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June 22, 2006
10 things I hate about India
'India is an incredible place and I have never regretted, even for one day, to have settled here.'
June 20, 2006
Where is my bus to Kashmir?
'The 700,000+ Kashmiri Hindus living in India cannot just board a bus and travel back to their homes in Kashmir and live there They just cannot.'
June 15, 2006
Why Deve Gowda is bad for Bangalore
'Why should this man have any say at all in Bangalore's affairs? Why should Bangaloreans continue to tolerate his brand of politics? Why should he be allowed to scuttle Bangalore's development?'
June 14, 2006
Why the N-deal is no walkover
How the Bush administration can persuade the US Congress to support the India-US deal.

Why the N-deal is no walkover
A new report seeking to tweak the N-deal should be of no concern to India because it will ensure immediate delivery of fuel and equipment in terms of the civilian nuclear agreement.

June 09, 2006
OBCs should throw away demeaning crutches
‘They should instead join the anti-reservation agitation and agitate for decent schools, good teachers and scholarships and refuse to be taken for an easy ride by the vote seekers,’ says Prof M S Gopinathan.

June 05, 2006
Presidential battle
The government is in a bind because it recognises that the public mood is with Kalam, says Aditi Phadnis.

June 01, 2006
Taming the Tigers
The Sri Lankan President appeals for help.

Mr Deshmukh, is this how you've prepared Mumbai?
If this is how you've worked upon preparing this city to avoid the catastrophe of 26/7 last year -- I shudder.

May 31, 2006
What're engineering students doing?
Why IIT-Khargapur saw no protest.

May 30, 2006
Stay strong, stay inspired
If you want to do an effective protest, learn from Mahatma Gandhi.

May 29, 2006
The death of meritocracy
The quota proposal is class warfare at its ugliest. Now Indian educational institutions will change their mantra to chase the dream of being the 'almost best.'

May 25, 2006
Can Pakistan be trusted?
'India would be strategically ill-advised to repeat the Himalayan blunder of Aksai Chin in Siachen.'

Can India withstand global threats?
'The effectiveness of the domestic buffers depends on the persistence of the process that generated them in the first place.'

May 24, 2006
The great Siachen sellout
Siachen, like Aksai Chin, is not loose geo-strategic change which any Indian prime minister can put in a political jukebox.

May 22, 2006
Do our institutes connect with the real India?
'For the crores of rupees spent on educating these bright men and women, the tax-payer can reasonably expect to ask what the nation receives in return.'

May 18, 2006
Pakistan will continue with the mischief
Any peace initiatives by India, while Pakistan continues to be ruled by the military is sure to be rewarded with treachery.

May 17, 2006
The middle class deserves what it is getting
'If they don't shed their supercilious attitude towards politics they will get by-passed. Not one MP espouses the cause and concerns of the middle class.'

May 15, 2006
In defence of the IFS
'The truth is there are any number of cases of hard work, sacrifice, outstanding accomplishments and heroism in the IFS for every case of corruption or indiscretion.'

May 11, 2006
May and matters nuclear
'Eight years down the nuclear road, an objective cost-benefit analysis would suggest that India's core national interests have been better served by May 1998 and paradoxically the Kargil war of May 1999.'

May 09, 2006
What will it take, Mr Prime Minister?
'Why does India have to play nice while its citizens are killed by terrorists supported by Pakistan?'

May 08, 2006
Are you for the N-deal or Al Qaeda?
A recent statement by Ayaman al Zawahari, the number two man in Al Qaeda, has condemned the India-US nuclear nuclear deal. United States Congressmen ought to be asked, 'Are you for the agreement or with Al Qaeda?'

In defence of Kaavya Viswanathan
Kaavya's crime was not that she copied; but that she didn't do it well.

April 28, 2006
Can Nepal's king reconvene Parliament?
'The way forward in Nepal seems to be to treat the reconvened parliament as an interim transitory government.'

April 11, 2006
Why I won't live among Hindus
'It will take a little longer to change mindsets in Mumbai.'

March 28, 2006
India and the small insect
Will New Delhi have the courage to set up a meeting between Chinese President Hu Jintao and the Dalai Lama?

March 24, 2006
Sonia's decision a welcome trend
'Her resignation is neither a sacrifice nor a confession of guilt.'

March 22, 2006
'India must take initiative on Iran'
India should muster the courage to fall out of step with the Western world.

March 17, 2006
If India had a Marxist prime minister
'Instead of Bush, the red carpet would be spread for Robert Mugabe, the 'socialist' president of Zimbabwe -- where the rate of inflation is touching the 800 mark,'.

March 16, 2006
Let India rise above India
'It's time to choose exactly what sort of country we want to be.'

March 14, 2006
How to control terror
'In the crisis faced by Islam worldwide, Indian Muslims with their Sufi traditions and universalistic message of Islam can and should play a leading role.'

March 10, 2006
Varanasi reveals new terror network
'There is an alarming indication of Pakistan's Lashkar working with the predominantly Bangladeshi Harkat-ul Jihad-al-Islami.'

March 09, 2006
Ridiculous changes in prostitution law
'You can solicit sex work, but no man can have sex with a trafficked woman!'

March 08, 2006
Why China should be happy
‘It is in China's interest in seeing its strategic partner in Asia being respected by the world's superpower,’ says Professor Dingli Shen

March 07, 2006
N-deal concerns remain
'Assuming the deal crosses the hurdle of Congressional scrutiny, it still has to pass the close examination and debate at the Nuclear Suppliers Group.'

Well done, Mr President!
'Your words in Pakistan resonated well in India.'

India-US tango is really a big deal
'Even a sceptic, such as I was, has to admit that Bush has managed to stage a veritable public relations coup.'

March 06, 2006
N-deal: India must negotiate hard
'We should ensure we are left with adequate number of reactors under the non-civilian list to meet the demands of fast breeder reactors and strategic requirements.'

March 01, 2006
What's the Bush fuss for?
'Is there a chance of any of the deformities in US policy and insults to India's achievers being raised by the prime minister?'

Birbal's Wisdom and the Nuclear Deal
'America is unlikely to find partners other than India that are both capable and willing to help counter China's future power. But India need not choose to align with America.'

Bush visit: Expect business, not fireworks
'The world will note after the Bush visit that India and the US have come together to transact some serious business.'

What a buddy you have, Mr Bush!
'Your buddy has closed his eyes to the international jihadi terrorists setting up a 'liberated' zone in his Waziristan region.'

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