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That it takes two to tango is a cliché. Post-September 11, India and the US were tangoing all right, but a toe-crusher too many has slowed the two great democracies down. The Indians are miffed with the Americans' continued flirtation with Pakistan, which New Delhi sees as a terrorist state. Washington wants India to mend fences with Pakistan and bring a semblance of peace in South Asia.

Despite these irritants, the US is keen to strengthen cooperation with India, especially in military affairs, Chief Correspondent Josy Joseph reports in a series based on a study commissioned by the US defence department and circulated among select policy-makers in both capitals.


  Part I: Target next: Indian military bases
  Part II: US tech hold key to Indian bases
  Part III: Of insults, obsessions and distrust
  Part IV: Drawn out, but not ready to fire
  Part V: Tango's closer, but shop talk's taboo
  Part VI: Spats aparts, future's rosy

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