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April 30, 2008
India among countries worst affected by terror: US report
Pak coalition parties agree to reinstate sacked judges
IPI pipeline issues to be sorted out in 45 days: Iran president

April 29, 2008
Sarabjit's kin return home with hope
Judges row leaves Pak government tottering
PML-N shouldn't leave coalition over judges issue: Zardari
IPI pipeline doable: India

April 28, 2008
Terror infrastructure in Pakistan a serious concern: India
Nawaz Sharif asks Pak govt not to hang Sarabjit
Sarabjit Singh gets a 21-day lifeline
Pak leaders meet in dubai to resolve judges issue
Posthumous peace award for Benazir

April 27, 2008
J&K terrorists re-grouping in Pakistan: Report

April 26, 2008
No pardon for Sarabjit, say Pak students
My government has no problem with Musharraf: Gillani
US supportive of Pak peace deal with militants
Former US teacher gets 15-yr jail for links with LeT

April 25, 2008
Pakistan may convert death sentences to lifers
Mystery over Pak dictator Gen Zia's death deepens
Pakistan: 3 killed, several injured in blast
Hope India, Pak will put past behind: PM

April 24, 2008
Burney gets death threats for taking up Sarabjit's case
Sarabjit issue under active consideration: Pak
Family meets Sarabjit in Kot Lakhpat jail
Sarabjit mercy plea not with Musharraf: Pak

April 23, 2008
Sarabjit's family crosses over to Pakistan
Pakistan cannot afford F-16s from the US

April 22, 2008
'Most attacks in India by Pak-based terror groups'

April 21, 2008
India, Pakistan to ease visa norms
Pak: Burney files mercy plea for Sarabjit
Pak envoy's abductors want 12 prisoners freed
Pakistan test-fires N-capable Shaheen-II missile again
How Kalam avoided J&K issue with Musharraf

April 20, 2008
Sarabjit's family grateful for Pak govt's proposal
I may become PM if need arises: Zardari
Afghan: Pak envoy's kidnappers demand release of top Taliban leader

April 19, 2008
Commute all death penalties to life term: Pakistan
No further postponement of Sarabjit hanging: Pakistan
Pakistani envoy in Taliban custody
Pak test-fires nuclear-capable Shaheen-II missile
641 Indians languishing in Pakistani jails

April 18, 2008
Burney to file fresh appeal for Sarabjit clemency
India takes up Sarabjit's case with new Pakistan govt
Pak to take up violations of Indus Water Treaty with India
Two Pak boys caught in Indian territory return home

April 17, 2008
Will continue nuclear programme: Pakistan PM
US gives Pak $7 bn, sidelines Musharraf

April 16, 2008
Pakistan grants visas to Sarabjit's family
Constitution will decide Musharraf's fate: Pak PM
Burney urges India for early release of two Pakistani boys
Pak refuses access to nuclear arsenal
Pakistani beauty queen who wants to date Musharraf

April 15, 2008
US will help Pakistan reconcile with India
Pak boys likely to be sent back after formalities: Police
Why two Pakistani boys crossed the border
Involve Kashmiris for lasting peace in J&K: Pak PM

April 14, 2008
Pak promises top security for Olympic torch relay
Pak PM hints at clipping Musharraf's powers
US seeks direct access to Pakistan's N-arsenal
LeT, Babbar Khalsa join hands: Intelligence agencies
Pak taking bilateral approach on Kashmir: Musharraf

April 12, 2008
Pak not doing enough to fight terror: Aus

April 11, 2008
India wants Pak to clarify position on Kashmir

April 10, 2008
Eight killed in gas cylinder explosion in Lahore
Karachi riots toll 12, government orders probe
US think tank urges India to tailor Afghan policy to Pak situation

April 09, 2008
Zardari acquitted of involvement in brother-in-law's murder
Musharraf avoids addressing hostile parliament
Indo-Pak dialogue to resume on May 20
Pak security agencies helping militants infiltrate: Army
Lahore: Lawyers beat up ex-Pak Minister
7 killed in Karachi riots; Musharraf appeals for peace

April 08, 2008
I will seek pardon for Sarabjit from victims' families: Burney
The decade-long wait for a visit to PoK
Pakistan: 2 killed in N-plant gas leak
Hindu man beaten to death in Pak: Police
Indo-Pak N-war may create near-global ozone hole
I am persecuted due to one man: A Q Khan
Kashmir's important, but so are ties with India: Pak

April 07, 2008
Sarabjit unknowingly strayed into Pak: Inmate
Nawaz Sharif to contest by-elections
Musharraf fears US strike on Pak if he quits: Report

April 05, 2008
Chinese-built warship ready for Pak navy
Pervez Musharraf's survival strategy
Pak firm on its 'historic stand' on Kashmir

April 04, 2008
Sharif keen to visit J&K to trace his ancestors
Sarabjit may be a case of mistaken identity: Burney
Pak PM vows to restore Constitution

April 03, 2008
Musharraf may be impeached if MPs want: Pak Speaker
Musharraf to visit China, agreements to be signed

April 02, 2008
Pak PM drops prefix 'Makhdoom' from his name
Pakistan government locks horns with Musharraf
'Love story moved me to take up Kashmir Singh's case'
Father of Pak's N-programme wants freedom

April 01, 2008
I am still Chief Justice, says Iftikhar Chaudhry
Won't tolerate Musharraf's mess, Pak govt tells US
Musharraf calls for new ties between Muslim world, West

March 31, 2008
Pakistani Taliban ready to hold talks with govt
New Pak cabinet sworn in by Musharraf
US to work with new Pak govt against terror
Pak move to monitor madrassas flayed
Pak-Afghan border is Al Qaeda's safe haven, warns CIA chief
Kashmir dispute can't be set aside: Pakistan

March 30, 2008
Pakistan still training terror outfits: India

March 29, 2008
New Pak PM wants dialogue with militants
38 killed in suicide blast in northwestern Pakistan

March 28, 2008
Pakistani girls get hooked to smoking early: Study
US gets a bitter taste of new, democratic Pak
Pak to maintain minimum credible deterrence: Gillani
Pak for resolution of Kashmir issue: Zardari
Pak commander wanted to sign ceasefire deal: Jacob

March 27, 2008
Ansar Burney to visit India to meet Sarabjit's kin
ISI continues to train terror groups: Narayanan

March 26, 2008
CPI urges Pak govt to grant clemency to Sarabjit
Pakistan: Tribals kidnap bus passengers
Bush waives law to give US$300 million to Pak
India eager to renew dialogue with Pak

March 25, 2008
PM speaks to Gillani, hopes for best-ever Indo-Pak ties
Yousuf Raza Gillani: Tough man for a tough job

March 24, 2008
Pakistan minister speaks up for Sarabjit
Pak: Ex-CJ Chaudhry freed on orders of new PM
Gillani elected new Pakistan PM
Zardari acquitted in double-murder charge
Sharif threat exposes cracks in Pak alliance
Sharif to boycott PM's swearing-in ceremony
Gilani will be Pak PM for five years: Zardari
Mush allows US to strike Qaeda targets in Pak: Report

March 22, 2008
Yousuf Raza Gillani set to become Pakistani Prime Minister
PPP to name PM candidate today

March 21, 2008
Pak minister wants life term, not death, for Sarabjit
No witch hunt against PML-Q: PPP
PPP wrangles over PM candidate before Sunday deadline

March 20, 2008
No prisoner exchange for Sarabjit's release: India
Pakistan has softened stand: Sarabjit's daughter
Pak parliament to elect PM on March 24
Pak: 5 soldiers killed in suicide attack in South Waziristan
Indian fisherman dies in Pak jail

March 19, 2008
Musharraf may grant clemency to Sarabjit
Is Yousuf Raza Gilani PPP's prime ministerial nominee?
Fehmida Mirza is Pak's first woman speaker

March 18, 2008
Sarabjit's sentence could be commuted to life imprisonment
No communication from India on clemency for Sarabjit: Pak
Sarabjit's sister meets Sonia Gandhi
India asks Pakistan to grant clemency to Sarabjit
Pak: PPP, allies finalise power-sharing formula
Pak PM race: Fahim offers to stand aside for Zardari
Pakistan to get its first woman speaker

March 17, 2008
Burney not to help Sarabjit; says his case is different
Man held with pistol near Pakistan Parliament
Pakistan's new Parliament meets
I felt lonely during my 8-year reign: Musharraf

March 16, 2008
Sarabjit's kin in shock; Pak minister to meet Prez
Pak to hang Sarabjit on April 1: Report

March 15, 2008
1 killed, 15 injured in Islamabad blast
No change in India's Pakistan policy post-election: Antony

March 14, 2008
War between India, Pakistan not an option: Pak leader
Zardari cleared of last graft charge
Pak: PML-N demands its pound of flesh, wants defence ministry

March 13, 2008
'A jehadi takeover of Pak is unlikely'

March 12, 2008
Attack on FIA office in Pak: Terrorists prove a point
PPP to nominate Zardari for PM: Report
Pak seeks probe into death of national
'Pakistan army committed to Kashmir issue'

March 11, 2008
Pakistan: PPP leaders urge Zardari to become PM
Musharraf summons new Parliament on March 17
Decision to reinstate judges Pakistan's internal matter: US
Pak: PML-N does not want Fahim as PM
Twin blasts rock Lahore, 28 people killed
Al Qaeda stronger thanks to Musharraf deal: US intelligence

March 10, 2008
Sharif, Zardari will 'request' Musharraf to step down
Musharaff now reaches out to coalition
Zardari shares his 'little secret' with MPs
Musharraf meets aides after parties decide to reinstate judges

March 09, 2008
Pakistan: PML(N), PPP clinch deal

March 08, 2008
Cracks appear in PPP, PM candidate upset

March 07, 2008
Hillary to push for improved Indo-Pak relations
Musharraf pledges support to new Pak government
Pakistan's three big parties short of two-thirds majority
Pak minister defends his role in Kashmir Singh's release
Indo-Pak talks to restart next month
Why Musharraf fears the Sharif-Zardari coalition
Pakistan's democracy faces its biggest test
Pak activist Asma Jehangir meets J&K CM

March 06, 2008
'Dial 2 to listen to anti-Musharraf songs'
Pak: PPP delays annoucing its PM candidate

March 05, 2008
PPP, PML-N want Musharraf to seek trust vote
India wants to live in peace with Pak: PM
Pakistani nuclear scienist A Q Khan hospitalised

March 04, 2008
Release of my family 'a mere joke': Ex-Pak CJ
Hope kept me alive, says Kashmir Singh

March 03, 2008
Indian on death row in Pak freed
Firebrand Pak lawyer out of house arrest
Lawyer to file FIR against Musharraf
Pak to launch major military offensive in tribal areas: reports
Indian on death row in Pak to be reunited with family

March 02, 2008
22 killed in suicide attack in Pakistan
Separatists lash out at Zardari over Kashmir remarks
Sharif wants probe into Musharraf's role in Kargil war

March 01, 2008
Musharraf won't quit, says spokesperson
Set aside Kashmir, focus on trade ties: Zardari

February 29, 2008
New govt will have short shelf life: Fatima Bhutto
Pak: New govt expected by mid-March
Pak govt will be formed with all-party support: PPP
38 killed in suicide blast in northwestern Pakistan
Musharraf spent Rs 63 lakhs in 3 days!
"We can't give Kashmir to each other"

February 28, 2008
Fahim may not become Pak PM: Report
Pakistan: Sharif says no to presidential post
Musharraf says he will not quit, allies rally around him
Missile strike on Pakistani seminary kills eight
'The peace process with Pakistan will continue'

February 27, 2008
Talks on between Musharraf aides and Zardari
Convene Parliament now, PPP, PML-N tell Musharraf
Pak: PPP, PML-N, ANP claim two-thirds majority
Pak cries foul over India's undersea missile test
US must adopt a tough Al Qaeda policy
Pak government terminates graft cases against Zardari
Bhutto convoy attack: Pak arrests top militant

February 26, 2008
Hillary seeks new policy towards Pakistan
US, UK pressure PPP, PML-N not to remove Musharraf
Goodbye, Musharraf sahab: Sharif
PML-N not to join PPP government
PPP, PML-N seek legal advice on restoring judiciary
Pak: US envoy meets Nawaz Sharif

February 25, 2008
Top Taliban leader arrested in Pakistan
Who Pak bloggers want as next President
Coalition will be unable to impeach Musharraf: Zardari
'Sooner Musharraf quits, better it is for him'
Sharif wants ban on third term as PM lifted
Top Pak army officer killed in suicide attack near army HQ

February 24, 2008
Pak Taliban ready for talks with anti-Musharraf parties
ISI rigged 2002 polls on Musharraf's orders: Former official
PPP stakes claim to form new government
Pak Constitution: Musharraf, opposition gear up for face-off
'Sulking Musharraf thinks everyone's out to get him'
Fresh efforts to wreck Zardari-Sharif alliance fail

February 23, 2008
Pak authorities ban access to YouTube for 'blasphemous' content
Moves afoot to clip Musharraf's powers
Pakistanis favour PPP-PML(N) alliance: Survey
Musharraf may not be impeached now: Reports
Western envoys bat for Musharraf
Pak: Zardari tries to rope in MQM for govt formation
Pakistan poll: Indian army heaves sigh of relief
EU lauds Pakistan poll

February 22, 2008
Musharraf vows to work with new parliament
Fahim frontrunner for Pak PM's post
Pakistan: PM will be from PPP
Pak army gave instructions for fair poll: Report
'US pressure on Zardari to align with PML-Q'
Pak: Oppn parties to decide on new PM
PPP, PML-N to seek UN help in probing Bhutto killing
13 killed in Pakistan blast
Obama vows to go after Al Qaeda in Pakistan
Bihar: Naxalites shoot 3 farmers to death
Pakistani TV news channel blacked out again

February 21, 2008
Pak revives 10-year-old corruption case against Zardari
Pak poll winner will form govt: Musharraf tells Bush
Pak govt formation: Zardari meets Awami National Party chief
Zardari meeting with US envoy flayed
Nawaz Sharif will play Benazir's role
Zardari, Sharif stitch a coalition in Pak
I will resume duties if freed: Deposed Pak CJ
Musharraf's days are numbered: Sharif
Commonwealth keen to engage with new Pak government
We are not trying to decide government for Pak: US
McCain flays Obama for remarks on Pakistan
Jemima's miss-know-it-all gait annoys Pakistanis
US will pressure PPP to keep Musharraf

February 20, 2008
Musharraf: Cohabitation or exit?
Oppn denied level playing field in Pak polls: EU monitors
J&K parties welcome Pakistan poll verdict
Pak: Musharraf calls for harmonious coalition
'PPP-Musharraf may strike a deal with US backing'
Don't join Sharif: Musharraf aides tell Zardari
I am not PM candidate, says Zardari
I won't quit, says Musharraf
Pakistan: Poll leaves Musharraf cornered

February 19, 2008
Sharif, Zardari to meet on government formation
Will respect power of new PM: Musharraf tells US senators
White House refuses to comment on Pak polls
Jubilant Sharif wants sacked judges back
Democracy takes revenge: Pak media
Musharraf's party concedes defeat
Pak: MQM wants to form govt with PPP, PML-N
Pak poll will be totally discredited if Musharraf wins: Biden
All the King's men lose in Pakistan
Pakistan polls: Musharraf bites the dust
Poll results must be accepted gracefully: Musharraf
India worried about Pak's N-assets falling into jihadi hands
'Islamists aren't on verge of major electoral victory'

February 18, 2008
Inside Karachi: 'Election won't change anything'
Pak military won't play politics anymore: report
I am willing to work with everyone: Musharraf
Polls can't be nullified due to low turnout: Pak CEC
'The government has rigged the poll'
Pak polls: Musharraf, Zardari cast their votes
International observers review Pakistan polling
Low turnout in Pakistan elections
The Afghans who wanted to vote in Pak polls
Eight killed, 80 injured in poll-related violence in Pak
Setback for Musharraf in Pak vote-count
Bilawal concentrates on studies as Pak goes to polls
PML-Q will get the majority: Musharraf
PPP rigged polls massively: Benazir's niece
Pakistan: Polling comes to an end
PPP awaits results with fear and expectation
Ex-ISI chief sees Iran-like revolution in Pak
PML-N candidate shot dead in Lahore
'Elections in Pak quite flawed'
Musharraf heading for a painful end
Taliban commander Mehsud planned Bhutto killing: Pak police

February 17, 2008
Pakistan elections: Keeping fingers crossed
Pakistan blast toll 46
Pakistan polls on Monday, violence feared
Lacklustre campaign ends; fears of low turnout, rigging heighten
Musharraf's advisors expect another poll after 6 months
Pakistan: 40 killed in bus mishap

February 16, 2008
US senator warns of violence if Pakistan's polls are rigged
Pakistan: Nine killed in blast outside PPP office
Bilawal campaigns for PPP through TV ads
Pak army chief seeks public support during polls
Sharif, Zardari to discuss formation of coalition govt
Majority of Pakistanis doubt free, fair polls: Survey
Pakistanis won't accept a new General

February 15, 2008
Never threatened to bomb Pak back to Stone Age: Armitage
ISI set to rig Pak polls for Musharraf: Report
'Missing Pak envoy not in Khyber Agency'
'Pakistan will have a coalition government'
Pak shares cordial ties with India: Gen Karamat
Why the Pakistan elections will be rigged
Important suspect in Bhutto's killing nabbed: Police
Bhutto murder key accused sends delegation to meet Zardari

February 14, 2008
No protests before or after polls: Musharraf
Cases of deposed judges can't be re-opened: Pak SC
'They wanted to make my son a suicide bomber'
Pak crackdown in tribal belt to trace missing envoy

February 13, 2008
Pak test-fires nuclear capable Ghaznavi missile
Pak has no clue on missing envoy's whereabouts
5 member team was sent to kill Bhutto

February 12, 2008
Forget polls, Pakistanis are too scared to even shop!
Pak Army recalls 300 officers
ISI tried to wreck relationship between Rajiv and Benazir
Pak faces Talibanisation: Bhutto's last book

February 11, 2008
Bhutto's PPP ahead in Pak poll race: Surveys
Pak envoy to Afghanistan feared abducted
BSF hands over 3 soldiers to Pak authorities
'Pakistan not copying Indian army'
Support for Musharraf all-time low: Poll

February 10, 2008
I can never let down Kashmiris: Musharraf

February 09, 2008
International human rights body slams Pakistan
US Senate resolution seeks review of aid to Pak
Scotland Yard findings on Bhutto death credible: US

February 08, 2008
Al-Qaeda may be losing support among Muslims: US
Bhutto killing: Scotland Yard may be recalled
Benazir's party rejects Scotland Yard findings
Suicide blast killed Bhutto: Scotland Yard
British sleuths hand over Bhutto probe report to Pak

February 07, 2008
Pakistani TV news channel blacked out again
American Qaeda militant killed in Pak: Report
Zardari wants to be like Sonia Gandhi
Senate panel concerned about Pak misusing US funds
Fatima Bhutto is the new 'hottie' on Facebook
Pakistan police arrest alleged 'handlers' of Bhutto's assassins
UK sleuths to submit Bhutto probe report this week

February 06, 2008
8 killed in Pakistan Army chopper crash
Pak: Militants take on tribals now
Al Qaeda militancy threatening Pakistan's survival: US
Ex-Pak generals slam Musharraf's Kashmir policy

February 05, 2008
World should worry about US' 'loose nukes': Pak expert
Bhutto's 'political will' terms Zardari as 'man of courage'

February 04, 2008
Bush for increase in funding to fight terrorism
10 killed in suicide attack in Pakistan
600 suicide bombers in Karachi: Report
Rawalpindi: 8 feared killed in blast near army headquarters
Musharraf calls for enabling environment to resolve Kashmir issue

February 03, 2008
India and Pakistan are 'siblings': Fatima Bhutto
India rose due to its middle class: Benazir Bhutto

February 02, 2008
Pak ready to discuss India's concerns on Gwadar port
Musharraf might quit if opposition comes to power: Aide

February 01, 2008
Pakistan: Reports of bird flu at Karachi poultry farm
US warned against injecting troops in frontier Pakistan
Pakistan test-fires nuclear-capable missile
Gathering info from Pak-Afghan border difficult: Boucher
Senior Al Qaeda commander killed in Pakistan

January 31, 2008
5 injured in blast outside Pak court
Pakistan: Bomb explodes near air force bus
Not possible to have a perfect poll in Pak: US
Pak ex-officers want sacked CJI as prez
US wants Pak to end intimidation of candidates
Pakistan releases dossier against deposed CJ
Pak to induct first JF-17 squadron in 2008
Bhutto killing: Opposition seeks UN-led probe
Bhutto's last book to be launched on February 20

January 30, 2008
Why India is not involved in the Baloch uprising
HuJI and the Indian connection
Pak polls will be rigged by Musharraf, cronies: US lawmakers
Musharraf rebuffs top officials; US silent
Bhutto assassination: US not to support UN probe

January 29, 2008
Musharraf returns from four-nation visit
12 Taliban militants killed in missile attack in Pakistan
Pak panel for lifting ban on Indian films
Bush seeks support on Iraq in final address
Zardari not ruling out power-sharing deal with Musharraf
Suspect in Bhutto's killing identifies suicide bomber: Pak official

January 28, 2008
US to step up anti-Al Qaeda efforts in Pakistan
Musharraf meets Zardari
Musharraf vows to crack down on terrorists
Militants free over 70 children

January 27, 2008
Pak army kills 25 militants, recaptures key tunnel
Jemima to join Imran in anti-Musharraf demonstrations
We will maintain peace during polls: Pak army chief
Musharraf rebuffs proposal for US-run operations in Pak

January 26, 2008
Pak is doomed if Musharraf is back in power: Imran
US, not Taliban, threat to Pak nukes: Mehsud
Security for N-facilities tightened: Pak
Indian high commissioner under suicide attack threat in Pak: Report

January 25, 2008
Terror plot: Pak ruling party chief's brother, son deported
Pakistan test-fires medium-range ballistic missile
If Pak wants, US ready to send troops to fight insurgency
Indo-Pak peace process irreversible: Imran Khan

January 24, 2008
I can't be impeached, says Musharraf
US policy on Pak is disaster for both countries: Imran Khan
Pak: Bomb unearthed en route Sharif's convoy
Pakistan's 'burger babes' worry more about calories
40 militants killed in Pakistan tribal area
Taliban, Qaeda shifting focus to Pakistan
Kashmir dialogue on track: Musharraf
Pak cops penetrate Bhutto killers' network
UN should probe Bhutto's death: Human Rights Watch

January 23, 2008
US for long-term ties with Pakistan: Rice
Retired generals urge Musharraf to step down
Don't misread Musharraf's J&K proposal: Pak

January 22, 2008
EU to monitor Pakistan poll
Pakistan: 35 militants held in Swat valley
Pakistan Rangers refutes reports on Ramesh's 'stroll'
EU monitors free to visit Pak to oversee polls, says Musharraf
Pakistan, China start production of JF-17 fighters
Benazir knew she would be murdered: sister
Suicide jacket recovered from Bhutto murder suspect
Bhutto murder suspect claims US Consulate was next target

January 21, 2008
Pak poll will not be rigged: Musharraf
Pinocchio Pervez and Imran in Hall of Shame

January 20, 2008
Pak seeks report on minister's stroll across border

January 19, 2008
Suicide bombers prowl in Pak cities: Report
Bhutto probe: Teenager suspect arrested, names killers
Benazir case: Scotland Yard alleges non-coperation

January 18, 2008
Pakistani forces kill 90 militants in South Waziristan
US assessing situation in Pak's Swat, Waziristan regions
There is no place for Al Qaeda in Pakistan: Musharraf
Lessons from Pakistan
Al Qaeda, Mehsud behind Bhutto assassination: CIA

January 17, 2008
Pak: Rs 5,000 fine for shaving beard!
10 killed in suicide blast in Peshawar
Pak: Militants abandon fort in Waziristan
US reviewing Pak strategy on Waziristan
Pak govt not to claim Jinnah House in Mumbai

January 16, 2008
Taliban captures fort in Waziristan; 50 insurgents killed
Bhutto's party submits petition for UN probe
US House to vote resolution condemning Bhutto's death

January 15, 2008
I will quit when I am unwanted by Pak: Musharraf
Freedom Netted: Pakistan blocks blogs
6 Indian fishermen jailed for fishing in Pak waters

January 14, 2008
India, China concerned over developments in Pakistan
Sharif for national unity govt without Musharraf
Pakistan: 7 troops, 23 militants killed in clashes
Troublemakers during polls will be shot: Musharraf
Pak officers to stay away from politics: Gen Kiyani
Ten-fold increase in suicide attacks in Pakistan
Blast rocks Karachi: 10 killed, 45 injured
Bhutto death probe: Six Scotland Yard sleuths return to Britain
Bilawal's security to cost Britain 1 million pounds

January 13, 2008
Musharraf's aides invite Sharif's brother to join govt
Evidence points to Qaeda hand in Bhutto killing: Report
Musharraf wants to exhume Bhutto's body

January 12, 2008
Sacked CJ asked to vacate home, Bhagwandas under house arrest
I may be a military man, but not a dictator, says Musharraf
41 militants arrested in Pak's Swat valley
'Half of Pakistanis suspect govt agencies for Bhutto's death'
Bhutto death: Pak rejects PPP demand for UN probe
Musharraf can't visit Benazir's grave, says PPP

January 11, 2008
I will quit if I face impeachment: Musharraf
Lahore blast: Investigators focussing on severed head of bomber
Musharraf warns US against entering Pak to hunt Al Qaeda
'I don't believe in birthright politics'
PPP chairman Bilawal back in Oxford
Bhutto's death: Scotland Yard only probing exact cause
Bhutto assassination: US rejects conspiracy theory
Bhutto's killing part of power politics, says pro-Taliban cleric
Scotland Yard wants post mortem done on Benazir

January 10, 2008
Observers from across the world welcome for polls: Pak
A Hindu appointed as Pak PM's advisor on madrasas
26 killed in suicide blast near Lahore HC

January 09, 2008
Pak says its nuclear arsenal 'fully secure'
Detective who cracked Pearl case to probe Bhutto killing
Petition in Pak SC challenges Scotland Yard probe

January 08, 2008
Pak denies reports about Bhutto killer being identified
We are committed to finding facts about Bhutto's killing: Musharraf
Bilawal says he doesn't trust probe under Musharraf regime
Benazir's killer identified, say reports

January 07, 2008
Musharraf must resign to ensure fair polls: Sharif
'Majority Pakistanis want democracy; wary of US'
Suicide attack at Pak army camp after fresh army offensive
'I am what the terrorists most fear'
India wants a 'stable and peaceful' Pakistan, says Antony
Musharraf denies hand in Bhutto killing

January 06, 2008
Pak launches fresh attack on pro-Taliban forces
Experts pick holes in Benazir's medical report

January 05, 2008
3,448 people killed in Pak violence in 2007: report
British sleuths scour site of Bhutto killing
Pakistan is the 'world's most dangerous place'
Report to Musharraf blames Bhutto's staff for 'lapses'
Many Pakistanis against delay in polls: survey
Pakistan slams ICG for demanding Musharraf step down
Pak alerts Sharif, political leaders about threats

January 04, 2008
No possibility of terrorists taking over nuclear arsenal: Musharraf
Benazir's assassination may remain unresolved: Expert
Scotland Yard begins probe into Bhutto's assassination
Pak cancels polls in Benazir's constituency
Thar Express set to resume operation
What a teary Benazir said in her 'last' interview
We don't make decisions for Pak: US
Benazir probe: Scotland Yard team in Pak
PPP rejects move to seek Scotland Yard help, demands UN probe
Bhutto murder: Musharraf denies involvement

January 03, 2008
Zardari slams Musharraf for postponing Pak polls
I had no option but to delay polls: Musharraf
Musharraf is wrong to delay the election
US lawmaker urges UN to probe Bhutto's killing
Bilawal fights tears at condolence meeting
Pranksters impersonate Bilawal on Facebook
Investigators take into custody Bhutto's belongings
UN ready to help Pakistan in Bhutto probe
My time to lead will come: Bilawal on Facebook
France ready to assist Pak in Bhutto assassination probe
Scotland Yard to send counter terrorism team to Rawalpindi

January 02, 2008
Pakistan general elections postponed to February 18
Scotland Yard to assist Bhutto assassination probe
Bhutto kids kept away from prying media
Benazir was targeted using laser beam tech: PPP
Bhutto rejected US advice to hire Pak security firms: report
'Pakistan may have to seek Scotland Yard's help'
US not convinced with Pak proof on Mehsud: report
Coalition govt possible even if PML-N wins: Sharif

January 01, 2008
India, Pak exchange lists of N-installations
Benazir's disrupted dream: Bridging Islam with the West
Irish peace prize for Benazir Bhutto
'ISI diverting US aid to rig coming Pak polls'
Pak poll dates after talks with parties: EC
Bhutto's death: 'Government just trying to muddy the water'
Pak government flip-flops on cause of Bhutto's death
Pak PM to take decision on election schedule
Sharif not averse to alliance with Bhutto's PPP

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