The Godhra Verdict 2011 - complete coverage
June 25, 2011
Guj govt challenges acquittals in Godhra verdict
The state government has challenged a trial court's decision to acquit 61 persons in the Godhra train burning case in Gujarat high court and sought death sentences for twenty convicts awarded life imprisonment in the case.
March 01, 2011
Godhra verdict doesn't justify the riots: Moily
Law Minister Veerappa Moily said the Gujarat court's judgement in the Godhra case does not justify the riots that followed the train burning incident.
February 23, 2011
Godhra verdict: Bannerjee stands by report
Justice U C Banerjee, who had described the Godhra train carnage as "accidental", said he will stand by his inquiry commission report "200 per cent." Godhra verdict: Congress slams Narendra Modi
The Congress refused to comment on the special court's verdict on Godhra train burning case but sharpened its attack against Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi holding him resposible for post-Godhra communal riots in the state which claimed over 1,200 lives.
February 22, 2011
Godhra verdict: SIT to appeal against 63 acquitted
The Special Investigation Team that investigated the Godhra train burning incident on Tuesday indicated that it may go in for an appeal against the acquittal of the main accused and 62 others in the case. Centre adopts cautious stance on Godhra verdict
"The courts of law will take their own course...there are processes involved because definitely there will be an appeal filed in the high court. Therefore, it is premature to comment on this," Law Minister M Veerappa Moily told media persons in New Delhi. The men convicted for Godhra carnage
Following is the list of those convicted by the special court in the Godhra train burning case on Tuesday: 'Godhra ruling will set a trend against mob rage''s Sheela Bhatt was in the courtroom at the Sabarmati Jail when the judgment in the Godhra train burning case was pronounced on Tuesday. She has also followed and written about the twists and turns in the historic nine-year legal battle. Her analysis of the verdict. Godhra train carnage case chronology
The chronology of the case related to the 2002 Godhra train carnage and the communal violence that followed the incident. Godhra verdict: SIT to appeal against 63 acquitted
The Special Investigation Team that investigated the Godhra train burning incident on Tuesday indicated that it may go in for an appeal against the acquittal of the main accused and 62 others in the case. Godhra case: 31 guilty; court confirms conspiracy
A special court in the Sabarmati jail in Ahmedabad on Tuesday convicted 31 accused in what is the first verdict in the Godhra train burning case. Centre adopts cautious stance on Godhra verdict
The central government on Tuesday reacted cautiously to the special court's verdict on the Godhra train burning case, saying the law will take its own course. Our stand on Godhra carnage vindicated: BJP
Gujarat government's stand on the Godhra carnage has been vindicated by the judgment in the case, state government spokesperson Jaynarayan Vyas has said. Let no family suffer like we have, says Godhra accused's family
"I don't have any words to describe our plight in the last nine years," says Saeed Omerjee, son of Maulvi Omerjee, one of the main accused in the Godhra train burning case. 'Godhra judgement should pass by peacefully'
"If we can take the Ayodhya judgment in our stride, we can very well pass through the Godhra judgment peacefully. I am very confident." says Kamal Farooqui, member of All India Muslim Personal Law Board. For Sardarji Vaghela, Godhra was a twin tragedy
The burning of the Sabarmati Express at Godhra in 2002 brought double grief to retired mill-worker Sardarji Vaghela, 71.

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Ahmedabad-based Achyut Yagnik, 62, author, thinker and social activist, and co-author Suchitra Sheth are engaged in writing the history of Ahmedabad, which will turn 600 years old in 2011.
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