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How ULFA was nearly finished

Operation Bajrang

Launched in November 1990 to flush out ULFA, this was one of the biggest army operations ever. Although a number of camps and hideouts were destroyed, none of the top leaders could be arrested. ULFA spread misinformation about army excesses after the completion of this operation.

Operation Rhino

Launched in September 1991 after Assam was declared 'disturbed.' The army, police and the paramilitary forces sealed ULFA's escape routes to the neighbouring states. In the first week itself, 500 guerrillas were apprehended and over 12 hideouts destroyed.

Operation Golden Duck

Launched in April 1995 to plug the Mizoram-Chin Hills route. It also captured a group of 250 separatist guerrillas -- comprising NSCN, ULFA, UNLF and PLA members -- going to Manipur from the Arakan Coast on the Myanmar-Bangladesh border. Some militants reportedly escaped.

Kind courtesy: Sunday magazine

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