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Images: Columbia Anniversary
On the first anniversary of the Columbia disaster, rediff.com pays tributes to the astronauts.

'Kalpana is still alive'
Ehtasham Khan discovers that the astronaut is a role model for many IIT students.

Inspiration for an entire generation
Kalpana continues to inspire students all across the world.

Lessons from KC: Dream big

'Kalpana belonged to the universe'

Kalpana Chawla remembered


Find out what you know about Kalpana.

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Saluting a Star
rediff.com salutes a true hero.
A Journey to Remember

Her Poems
'Towards the Goal'
Dive deep down, an aim awaits
Pearls peep, For your hands to reach

'A spaceship will kidnap me'
This is what Kalpana once wrote to her husband J P Harrison.

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    Pay Your Tribute
 • Student casts Kalpana in bronze
 • 'Science did not kill Kalpana'
 • NASA's video of final minutes

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Remembering Heroes
Remembering Those Who've gone
A Space Odyssey comes to an end

For millions of Indians Kalpana Chawla was an inspiration. Pay your tributes


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