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Pakistan Votes
All eyes are on Pakistan as the country elects a new democratic government. brings you all the news, views and the behind the scenes events as Pakistan gears up for what is arguably its most intriguing election in decades.
   Latest Reports
 Ex-CJ Chaudhry freed by PM
 Gillani elected new Pakistan PM
 Yousuf Raza Gillani to become Pak PM
 No witch hunt against PML-Q: PPP
 Mirza is Pak's first woman speaker
 PPP, allies finalise power-sharing formula
 Man held with pistol near Pak Parliament
 Zardari cleared of last graft charge
 Zardari shares his 'little secret' with MPs
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 Benazir Bhutto Assassinated
The Pakistan People's Party leader is killed during an election rally.

 The Lal Masjid stand-off
When a six-month stand off between the Pakistan state and a fanatical mullah came to bloody end.

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All the news from India's volatile neighbourhood.

 Sharif, Zardari will ask Musharraf to quit
 'Election won't change anything'
 Poll may be first free one since 1970
 Terror can strike whenever, wherever

 'An era of real democracy has beguní
 Meet Pakistan's new Prime Minister
 Celebrations & Promises
 Why Musharraf fears Sharif-Zardari
 Will Zardari dump Sharif?
 US will pressure PPP to keep Musharraf
 Musharraf: Cohabitation or exit?
 Musharraf heading for a painful end
 Pakistan Polls: Keeping fingers crossed
 Musharraf's advisors expect another poll
 Why the Pakistan elections will be rigged
 Pakistanis won't accept a new General
 'Peace process with Pak will continue'
 'Change will help Indo-Pak peace'
 'Musharraf's legacy will not be negative'
 'Islamists not on verge of major poll victory'
 'Elections in Pak quite flawed'
 'Pakistan will have a coalition government'
 'Musharraf has no future'
 'The West should call Musharraf's bluff'
 'It could all change in 10 seconds'
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