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Terror at : Taj Hotel      Oberoi Hotel      Nariman House      
The couple that evaded terror, twice!
How the Cama nurses saved all their patients
How the police saved hundreds of lives at the Oberoi
Heroes: ‘Tukaram Omble deserves an Ashok Chakra'
Cabbie's wife vows to keep his dream alive
Heroes: He held off terrorists for four hours
Terror’s youngest victim
He put duty before safety
'The jihadists are dragging us into the Middle Ages'
'Pakistan is the centre of terrorism'
'I saw a policeman slumped to the ground'
From the terrorist's bullets to the altar
In Delhi, tears for the fallen heroes
'I didn't want to run away, so I fought back'
The man who spent 2 years in a Pak jail
Inside Pakistan's terror schools
The NSG commando who won't give up
‘Shantaram’ returns to Leopold
'My father was not a Pakistani spy'
The miracle baby born that horrific night
The man who negotiated with the terrorist
'I would have run over the terrorists'
'How we caught the fidayeen alive'
The man who knows too much
How unsafe are our seas?
Nariman House: Diary of an eyewitness
A last call to his wife
'We want to celebrate what's right in India'
Bollywood takes to the streets
When the terrorists hurled a grenade and fired
Bollywood reacts to Mumbai terror
'The blood of other people saved me'
Tribute: 'Karkare was very friendly to students'
On the trail of the terror boat
Spare a thought for the wounded soldier
After bullets, media terrorises cop
Leopold back to life
'The ATS is not equipped to handle intense encounters'
Blood trails inside Nariman House
'I took this phone out of a dead body's pocket, who's speaking?'
The other heroes at the Taj
Remembering those we lost
Commandos exchange guns for roses
Silence, then the tears came welling down
‘Shouldn't Narendrabhai have waited?’
Nation bids Karkare farewell
The NSG triumphs against terror
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg mourns for the victims of Mumbai
NSG men storm Nariman House
Rescued from the Oberoi!
Commandos crush terrorists
The day after terror struck Mumbai
The Battle at Nariman House
After the rescue, the death count
Bloomberg mourns for Mumbain
Trident under attack
Army out, gunbattle rages on
Landmarks that were attacked
Terror at the Taj
Aah Taj!
Encounter on Marine Drive
Terrorist strikes CST station
Mumbai bleeds again

Taj attack: Hear what happened

They saved hundreds
How the terrorist was caught!
Kailash Kher pays tribute
Suniel Shetty offers condolences
RGV: I happened to be at the Taj by chance
NSG commando on Operation Cyclone
Unsung Heroes
Battle at Nariman House
Naval Commando on Mumbai terror
Advani blames govt for Mumbai attack
Commando chief saw 50 bodies at Taj
At least one militant remains in the Taj
Narendra Modi on PM and Pakistan
Navy beefs up security in Mumbai coastal area
Hostages released from Mumbai hotel
Daughter salutes her father
Police personnel positioning themselves outside Trident
L K Advani speaks about the terror attack
Central Railway Chief PRO on the CST attack
Rescued hostage at the Taj mahal hotel
I was in the lobby when the firing started
Mumbai is in control of terrorists
The blast in a taxi
Commandoes moving in at the Oberoi Hotel
The fire that engulfed the Taj
Terror strikes at Girgaum Chowpatty
Eyewitness account of how the terrorists came
Shivraj Patil reacts over multiple attacks in Mumbai...
'I was in the lobby when the firing started'
Taj Hotel on fire after terror strike
Taj Burns
Terror strike in Mumbai
Residents at the Trident hotel look out in Hope

'The so-called surgical strikes are not easy'
Dad wouldn’t like me crying
'India's patience is not infinite'
Why did the commando operations take 60 hours?
PM ensured it is still advantage India
K Subrahmanyam: 'The Mumbai attack is not an India-Pakistan issue'
'Antulay has maligned police force'
Why the CIA does not want Dawood in Indian hands
'The mental trauma of the attacks was enormous'
How fake currency funds terror
How Lashkar's terrorists are tech savvy
'Have summary trials for foreign terrorists'
Naresh Chandra: Talk of war, surgical strikes is ill-advised
Tackle terrorism or else! US Congressman warns Pak
Our MPs blocked the NIA 8 months ago
ISI not involved in Mumbai attacks: US expert
Attacks, 'blessing in disguise': Hinduja
Kanwal Sibal: 'International community won't help'
In Delhi, tears for the fallen heroes
Brajesh Mishra: India will have to fight in its own way
An NSG commando's advice to the common man
ISI raises Rs 1,800 crores for terror: IB
The handler who managed Mumbai attacks
'US erred in not shutting down Lashkar after 9/11'
How Mumbai's children cope with trauma
Yahya, Lashkar's Bangla associate
India's lack of preparedness 'pathetic'
Set up federal anti-terrorism agency
Lawyer argued for hostages's lives
What are India's options? Tell us!
The NRI who saved 150 lives
'Three armed men in black': A survivor’s account
'Absolute perversion of Islam'
'Pakistan will have to pay a heavy price'

The man who will prosecute Kasab
'An eye for an eye is against our culture'
'Mumbai model for future attacks'
Mumbai attacks were directed at US too'
'Al Qaeda is a corporate entity'
'Despite attacks, Mumbai's image has not changed'
'Fahim Ansari is a prized catch for the Mumbai police'
'Unless you sacrifice, you can't fight terror'
'The terrorists have the advantage of first strike'
'Terrorism has always been a low priority'
'Lashkar training in US, Canada, UK, Australia'
'The Lashkar-e-Tayiba has gone rogue'
'The terrorists cannot be followers of Islam'
'You believe in your army'

B Raman: Why Miliband tried to rationalise Mumbai attack
Colonel Anil Athale (retired): British kite flying on Kashmir
B Raman: Terrorists' latest choice: hand-held weaons
B Raman: Few takers for India's anti-ISI
Aditi Phadnis: The man who calls the shots in Pakistan
Girish Rishi: Why I make the journey back to 'My Mumbai'
Richard M Bennett: Pakistan could sink into chaos and anarchy
Prem Mehta: India's 9/11: What next?
Sankrant Sanu: Hit Pakistan army where it hurts -- its funding
Bharat Verma: Take the war to the enemy
T V R Shenoy: Mullah Omar's designs on India
Tarun J Tejpal: Death of a salesman and other elite ironies
B Raman: Why there could be a surge in terrorism
Anil Athale: Target the Pakistan army, not Pakistan
B Raman: Lashkar-e-Tayiba: A history of terrorism
Satish Chandra: Pakistan should be made to pay the price for terror
Rajeev Srinivasan: Are we heading to being a failed State?
Lieutenant General Ashok Joshi (retired): No time to dither: India must act
T V R Shenoy: Salute the brave constables of D B Marg police station
M P Anil Kumar: The unbeatable force, in both war and peace
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan: Muslims have gained nothing from terrorism
Raman: Pakistan- Thus far and no further
How should India respond to Mumbai attacks
View: Quit India, Mumbai says again
Syed Firdaus Ashraf: Why are we targeting politicians alone?
Sudarshana Dwivedi: Remove politicians' security. Now!
Sheela Bhatt: People's anger and a crumbling spy agency
Ram Kelkar: Time to hold Pakistan accountable
Priya Kale: It's a fight for humanity
George Friedman: The consequences of the Mumbai attacks
Matthew Schneeberger: Why do they hate a City of Dreams?
Wilson John: Who was in Charge?
Arif Mohamed Khan: Pakistan government can't rein in ISI
Saisuresh Sivaswamy: Will the Messiah of the Hour please stand up?
Renu Balakrishnan: The Taj Burns
Shanthie Marie D'Souza: Clueless India as terror revisits Mumbai
Wilson John: Mumbai attack shows Lashkar, al Qaeda hand
Vikram Sood: What we have today is systemic failure
A brave officer and a gentleman
Democracies MUST ensure they win the war
B Raman: Are your nuclear establishments safe?

From Elsewhere

Help Mumbai's terror victims

November 30, 2008
Doctors shocked at hostages's torture
Arrested terrorist did not know much of plot
No troop mobilisation on Pak border: Army
Sonia's comments cost Patil his job
FBI to help probe Mumbai attacks
No ordinary terrorists: Russian expert
Israel to send anti-terror experts to India
Chidambaram, a bold reformer and taskmaster
'I just wanted to get out of 'that hell'.'
Terrorists had no to blow up Taj: NSG DG
Chidambaram will do well as home minister
Chidambaram begins work as home minister
Taj eased extra security just before attack
Two dozen terrorists involved in attacks: IB
No possibility of Indo-Pak war: A Q Khan
More troops on LoC, no air/rail links to Pakistan
1 lakh Pak troops could be redeployed along border
Attacks show deficiencies in law enforcement: Tata
Chidambaram or Pranab may replace Patil
Terrorists used Google Earth
New e-mail threat to BSE, Delhi airport
Shivraj Patil sends resignation to PM
No decision on Shivraj Patil in CWC meet
Zardari, team discuss Mumbai attacks fallout
Bush pledges 'full support' to India
November 29, 2008
'Terrorists will not check in as guests'
For Maharashtra Dy CM, it is a small incident
Commandos move out, forensic teams move in
'Pak may relocate 100,000 army personnel to border
22 bodies found from Taj hotel: NSG
PM keeps Patil out of anti-terror meeting
The day after, a semblance of normalcy
Our hands are clean, says Pakistan
Dawood provided logistics for terror attacks
'Terrorists were barbaric and sadistic'
Bodies of fishermen killed by militants found
'Terrorists gave up on Day 3, killed hostages'
Toll put at 183, casualties from Taj hotel not in
Now in custody: Face of Mumbai's terror
How Karkare, Kamte and Salaskar were killed
There was a miscommunication, says Zardari
Karkare's family spurns Modi's monetary help
How NSG men fight
What all terrorists do before final assault?
The Al Qaeda stamp is evident
Coast Guard searching ships for terrorists
PM meets top brass of services
US officials fear Indian response to attacks
Tearful adieu to Major Unnikrishnan
Terrorists got instructions from Pak: R R Patil
Taj CEO denies reports of staff involvement
PMO to brief world leaders on ISI's role
Pakistan looks to salvage ties with India
No hostages alive at Taj Hotel: NSG
Police admit slack coastal security
Toll put at 195, casualties from Taj hotel not in
Situation is not good, slain Rabbi's last words
Tributes paid to valiant NSG commando
We will get the perpetrators, says police chief
Ratan Tata surveys Taj
Canine warriors brave bullets to hunt terror
Failures at the top
Taj op almost over, 3 terrorists killed: NSG chief
Terrorist's nationality? Well it's terror
A friend's terror and disappearance
Slain Major led from front: NSG chief
Freud on terrorists' mindset
13 foreigners killed in Mumbai terror attack: MHA
Pak's U-turn: ISI chief's visit to India cancelled
World leaders call PM to express solidarity
This could have been India's 9/11
Bush condoles death of US citizens in attack
Those who could not be rescued...
Operation at Nariman House ends
NSG commandos receive rousing welcome
Death toll in Mumbai terror may reach 200: Govt
November 28, 2008
'My friend hid under corpses'
Bachchan, Aamir blog about Mumbai attacks
Bachchan sleeps with gun
'We will never allow the terrorists to overcome us'
Many more questions about the terror attacks
'Is anybody there?'
2-year-old Israeli boy orphaned on his birthday
Fidayeen had second boat with ammo on standby
India talks tough with Pakistan over Mumbai terror attack
India's rescue efforts badly planned, says Israel
'There was blood splattered all over the entrance'
Pak foreign minister suggests intel-sharing
Pall of gloom at dead NSG commando's home
Rumour-mongers keep Mumbai on the edge
'A girl right next to me was killed on the spot'
CBI ex-chief rues lack of plan to fight terror
'Pakistan will have to face serious consequences'
POTA no magic wand to stop terror: Jaitley
'Don't make news out of our tragedy'
Coast Guard launches major search in Arabian Sea
Terrorists misusing Islam, jihad, says Madni
India turns down Israeli offer to send commandos
'Terrorists showed no remorse; I saw 50 bodies'
2 NSG men killed, six others injured
Security at ports to be beefed up
More NSG men, Mi-17 choppers for terror-hit Mumbai
8 foreigners killed, 22 injured in Mumbai terror attacks
'The terrorists released some gas'
Terrorists let go 17 Russian hostages
'We didn't see the terrorists, but we felt their rage'
Outside the Trident: Some anxiety, some normalcy
Fate of missing journalist not known yet
For relatives, the wait is unbearable
Zardari calls PM, discusses terror attacks
AJC condemns Mumbai attacks
ISI chief will come to India to share info
Security forces lag behind terrorists in sophistication, says expert
Oberoi-Trident Hotel cleared; 30 bodies found
Trident begins evacuating guests
Rumour-mongers keep Mumbai on the edge
Mumbai terror unfolds through blogs, sms
11 Saudis evacuated
Outside Oberoi: Waiting relatives lose hope
Terrorists loaded with arms, 'can go on and on'
Terrorists loaded with ammunition, say commandos
Mauritian I-cards, explosives recovered from Taj
Elements in Pak behind attacks: Pranab
'No particular danger to British citizens'
Terrorists had a back-up steamer off Mumbai coast
Rescue, recovery operations on: Taj Hotel
Arrested Fidayeen reveal terror route, LeT hand
Rescued Iraqi citizen thanks commandos
Stunned US dispatching FBI team to Mumbai
New York remembers Mumbai victims
Gujarat trawler was hijacked on high seas, says owner
Taj hotels' new wing cleared of terrorists
US intelligence expert says Patil is incompetent
Constable Arun Chitte cremated at Veergaon
Modi announces Rs 1 cr for slain cops' kin
A lull in Mumbai as country awaits end to terror ordeal
148 hostages freed from Trident Hotel
Brave cop cremated with State honour
Pakistan denies any role in Mumbai terror attacks
'India not serious about dealing with terrorism'
Mumbai terror attack: Obama calls up Rice again
Terrorist in Taj Hotel injured: NSG
Three LeT militants arrested from Taj Hotel
'India should not blame Pakistan for Mumbai terror attack'
Coast Guard probing terror boat's Porbunder link
Fight against terrorists almost over: Mumbai police chief
Terror strikes may dent business confidence
November 27, 2008
Exclusive: LeT terrorist Ismail arrested in Mumbai
Film industry in shock
Actor loses sister, brother-in-law
Terror hits film, TV shoots
Slain constable's daughter stood tearless
Israeli team leaves for Mumbai
PM in Mumbai: I understand your pain
Two Pak vessels apprehended off Gujarat coast
PM, Sonia, Patil in Mumbai, review situation
Army prepares for final push
US Congressman wants Islamist terror wiped out
No hostage situation at any hotel: Maha CM
Mumbai terror: Ranchi IT pro among the dead
The man who survived two terror attacks
He did not realise he was shot
Mumbai strikes send shockwaves among NRIs
Terror attack: Taj GM's wife, children killed
Pall of gloom at Karkare home
Coastline security to be beefed up
Trident siege unlikely to end soon
'Terrorists highly-trained and motivated'
PM's statement on Mumbai terror attacks
Dial these numbers for information
Groups behind attacks based outside India: PM
Terror-struck foreigners just want to go home
NTR blood bank to send blood to Mumbai
40 bodies recovered from the Taj
200 commandos of NSG dispatched for Mumbai
PM briefed on security scenario
'The terrorists were remarkably organised'
Security stepped across the country after Mumbai t
Gunmen were like young boys: Witnesses
Rescued MP recalls hotel horror
Hotels world over are soft targets for terrorists
Mumbai attackers may be Pakistanis: Sources
Polls take a backseat, fear grips Delhi too
Mumbai: Anxious kin search for beloved
Mumbai attack: 3 Railway officials killed
Mumbai's business district turns into a war zone
'Fidayeen attack completes terror cycle'
President calls for calm, condemns attacks
Nine foreigners killed in terror attacks in Mumbai
RSS condemns Mumbai terror attack; mourns Karkare
Mumbai terror attack: Alert sounded across India
Lashkar hand behind Mumbai attacks: IB
Pak condemns Mumbai terror attacks, offers help
Indian community in US condemns Mumbai attack
3 international flights from Mumbai cancelled
Stock markets to remain closed today
These men lived by the bullet, died as heroes
World leaders condemn Mumbai attacks
Is this Indian Mujahideen's revenge on the ATS?
Home Minister Shivraj Patil rushes to Mumbai
An MP relives the Taj terror
Bush, Obama in loop about Mumbai attacks
European parliament member fled Taj, whereabouts unknown
Attackers were looking for British, Americans, says witness
ATS chief, 2 other top police officers killed
Deccan Mujahideen claims responsibility
US, UK condemn Mumbai attacks
Mumbai situation grave, says CM
65 army, 200 NSG commandos on way to city
PM condemns terror attacks in Mumbai
Mumbai was warned about terror
'Only the tyres and chassis were left'
November 26, 2008
Timeline: How the attacks unfolded
Did you see the attack? Be a Citizen Reporter
IB confirms it was terror attack
Terror strikes Mumbai, 80 killed
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