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This August, she will be 60.

India, a land with an ancient civilisation but a fairly young nation, has seen a remarkable journey from its Independence from British rule on August 15, 1947 to the present.

From taking tentative steps towards fledgling nationhood, it has faced many crises, yet witnessed astonishing stories of enterprise -- in spite of its baffling complexities, it has proved a successful democracy.

India is unique and her people know that -- even if many a times they do not value it enough and realise how this great country shapes every one of us.

As India turns 60, it is time we honour her, get to know her better and celebrate her in the way she truly deserves.

Join on this wonderful year-long journey where we discover India.

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Girish Rishi
Send children to R-Day parade
To honour the Republic with a hope for better things to come for all, remember the founders long gone and think of those who serve in the nation's armed forces.

Ravi Bhaskar
I want India to have a heart
'I don't want India to be a superpower that is just made up of brain and brawn. I want India to have a heart. The heart of a superpower, a civilised country.'

Arvind Kejriwal
'The people are the masters of the country'
'Most people working within the government are good people. It is the kind of governance systems that we have that have failed us,' says Arvind Kejriwal, crusader.

T N Seshan
'Nothing will break the country'
'We are a democracy of only sixty years. What you see is only the froth on the surface.'

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