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September 2, 2003

Purification rites with Gangajal
'The deputy prime minister will not quite be able to appreciate the public mood unless he sees Gangajal in a regular movie hall full of common folk who plunk down hard cash to either escape from reality or give vent to their feelings.'

August 11, 2003

Population is not our real problem!
'In 2020 India will have more than 270 mn people in the 15 to 35 age segments, when productivity and economic contribution is highest. If savings rates hold and with productive potential at its peak we will have a great window of opportunity.'

July 31, 2003

A Common Civil and Secular Code
'It is this more equal society that all religious obscurantists fear most. Unfortunately, political parties that profess to be secular and oppose pseudo-secularism pander equally to obscurantists.'

July 14, 2003

Musharraf: What about Baluchistan?
Vajpayee's assurances to Zia, the man who initiated the policy of 'death by a thousand cuts' to destroy India, ensured that the Baluchis were forced to leave their camps in Rajasthan and all financial, military and diplomatic assistance was cut.


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