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Pakistan Polls, 2007
All eyes are on Pakistan as the country elects a new president and then a new prime minister in the coming months. brings you all the news, views and the behind the scenes events as Pakistan gears up for what is arguably its freest and most interesting election in decades.
 Musharraf paves way for Bhutto amnesty
 Prez poll can go ahead as scheduled: SC
 PPP, govt reach draft agreement
 Bhutto's amnesty to be made official soon
 Musharraf's plan an insult to Pak: Sharif
 'Military, ISI should have no political role'
 Musharraf set to withdraw cases on Sharif
 Bhutto amnesty: Interpol embarrasses Pak
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 Poll may be first free one since '70
 On the Plane With Nawaz Sharif
 What is fundamentalism anyway?
 How Osama has survived for six years

 The Lal Masjid stand-off
When a six-month stand off between the Pakistan state and a fanatical mullah came to bloody end.

 Rediff's South Asia coverage
All the news from India's volatile neighbourhood.

 Pakistan gets ready for polls
 Man who took on Musharraf
 Sharif's supporters celebrate
 Hair today, gone yesterday
 Why the Saudis got involved in Pakistan
 Army officer turns suicide bomber
 What Nawaz Sharif's return means
 Pakistan and the 'minus 2 formula'
 'Musharraf has no future'
 Kashmir: 'Everybody knows the solution'
 'The West should call Musharraf's bluff'
 'It could all change in 10 seconds'
 'Musharraf is against pretend Islamisation'
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