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Glasgow Blasts: The Indian Connection
Terror in UK: The Pakistan connection -- B Raman
December 23, 2008
Haneef was wrongly detained, admits Australia
December 17, 2008
Iraqi doctor gets life term for Glasgow bombings
October 23, 2008
Haneef case: Australian police defends its role
September 01, 2008
Australia: Public inquiry panel not to interview Haneef
August 30, 2008
Haneef to seek compensation from Australia
August 29, 2008
Australian police drops probe against Haneef
August 20, 2008
Haneef was prosecuted without complete evidence
July 29, 2008
Haneef's lawyer seeks more powers for inquiry
July 28, 2008
Australian probe will not reveal evidence in Haneef case
July 10, 2008
Australian police in the dock for bungling Haneef case
July 03, 2008
Bangalore cops send dossier on Kafeel to UK
June 17, 2008
Haneef case: Lawyers rap Australian authorities
June 03, 2008
Muslims being stereo-typed in India, says Mohd Haneef
May 16, 2008
Haneef's case was weak, show Australian documents
May 14, 2008
Haneef's lawyers get to fast-track appeal in Australia
May 09, 2008
Haneef case details to remain a secret
May 08, 2008
Sabeel Ahmed comes under police surveillance
Dr Sabeel returns home to a quiet welcome
May 07, 2008
Sabeel Ahmed to be deported to India tonight
May 06, 2008
Sabeel Ahmed's mother awaits his return
May 05, 2008
Sabeel to be deported to India on May 7
May 01, 2008
'Witnesses in Haneef case may not cooperate'
April 30, 2008
Australia begins probing Haneef's detention
'Aus minister unaware about Haneef's innocence'
April 28, 2008
Haneef's visa cancellation spoiled probe against him
April 16, 2008
UK bombing convict to walk free in India
April 13, 2008
Sabeel's family waits for his return
April 12, 2008
UK terror plot convict to be deported to India
'We have to give up our lives for Islam'
April 11, 2008
My son is innocent, says Sabeel's mother
UK terror plot: Sabeel Ahmed gets 18-month term
Sabeel admits knowing about Glasgow bombing
April 09, 2008
Top Aussie cop discusses Haneef case with UK
April 04, 2008
Rs 28 cr spent, Aus cops still probing Haneef
March 17, 2008
Haneef seeks more powers for inquiry into case
March 14, 2008
Australia to examine 'secret' evidence in Haneef case
March 13, 2008
Australia probes handling of Haneef case
February 19, 2008
Aus: Former minister, embroiled in Haneef row, under scrutiny
February 01, 2008
Haneef's lawyer cleared for leaking police interview to media
January 26, 2008
Haneef's ordeal to be depicted in play
January 23, 2008
Haneef's appeal to the Aussie government
January 21, 2008
I was targeted because of my race and religion: Haneef
January 17, 2008
Haneef remains under probe: Australian police
January 16, 2008
Australia government not to challenge Haneef's visa reinstatement
January 08, 2008
Haneef wants full clearance from Australia police before return
January 05, 2008
Haneef's family does not want him to go to Aus
January 04, 2008
Haneef's decision on returning to Australia next week
December 25, 2007
Haneef hopes Australia would compensate him
December 24, 2007
Haneef wants assurance before returning to Australia
December 23, 2007
Haneef may return to work in Australia: Lawyer
December 21, 2007
Haneef can sue Aus government: Lawyer
Haneef can return to Australia: minister
'Haneef not eager to go back to Australia'
Andrews asks minister to appeal against Haneef ruling
Dr Haneef gets back Aussie work visa
December 19, 2007
Verdict on Haneef's return to Aus on Dec 21
December 10, 2007
Bangalore police have little information on UK terror plot
Glasgow terror plot: UK police seeks information from India
December 06, 2007
New Australia govt to hold judicial inquiry into Haneef case
November 30, 2007
Australia: Scribe who highlighted Haneef's case wins Journalism award
November 16, 2007
Haneef's lawyers not given sensitive documents
November 15, 2007
Australian court reserves decision in Haneef visa case
November 14, 2007
Federal court to hear appeal against reinstating Haneef visa
November 02, 2007
Come clean on secret plan: Haneef's lawyer
Secret plan to keep Haneef behind bars exposed
October 24, 2007
Haneef's laywer astounded by Australian cop's remarks
October 23, 2007
'Prosecutors knew evidence against Haneef was thin'
October 12, 2007
Errors made during probe into Haneef case: Review
October 11, 2007
UK confirms Khafeel's identity
October 02, 2007
The Ahmeds still seek answers
The road ahead for Dr Haneef
October 01, 2007
Unemployed Haneef wants to go to Australia
September 21, 2007
No info about terror plot on Kafeel's hard disc: Police
September 11, 2007
Success in court will not guarantee Haneef's return: lawyer
September 06, 2007
Haneef may have to wait: Lawyer
September 05, 2007
Australian govt appeals against Haneef's visa restoration
August 29, 2007
Report on Khafeel's disc will take time
August 24, 2007
Haneef's ex-colleague sacked in Australia
Lawyer releases second transcript of Haneef's interrogation
August 23, 2007
'Release of Haneef's interview transcript may affect probe'
August 22, 2007
Haneef's lawyers release transcript of police interview
August 21, 2007
No confirmation of Kafeel's death, says family
Truth prevailed: Haneef's family
Aus Court orders restoration of Haneef's work visa
August 20, 2007
I want to die for Allah: Kafeel's last e-mail
August 17, 2007
Indian doctor Mohammed Asif leaves Australia
Aus cops won't reveal details of Haneef interrogation
August 16, 2007
Indian doc flies home after Australia returns passport
Haneef's associate wants to leave Australia
August 14, 2007
London court remands Sabeel to one month custody
August 11, 2007
Haneef's colleague of greater interest to Aus cops
August 10, 2007
Foreign students in Bangalore will feel the heat
August 09, 2007
Terrorists may target Bangalore hotels
Khafeel Ahmed's hard disks hold key
Court to decide on Haneef's visa on Aug 21
August 08, 2007
Kafeel's family still clueless about his last rites
Australian court hears appeal against Haneef's visa revocation
August 06, 2007
Bangalore BPOs feel heat of UK terror plot
August 04, 2007
One more hard disk found from Khafeel home
Khafeel Ahmed's last rites may be held in UK
August 03, 2007
Haneef: Aus PM says judicial inquiry not needed
The dossier that spells trouble for Haneef
Kafeel's death devastates family
Kafeel Ahmed succumbs to burns
August 02, 2007
Haneef lawyers deny links with Al Qaeda
Haneef had links with radicals: Report
August 01, 2007
Haneef contests Australian govt's claims
Haneef could still face charges: Aus police chief
'The entire family is happy for Haneef'
Bangalore police to call Haneef for questioning
Australia to have stricter screening laws
Haneef had tried to contact UK police
July 31, 2007
Haneef case: UK police admits its folly
Aus won't restore Haneef's visa till probe is over
Revelation by minister is no secret, says Haneef's lawyer
Haneef may have known of UK plot: Minister
What next for Haneef? Lawyer speaks
Haneef's visa: Aus won't explain
India gets consular access to Sabeel
July 30, 2007
Australia refuses to apologise to Haneef
Australia: Haneef's colleague suspended
I am victim of Australian conspiracy: Haneef
Haneef's lawyer calls Aus minister a buffoon
How Aus officials kept Haneef away from media
July 29, 2007
Dr Haneef arrives in Bangalore
I don't think Haneef will go back to Australia: Wife
Haneef case: Media slams Aussie PM
I was never a risk to Australia: Haneef
Decision on Haneef's visa upsets lawyer
July 28, 2007
Haneef episode not to impact ties: India
Haneef leaves for India
68 % Aussies disapproved govt's handling of Haneef
Haneef gets temporary visa: wife
Haneef to leave for India on Saturday night
Haneef gets clearance to leave Australia
Haneef moved to undisclosed unit in Brisbane
Haneef case: Karnataka CM reacts with joy
Haneef case: 'Truth has finally prevailed'
July 27, 2007
Haneef conditionally freed from custody
Grant visa to Haneef, India to Australia
Haneef's wife relieved, thanks PM
Terrorism charges against Haneef dropped
Decision to proceed in Haneef case on Friday
Haneef jailed on a whim: Australian senator
July 26, 2007
Exclusive: Haneef Mohammed's interrogation in Australia
Haneef case: Aus investigating officer dead
Haneef's case review a welcome step: Lawyer
July 25, 2007
UK unlikely to seek Haneef's extradition
Material relating to Haneef's case to be reviewed
Haneef case: Aus opp leader backs police
Haneef could sue Aus govt if cleared: lawyer
July 24, 2007
Haneef breaks down on seeing daughter's photo
Haneef treated like convicted terrorist: Aussie law body
Indian high commission assisting Haneef's family
Kafeel Ahmed to get shark skin graft
Nothing concrete has emerged in Kafeel case: Bangalore cops
Haneef visa: I did not pressurise immigration minister, says Aus PM
Haneef investigation is very professional: Australia
It's for the courts to decide Haneef's fate: Aus minister
Haneef of little interest in UK: Aus media
July 23, 2007
Haneef yet to see daughter's photos
Police take possession of Kafeel's building
Daniel Pearl execution video on Kafeel's disk
Aus cops deny writing notes in Haneef's diary
Haneef case: Greens party attacks government
Haneef's relative yet to receive permission to see him
Australian Law Council seeks temporary visa for Haneef
Explain entries in Haneef's diary, Lawyer to cops
Aus police tampered with Haneef's diary
July 22, 2007
Haneef's wife wants him cleared of all charges
There was no Aus terror plot: Cops
Foreign doctors may avoid Australia
Haneef's relative seeks fair trial
July 21, 2007
Haneef's relative arrives in Australia
Australia may deport Haneef
Aus authorities flayed for 'sloppy' probe
Haneef's cousin leaves for Australia
Haneef could soon win back freedom
Haneef case: Aus police admits mistake
July 20, 2007
Minister visits Haneef's family
Haneef case: Prosecution may have misled court
Haneef's wife happy with support
India, Aus to accelerate negotiations on extradition treaty
Haneef's cousin granted Australian visa
Discrepancies in affidavit on Haneef: reports
Haneef's SIM card not seized from Jeep: reports
Fourth suspect charged in UK terror plot
July 19, 2007
Haneef in good spirits
Top Aussie legal body backs Haneef
Haneef case: Pranab talks to Australian FM
Treatment to Haneef is fair: Australian envoy
Haneef moved by public support
Judge backs Haneef; slams Aus govt
Haneef had a chat with Sabeel about his child's birth: reports
July 18, 2007
Haneef barrister admits leaking police interview
Pro-Haneef protest SIMmers in Sydney
I knew I had to speak up for my husband: Haneef's wife
23-hr/day solitary confinement for Haneef
Haneef's wife's visa cancelled
Australia should extend facilities to Haneef: PM
Haneef appeals against Aus decision to cancel visa
Haneef reportedly transferred from Brisbane watch house
Haneef denies links with SIMI
Leak undermined prosecution case against Haneef: Aus cops
Haneef fears being framed over SIM card
Australia plays down diplomatic rift with India
July 17, 2007
Karnataka to get Central funds to fight terror
Revealed: What Kafeel did online
Haneef's lawyers make public documents on revoking of visa
Aus attorney general defends revoking of Haneef's visa
MEA summons Australian envoy over Haneef issue
Let Haneef return with self-respect, says wife
Haneef to appeal against immigration detention on Wednesday
Haneef will be deported, says Australia
'Magistrate who granted bail to Haneef has anti-police image'
Haneef's barrister lashes out at Aus govt
Move to detain Haneef not political: Aussie minister
Haneef was 'in touch' with UK terror suspects
July 16, 2007
Haneef to appeal decision to revoke his visa
Haneef could refuse to post bail to avoid detention
Treat Haneef fairly, India to Australia
Kafeel's dream was to build housing complex where Shariat would rule
Sabeel remanded to custody till Aug 13
Cops awaiting reports on Kafeel's hard disk
Aus invokes immigration laws to keep Haneef in detention
Haneef's wife hits out at Aussie govt
Haneef granted bail by Australian court
July 15, 2007
UK terror plot: 2 suspects released
Haneef will not be extradited to UK: Australia
Kafeel probe: Investigators worried about slackness
July 14, 2007
At Haneef's home, jubilation turns into despair
UK terror plot: Sabeel charged with concealing info
Terrorism is a never ending battle: Howard
Haneef's wife seeks PM's intervention
Australian police charge Haneef with supporting terrorists
July 13, 2007
UK's visa unit was housed in Kafeel's building
Cops question Kafeel's associates
Karnataka to set up Anti-Terrorist Squad
Haneef broke down in tears in front of lawyer
Aus PM not uncomfortable about Haneef custody
Haneef may be evicted for not paying rent
I am an innocent pawn, says Haneef
Aus police drop plea to extend Haneef's detention
July 12, 2007
Kafeel unlikely to survive: Doctors
Did Bilal Abdulla visit India?
UK terror plot: K'taka cops keeping close watch
Australian police carries out search
Haneef detention: Amnesty International concerned
July 11, 2007
Procedural issues in way of India-Australia cooperation in probe
Haneef to stay in detention for 2 more days
Have patience, Haneef tells wife on phone
Experts scrutinise Khafeel's hard disk for hidden clues
No communication from Australian official: Bangalore cops
I am fine, Haneef tells family
Haneef's lawyers to seek his freedom
Al Qaeda film found in Kafeel's hard disc
July 10, 2007
Haneef case: Investigators may ask for more time
Khafeel didn't show leadership qualities: Ex-employer
'Terror plot trio delivered provocative speeches in B'lore'
'Secret data' found on Khafeel's hard disk
Karnataka plans revamp of anti-terror cell
Bangalore cops check Al Qaeda angle
Australia sends senior police official to India
July 09, 2007
UK plot: K'taka police hunt for 'sleeping cells'
Jihadi CDs in circulation since a year: Official
Car bomb suspect met Al Qaeda leaders in Pak
Bangalore police investigating trio's links
Credible information on Khafeel's involvement: Government
Haneef's detention extended by 2 days
Bangalore: Disks belonging to Khafeel seized
Haneef case: India in touch with Aus authorities
Haneef treated unfairly, says his lawyer
July 08, 2007
Haneef was sole breadwinner of family
Aus police search Haneef's home
UK plot: Haneef's detention continues
July 07, 2007
I am working on a confidential project, Kafeel told parents
Khafeel was not our member, says SIO
Indian medics face racist treatment after UK terror plot
Father of detained terror suspects falls ill
Email, chats of terror suspects under scrutiny
Glasgow bomber is our son, Kafeel's parents
Bangalore police team steps up investigation
Haneef still in custody, being interrogated
Iraqi doctor charged in UK terror plot
July 06, 2007
Man who drove jeep into Glasgow airport is Lebanese: report
Those who cure you will kill you, Brit cleric was told
Sabeel Ahmed's family questioned for 2nd day
'My children could never think of anything evil'
Khafeel was brainwashed with Gujarat riot tapes
Glasgow attackers were resigned to death: Cops
Ahmeds are god fearing people: Imam
Haneef's family moved by PM's reaction
Four more Indian doctors questioned in Australia, freed
Khafeel's parents unsure of his whereabouts
Cops probing Bangalore trio's links
UK terror plot: Suspect was denied work in Australia
UK terror plot: Sabeel Ahmed's family questioned
July 05, 2007
Australia: Haneef's police custody extended by 4 days
45 docs used Internet to plan attacks
We'll help UK in investigation: PM
Glasgow bomb suspects left suicide note behind: media
Grilling leaves released Indian doc 'petrified'
No contact with UK on detained docs: Bangalore police
Why the London terror plot failed
July 04, 2007
Britain to tighten checks on migrants
Bangalore doc held in UK is related to Haneef
UK terror plot: One of 3 Indian docs released
Karnataka town comes to terms with Haneef's fate
Aussie PM asks people to support foreign docs
Indian doctor detained in UK identified
Haneef's family believes in his innocence
UK terror plot: Indian doctor could be innocent
UK terror plot: 'My son will come clean'
July 03, 2007
'Arrested doctors underwent strict reference checks'
Car bomb found near Glasgow mosque
Is this the Indian doctor held for UK terror plot?
July 02, 2007
London's Heathrow airport vacated after package found
July 1, 2007
Britain on high terror alert
June 30, 2007
Blazing jeep crashes into Glasgow airport
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