 Email:
Comment: what a shame it will be for our country if she becomes PM. Left are the worser than your enimies....please Mr.Bardhan

Sun Jul 20 12:28:57 2008 Email:
Comment: why our politicians donot consider the benifits to common citizens of India due to savings in power generation if the nuclear deal coms thru may be this saving in next on decade can do more in improving the life of poor peoplethan the empty promises of the crrupt polic-ticians like devgowda,and party.High time they do a little introspecto=ionand rise above the shortterm benifitsand think of long term benil=fits to the poor citizensof INDIA.MAYAWATI is unfit to be a prime minister.She is one of the most corrupt leaders of our country.K.L.MONGA

Sun Jul 20 12:37:48 2008 Email:
Comment: NO way

Sun Jul 20 12:39:08 2008 Email:
Comment: she is not worth to be a chief minister also.Crooked & corrupted womanm,who herself vanished for a week to transfer assets in other names.It shameful & Disatrous for the country.

Sun Jul 20 12:42:45 2008 Email:
Comment: Even god cannot save us.

Sun Jul 20 13:02:21 2008 Email:
Comment: no

Sun Jul 20 13:06:41 2008 Email:

Sun Jul 20 13:11:03 2008 Email:
Comment: It seems that the CPI & CPI(M)'s and the all other partners has gone down to the ground level as they had lobbying behind Mayawati. They do not have any royal leaders within themselves

Sun Jul 20 13:15:00 2008 Email:
Comment: The most stupid decision and it is okjay with the communists since they are the piggy back riders for ever in Indian politics....

Sun Jul 20 13:30:12 2008 Email: PShetty_1000@YAHOO.COMM

Sun Jul 20 13:30:53 2008 Email:
Comment: Yes, Mayawati has the potential and will be able to do a good job if she could muster numbers and support.The masses will be happy and will look for miracles to happen in India!

Sun Jul 20 13:32:14 2008 Email:
Comment: unjustified & undesireable

Sun Jul 20 13:38:39 2008 Email:
Comment: If it happens the whole country will divide in cast & sub-cast. There will be no indian in India

Sun Jul 20 13:49:13 2008 Email:

Sun Jul 20 13:50:03 2008 Email:
Comment: The office of PM has so far ( Barring few exceptions) been decorated by persons of eminence. To suggest Mayawathi's name is sheer political opportunism and disgusting!! R. Sivasankaran, London

Sun Jul 20 14:01:27 2008 Email:
Comment: Maybe at a later date if she manages to mature as a person respectable enough to represent a great country of 100 crore+ people. Definitely not under the present circumstances of utter choas and political opportunism

Sun Jul 20 14:05:18 2008 Email:
Comment: If Manmohan Singh can become PM so why not Mayabati or any other joker?

Sun Jul 20 14:07:11 2008 Email:
Comment: it is unbeliveable that indian politics has descended to such depths that even the millions of gods cant save it,unless people learn to be responsible.

Sun Jul 20 14:10:17 2008 Email:
Comment: Thesr are political oppurtunism.She has no leadership qualities and intellectual to become PM.

Sun Jul 20 14:10:21 2008 Email:
Comment: No.she shall never unless she proves she can impress the people of nation not alone the people of UP by her good works.just being a dalit would not be enough to hold a position in country's intrest.

Sun Jul 20 14:17:26 2008 Email:
Comment: No.She has to gain that potential in coming years, now she lost it by not supporting nuke deal and in completing the 5yrs, who will think about public money only apna money yaar..

Sun Jul 20 14:21:22 2008 Email:
Comment: The Left has 59 MPs and Mayavati's BSP has only 17. So, why not he suggest someone from his own front? What is so special about Mayavati that outweighs others from the Left?

Sun Jul 20 14:24:17 2008 Email:
Comment: If feel that CPI leaders they are not faovur of the Goverment decisions from the formation of Govermnet,So they are want to make more money from the polictics.They are not real social workers to the public.So they want to gain money and power to the BSP all these maoney mimded games from the poltics

Sun Jul 20 14:25:16 2008 Email:
Comment: She cannot be a good PM because she ha betrayed kanshiram and we are sure she will betray the nation as well

Sun Jul 20 14:26:15 2008 Email:
Comment: It will be ridicules , she does not have any caliber why BJP is not projecting Mr Modi

Sun Jul 20 14:26:18 2008 Email:
Comment: why give that much importance to what Bardhan says

Sun Jul 20 14:28:58 2008 Email:
Comment: India will walk back to 1960s and she will loot the country and make every Indian a begger. Mr.Bardhan is a crook to make this kind of comment

Sun Jul 20 14:36:27 2008 Email:
Comment: Now Bardhan doing polytics. In india any time any govt. made, do work either possitive or negative. CPI work, always oppose. If this deal deal with China, CPI never oppose. Mayavati has only 17 member in parliament. In her political career, she done only Todjor policy. Even SP, BJP etc. All are corrupt. only wants position & money.

Sun Jul 20 14:38:48 2008 Email:
Comment: No she is not fit for P M post.why everybody support her now?the reason is simple coz every one wants to save their own face

Sun Jul 20 14:53:42 2008 Email:

Sun Jul 20 14:55:50 2008 Email:
Comment: nauseated and sick. ready to get my visa to get out of the country.

Sun Jul 20 15:01:37 2008 Email:
Comment: it is wrong,she is not capable for that post.

Sun Jul 20 15:07:21 2008 Email:
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Sun Jul 20 15:08:14 2008 Email:
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Sun Jul 20 15:08:26 2008 Email:
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Sun Jul 20 15:10:41 2008 Email:
Comment: No way................

Sun Jul 20 15:11:27 2008 Email:
Comment: With current availble option for PM post, i guess we can select anyone as our PM. All are shit.

Sun Jul 20 15:17:04 2008 Email:
Comment: That will be the most unfortunate day for India.

Sun Jul 20 15:17:34 2008 Email:
Comment: Any body,Lalu Prasad,Mulyam Singh,Mayawati,Sonia,Satish yachoori,Gulam wali Azad,Karunanidhi ,all are fit candidates to be our Prime Ministers,so long they look after our interests

Sun Jul 20 15:20:39 2008 Email:
Comment: Whenever you see Pratibha Patil occupy the seat of the President, you longingly feel for Abdul Kalam. Same way if Mayawati occupies that chair, we will miss Manmohan Singh!

Sun Jul 20 15:35:35 2008 Email:
Comment: AB Bardhan is a immature politician who is against national interest.

Sun Jul 20 15:37:05 2008 Email:
Comment: Well if Economist Manmohan Singh can mess up the economy when he is PM then with Mayawati as PM you never know things may improve..... at least her economy...

Sun Jul 20 15:37:51 2008 Email:
Comment: i think if mayawati becomes cm than i will be happiest man as i can also dream of becoming DM.i will require one PATTI.

Sun Jul 20 15:49:52 2008 Email:
Comment: People of U.P. elected her for CM not for PM. mayihelpyouonline

Sun Jul 20 15:54:08 2008 Email:
Comment: No, she does'nt

Sun Jul 20 15:58:13 2008 Email:
Comment: She is non potential

Sun Jul 20 15:59:33 2008 Email:
Comment: Would be the biggest disaster .

Sun Jul 20 16:02:41 2008 Email:
Comment: Congress will be out for a NO BALL They will lose the battle and win the war in the forthcoming elections

Sun Jul 20 16:02:50 2008 Email:
Comment: Nothing seems a bigger farce than this trust vote and all its attending machination. Mayawati is assuming a role of outspoken and arrogant politician, and this trait is being exaggerated by the UNPA leaders orchestrating a satire on the entire nation. Please spare us and the country of self serving, uncouth and arrogant politician

Sun Jul 20 16:03:25 2008 Email:
Comment: Mayawati is not worth to be a PM..she can be a housemaid at PM's residence

Sun Jul 20 16:04:42 2008 Email:
Comment: God can only save my country now. 100% reservation everywhere

Sun Jul 20 16:06:44 2008 Email:
Comment: the leaders like Mayawati, karat, naidu, and bardhan should be thrown out of this country. these kind of leader never let the people sit with peace...they r actually mad under their power and gready of getting ministrial chair. they can do only caste based politics and devide the country. they doesnt have internation vission to think. they dont know how to run such a large democratic country. let them be good human being first, let them to think beyond caste...then only she deserve for PM candidature....may god save this country from such leaders.

Sun Jul 20 16:07:46 2008 Email:
Comment: Is PM post a joke?

Sun Jul 20 16:08:40 2008 Email:
Comment: Time will tell

Sun Jul 20 16:13:53 2008 Email:
Comment: Surprise is the thinking of third front they should be aware that without support of BJP or Congress nobody can become the Prime Minister ,how this partys having 3-4 MPs are making Ms. Mayavati as P.M..GOD KNOWS

Sun Jul 20 16:19:18 2008 Email:
Comment: Why Bardhan was so long tightlipped while extending support to UPA headed by Sonia's Man (mind) and Mohan had been just a boy. More bad to store for Bardhan and his colleagues. Aditya, Purnia

Sun Jul 20 16:26:01 2008 Email:
Comment: INDIA will back 20 years if Mayawati become P.M. Anpadh,Unculture never be a head of country like india. Sarkar.

Sun Jul 20 16:29:17 2008 Email:
Comment: I seem Mr.Bardhan has lost his memory.They have nothing to do without jolting.They had totally destroyed the West Bengal now trying to destroy India.So to get the support against UPA they are tempting the lady who has no such national images to hold the position. She has no such potentiality to become the PM.If Indian people consider voting is nothing but a joke in such cases our representative will consider Maya as a PM candidate.

Sun Jul 20 16:52:20 2008 Email:
Comment: Mayathi is not less than a thug and a robber of public trussery.If fense eats the fense God only should intervene and God save India.

Sun Jul 20 17:02:56 2008 Email:
Comment: No

Sun Jul 20 17:10:41 2008 Email:
Comment: After Indra gandhi she seems to be most dynamic lady of indian politics

Sun Jul 20 17:16:10 2008 Email:
Comment: I think she is not capable for the post of p.m.,and she is having so many cases against her, p.m. candidate shall be non tainted

Sun Jul 20 17:19:41 2008 Email:
Comment: its believable as day.if congress looses no-confidence then the President should not dissolve rather should chance be given to the leader of opposition to try formation of govt.

Sun Jul 20 17:21:28 2008 Email:
Comment: No she sucks

Sun Jul 20 17:26:04 2008 Email:
Comment: If people like Mayawati lead the country,she and her supporters will fill their coffins as she has done. She does not know English. How will she correspond with the foreigners.Even God cannot save the country if we have such leaders.

Sun Jul 20 17:31:38 2008 Email:
Comment: Illiterate CM, tolerable, but illiterate PM, intolerable…Wake Up India(The People ).

Sun Jul 20 17:47:44 2008 Email:
Comment: yes. Bardhan is correct.Yes now india needs a leader but not a lader .

Sun Jul 20 17:47:54 2008 Email:
Comment: Yes EVEN she is more than PM

Sun Jul 20 18:30:47 2008 Email:
Comment: Its Disgusting

Sun Jul 20 19:06:46 2008 Email:
Comment: no one capable except shri.vajpayee.

Sun Jul 20 19:12:17 2008 Email:
Comment: zaroorat padnse gadha ko bhi baap bolna padthi hai.

Sun Jul 20 19:44:19 2008 Email:
Comment: Now India has got no more option,but to compromise with post of PM, people like Mayavati will lead our country, No way.

Sun Jul 20 19:52:23 2008 Email:
Comment: No way... she will be used as a toy as Mr. Chandra Shekhar was been played few Yrs back and then BSP will loose it's Power and will be of nowhere as what has happened to Mr. V.P. Singh (been supported by BJP and then the support was been withdrawn). Mr. Bardhan just wants to show the Power of CPI's 43 Seats by Simply Dissolving the UPA Govt and then wasting time by Buying and Selling MP's and Claiming for Govt. Very Pity on Mr. Bardhan for playing such a cheap game of Offering a PM seat to a person who is already involved in many scams. Shame Shame Shame

Sun Jul 20 19:52:29 2008 Email:
Comment: I'd rather have India ruled by a terrorist rather than having Mayawati as the Prime Minister.