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August 30, 2006
Why Musharraf had Bugti killed
Dissension within and without the ranks, growing US apathy, and economics forced Musharraf to take on the Balochs.

August 29, 2006
Time to make India a no reservation country
'We should remove the Q-word from the Constitution of India.'

Is Balochistan another Bangladesh?
The most likely scenario is that guerrilla war will continue in Balochistan and Balochis in other parts of Pakistan will carry out a campaign of sabotage. The Pakistani state will continue to limp along. Balochistan is not Bangladesh.
August 28, 2006
Bhairon Singh Shekhawat: The next President?
Shekhawat has decided to throw his hat in the Presidential ring. Has he got the numbers?.

Balochistan after Bugti
By killing Bugti, General Musharraf has now permanently alienated a significant section of Baloch population.

An inversion of roles in Parliament
Thanks to regional parties, it is the Lok Sabha that now represents states' interests.

August 26, 2006
'India should not be considered a pushover'
'The India-US nuclear cooperation deal is being steered by the United States with emphasis on non-proliferation rather than civilian nuclear cooperation.'

August 25, 2006
Democracy vs terrorism
'Modern terrorism thrives not on just ideology or politics. The main driver is money, and the new economy of terror and international crime has been calculated to be worth US $1.5 trillion.'

August 23, 2006
Why I'm bullish about India
I've invested all my emotional stocks in this company called India, because I'm sure that the value of these stocks can only go up..

August 22, 2006
Capitalism vs Global Islam
The former wants unhindered access to finance, markets and resources required to retain its primacy, while the other strives for Islamic Caliphates which practice a puritan Islam, and a return to former glory.

N-deal: US Congress warned of Indian limits
The damages consequent to India's future nuclear test could be several-fold more intensive as compared to what we may have suffered without this deal in place.

August 21, 2006
No matter where we are, we are also Indians
Most people turned up just to enjoy an afternoon, to celebrate India, to make a statement that we are all Indians.

The ball is in America's court
India, having developed expertise under heavy odds, would like a global role in nuclear commerce and preserve the norms on non-proliferation as a responsible country.

Kashmir militants threat to the world
Pakistan undoubtedly deserves to be placed high on the list of those guilty of the State sponsorship of terrorism along with Syria and Iran, says Richard M Bennett
August 18, 2006
Afghanistan: America's options
If US national security interests in Afghanistan are to be secured, then the evil spell cast by Pakistan has to be removed.

How can we stem terror?
In the second part of his analysis, Dr Satya Pal Singh, Inspector General of Police, Navi Mumbai, suggests some possible ways and means to check the scourge of terrorism.
August 17, 2006
Why does Indian intelligence fail?
'We fail because we suspect each other. We fail because even the Hindus are fragmented. We fail because we do not behave as a united people.'

A New Holy War
Through their contacts in the Middle East, Al Qaeda operators are trying to recruit Muslim boys from Gujarat and Mumbai.

August 16, 2006
Parliament must assert its role
Just as US Congress did in their interest, the Indian Parliament should also wake up to the need for the nuclear deal to be subjected to parliamentary scrutiny.

August 14, 2006
Why this I-Day is doubly special
'Is 60 years too long a period for us to throw away our mental burden and become truly free? The double joy of Independence Day and the birthday of one of the greatest Indians should be an auspicious day to start that journey.'

10 things I love about India
'The deeper one goes, the more one sees the inner qualities of Bharat. No doubt, this will make India a truly great nation in the years to come.'

August 11, 2006
7/11 & after: Understanding terror
Is there a flaw somewhere in our thinking, in our strategy? Are we failing to comprehend the problem in its entirety?

Why I will take a Mumbai local
'When I am back in Mumbai next, a trip on the local train will be my way of getting back at the terrorists.'

August 10, 2006
A 'belligerent' nation and the sahib
How a major opportunity to demolish terror factories across the border was missed, going against the desire of the nation and the mood of the service chiefs.

August 09, 2006
N-deal: Separating fact from fiction
'If India does decide to test, it will have sound national security reasons to do so. At that time, one would expect India to be prepared to bear any negative fall out -- not only on the nuclear industry but also on all other strategic relationships.'

August 07, 2006
The Cola rage
'Nobody is forced to drink colas, but what about the vegetables or the fruits we eat daily?'

August 01, 2006
India needs to do something about Sri Lanka
'India wants to be a regional superpower and to be a big brother to its neighbours, so now's the time to step up and shoulder your responsibility and burden.'

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