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October 31, 2006
Meet India's new envoy to Pakistan
India's new high commissioner to Pakistan Satyabrata Pal on his stint in South Africa.
October 27, 2006
'I'm a very touchy-feely, hands-on minister'
'I want to remain in this ministry because this is where I can make a difference, and I want to,' says Renuka Chowdhury.
October 26, 2006
'We need to break the cycle of poverty'
'A child who grows up in a home with a solid floor and dry roof, impacts on its health and education, which has an impact on the child being able to earn an income,' says Habitat for Humanity CEO Jonathan Reckford.
October 25, 2006
'Many Kashmiris are positive about Pakistan's role'
'President Musharraf's role was not viewed with the negativity I had expected,' says K Alan Kronstadt, the US Congress' South Asian expert.
October 20, 2006
'Giving up has a very high price'
'If you affect the life of one child, the impact is not just on that child but on generations going forward,' says Ingrid Srinath, CRY CEO.
October 18, 2006
'I've distanced myself from the Karzais'
'I've been a member of the family really. But I certainly am critical of a number of the ways that, in particular the President, has run his country.'
October 17, 2006
'India will have to recognize LTTE'
'General Musharraf came to power after an Army coup. After sometime India recognized him. Like that, in future India will have to recognize us.'
October 16, 2006
'The US is really stupid'
'You need to have a really textured, rich, intimate, long-standing local knowledge of places like this before you start running around creating governments,' says Afghan expert Sarah Chayes.
October 12, 2006
'India should just shut up'
'I actually believe it's not all that appropriate that there be an Indian Consul on the border with Pakistan,' says Afghan expert Sarah Chayes.
October 10, 2006
'India is Pak's fundamental concern'
'Pakistan is only interested in Afghanistan insofar as it can give it more strategic weight vis-a-vis India,' says Afghan expert Sarah Chayes.
October 06, 2006
'Osama is not in Pakistan'
'The people who are troublesome to Afghanistan are in Quetta. They are not in caves. They are sitting around in apartments and driving cars that are often licensed with ISI plates in Quetta,' says Afghan expert Sarah Chayes.

'I haven't made a decision to quit the UN yet'
'It's clear under secretaries general serve at the pleasure of the secretary general. So we'll have to see.' Shashi Tharoor in his first interview since quitting the race.
October 04, 2006
'It can never happen that I could be handed over to India'
'Bush can climb over a tower and scream that Syed Salahuddin is a terrorist. But nobody will listen to him,' says the Hizbul Mujahideen leader.
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