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December 31, 2009
Tibetan 'Living Buddha' jailed by China: report

December 30, 2009
UK summons Chinese envoy over execution of 'mentally ill'

December 29, 2009
China executes British man for drug smuggling

December 23, 2009
Nothing wrong in arms sale with Pak: China
India cannot trust China: Former NSA

December 19, 2009
US-China joint statement didn't target India: Foreign Secy

December 17, 2009
'China spreading influence along Nepal border'

December 16, 2009
'India to surpass China as most populous country by 2025'

December 15, 2009
Nepal's floundering democracy cosies up to China

December 10, 2009
No increase in Chinese incursions: Centre

December 09, 2009
JK govt decided to stop road project on China border: Centre
China figured in Singh-Medvedev talks: Rao

December 08, 2009
'The relationship with China is not a video game'
As usual India is left to fight its own battles

December 04, 2009
60 pc Chinese see no Indian threat: study

December 01, 2009
Not worried about China's air strips near border: India
China asks India to stop construction activity along border
China issues regular visa to JK academician

November 30, 2009
Work on Ladakh link-road stopped after Chinese Army objects

November 27, 2009
Pakistan has allowed terror groups to thrive: Antony

November 24, 2009
Barack Obama, us and the US
Why I am worried about Dr Singh's visit
US thanks India for extending hospitality to Dalai Lama

November 23, 2009
Pak, China unveil first JF-17 combat jet
'Invitation to Mirwaiz not linked to Dalai Lama's Arunachal trip'

November 21, 2009
No third-party intervention in Indo-Pak relations: CPM to China
42 dead, over 60 trapped in Chinese mine blast
China snubbed, says it favours direct Indo-Pak talks

November 20, 2009
Why India cannot be an Asian power like China
Shun censorship, distorted propaganda: Dalai Lama tells China
Obama 'shocker' leaves New Delhi confused, suspicious
India at a "loss" over growing Sino-US ties: Chinese scholars
China has direct link with Kashmir, says Mirwaiz

November 19, 2009
Pak welcomes US-China statement on South Asia
'India reading too much into US-China joint statement'

November 18, 2009
What Obama and Hu agreed upon in Beijing
Obama to share impressions of China visit with India
India rules out third party role in ties with Pak
Image: Obama at the Great Wall of China
Exiles saddened by Obama's views on Tibet

November 17, 2009
Obama, Hu discuss Indo-Pak ties, Dalai Lama
Will Bonapartist Foneska outgrow Sri Lankan democracy?

November 16, 2009
Obama has an agenda for maiden China visit

November 15, 2009
Obama's popularity in China depends on his actions: Chinese media

November 14, 2009
Obama to skip Tibet while talking about human rights in Asia

November 13, 2009
Not worried about China selling jets to Pak: IAF

November 12, 2009
Tibet under Dalai was slavery, says China

November 11, 2009
Will oppose foreign leaders' contact with Dalai: China
How India must face the Chinese threat
Activists urge Obama to discuss Tibet with China

November 10, 2009
1962 war reminder silly, India has come a long way: Tharoor
Pak buys 36 advanced China's J-10 fighter jets
India keen on joint exercise with China: IAF
Chinese media builds up anti-India rhetoric
China 'strongly dissatisfied' with India over Dalai Lama's Arunachal visit
Arunachal bars media from covering Dalai Lama visit

November 09, 2009
Issues with China can be resolved by talks: Pranab
India may 'use' Dalai to 'solve' boundary issue: Chinese expert
India-China border differences can be resolved: Pranab
Chinese delegation to visit India amid Dalai spat

November 06, 2009
'China worries Dalai Lama's reincarnation will be in Arunachal'
US has no problem with Dalai Lama's visit to Arunachal
Dalai Lama is a 'liar': Chinese media
Assam concerned over Chinese move to dam Brahmaputra

November 05, 2009
Wen-Singh meet cleared misunderstandings: Chinese editorial

November 01, 2009
No report of Taliban presence in J&K: Army

October 29, 2009
Obama wants stronger military, diplomatic ties with China

October 28, 2009
US, China to work together for stability in Afghan, Pak
Scars of 1962 war should not be forgotten: Bhagwat
Resolving border dispute with China will take time: India

October 27, 2009
Two Tibetans arrested for trying to enter India, China meet
India, China look to iron out differences at trilateral meet

October 26, 2009
Will India ask the Dalai Lama to postpone Tawang visit?
India, China foreign ministers to meet on Tuesday
Dalai Lama's Aurnachal visit cleared

October 25, 2009
Dalai Lama an honoured guest of India: PM to China

October 24, 2009
Dr Singh, Chinese PM discuss bilateral ties; skirt Arunachal issue
Arunachal, Dalai Lama not discussed at Manmohan,Wen meet

October 23, 2009
India plans to strengthen posts along Sino-Indian border
Dr Singh, Chinese PM to discuss border dispute at ASEAN meet tomorrow
China secretly executes 4 pro-Tibet protesters: Report

October 22, 2009
We are not intimidated by China: India

October 21, 2009
Why Indo-China rivalry may spin out of control
Ties with India on 'very good term': Chinese ambassador
Straws in the wind from China
Should the Dalai Lama visit Arunachal Pradesh?
Amid tension, PM to meet Chinese premier
Border dispute with China will be resolved amicably: Pranab

October 20, 2009
The message from the India-China media battle
'Growing Indo-US relationship has unnerved China'
China cribs over Dalai Lama's Arunachal trip

October 19, 2009
India follows 'befriend the far and attack the near' policy: China daily

October 18, 2009
Indo-China tensions will ease out, hopes Tibetan PM-in-exile

October 16, 2009
China reaches out to BJP, says wants cordial ties with India
Chinese PM eager to meet Singh in Thailand

October 15, 2009
Why India should rake up the Tibet issue
People's Liberation Army influencing China's policy to India
Indo-China border peaceful, says Antony
'Indian missile can target northernmost Chinese city'
India opposes China building dam on Brahmaputra

October 14, 2009
We don't fear the Chinese military: IAF
'96 pc Chinese against Indian visits to Arunachal'
How to counter China on Arunachal Pradesh
Hands off projects in PoK, India tells China
Now, Chinese PM wants to meet Dr Singh
Chinese objection to PM's visit a non-issue: Cong

October 13, 2009
Pak, China vow to boost up defence ties
'If India and China cooperate, it will be good news for the world'

October 11, 2009
'Improving ties with Pak key to India overtaking China'

October 08, 2009
To China's delight, India reins in its media
Obama on maiden four-nation trip to Asia next month

October 06, 2009
Is Obama leaning to China on Arunachal issue?
'Army capable of countering Chinese threat'

October 05, 2009
Obama plays safe with China, postpones meet with Dalai Lama

October 02, 2009
India should not issue work visas to Chinese citizens

October 01, 2009
India building defence capabilities like China: Antony

September 29, 2009
US to consult India, China on its Burma policy

September 28, 2009
Solve Kashmir: Friendly China to hostile neighbours

September 25, 2009
Why India needs nuclear weapons
No Sino-Indian army exercise this year: MEA
IAF beefs up radars along Chinese border

September 24, 2009
China worried over US-India military cooperation

September 23, 2009
Chinese envoy: 'Nothing is happening'
We don't have enough fighter aircraft: IAF chief
China says never engaged in nuclear proliferation

September 22, 2009
China bans tourist entry into Tibet till October 8

September 20, 2009
Pak had nuke links with Iran, N Korea: A Q Khan

September 19, 2009
No increase in Chinese incursions: Army chief

September 18, 2009
Chinese envoy meets foreign ministry officials

September 17, 2009
VHP urges Indians to boycott Chinese goods
India must give assertive reply to Chinese incursions: Parties
India's N-programme should be transparent: Chinese scholar

September 16, 2009
Why Barack Obama won't meet the Dalai Lama
J&K wants to construct concrete huts along China border
India should not bow to China on Dalai visit: Tibetan body
China, Russia, N Korea, Iran a threat to US: Report

September 15, 2009
Chinese incursions: NSA convenes meeting
Are Nepal's Maoists a threat to India?
Guess who is saying 'India, China bhai bhai'
Govt denies firing on Indian jawans by Chinese troops
China warns foreign govts against meeting Dalai Lama

September 14, 2009
Obama's aides meet Dalai Lama

September 13, 2009
India accused of 'spying' on Chinese military ware
After Ladakh, Chinese incursions now reported in Uttarakhand

September 12, 2009
China warns Dalai Lama against Arunachal visit

September 11, 2009
No Chinese military bases in Indian Ocean, says Menon

September 10, 2009
No Chinese maritime base near Andamans: Navy
Chinese military unhappy with Indian media

September 09, 2009
UAE airforce plane continues to be grounded in Kolkata

September 08, 2009
35 dead, 44 trapped in China's coalmine blast
The danger of the India-China hysteria
No Chinese conspiracy in attack on Indian priests: Nepal
China dismisses 'incursion' into Ladakh

September 07, 2009
Why India is Clueless about China

September 05, 2009
China to help Pakistan launch its first satellite

September 01, 2009
Not seeking independence from China: Dalai Lama

August 31, 2009
Chinese copters have violated Indian air space: Army

August 28, 2009
Taiwan approves Dalai Lama's visit
Strong earthquake jolts north-west China
China's growing role in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir

August 26, 2009
Why we should heed navy chief's warning on China
Xinjiang separatists are doomed to fail, says Chinese President

August 14, 2009
'Indian naval presence in Indian Ocean concern for China'

August 12, 2009
Talks with China head nowhere
India hands over info on JeM chief to China

August 11, 2009
India's ties with China healthy, says Tharoor
Govt downplays suggestion that India should be split

August 10, 2009
Border talks: Mixed signals from China
China should break up India: Chinese strategist

August 09, 2009
Typhoon Morakot slams China coast, 1 mn evacuated

August 07, 2009
'Aug 7 Sino-India border talks to boost ties'

August 06, 2009
India discards Chinese claims on Arunachal

August 03, 2009
Himalayan glaciers bring India, China together

July 31, 2009
Resolution of China boundary row needs patience: Krishna

July 29, 2009
China wants hotline between Beijing and New Delhi

July 27, 2009
China to deal with 'Iron-fist' against Uyghur separatists

July 25, 2009
Trip to India is Clinton's way to distance from Obama: Report

July 23, 2009
India, China pledge to deepen ties

July 16, 2009
US acting behind unrest in China?
Urumqi is not too different from Godhra

July 15, 2009
Qaeda threat: China responds to Muslim world
US edu system must compete with China, India: Obama

July 14, 2009
Urumqi retaliation: Qaeda warns attack on Chinese interests

July 12, 2009
'Nervous' China may attack India by 2012, claims defence expert

July 10, 2009
Let us develop a military space programme
China bans Friday prayers at Urumqi's mosques
Al Qaeda fears its time is up, says book

July 08, 2009
Urumqi riots force Hu Jintao to cancel G-8 trip

July 07, 2009
What led to China's worst ethnic flare up

July 06, 2009
Riots erupt in northwest China, 140 killed

June 25, 2009
The three dangers that India faces

June 15, 2009
Chinese sub, US sonar collision could be accidental, say experts

June 04, 2009
Pakistan to get two F-22P frigates from China this year
China joins India, raises concern over attacks on students

May 29, 2009
The prime minister's SCO dilemma

May 25, 2009
'India's refusal forced Lanka to turn to China'

April 04, 2009
US drone attack in Pak kills 13

March 29, 2009
'China's spy operation infiltrated Indian Embassy computers'

March 26, 2009
China's army worried about India: Pentagon

March 25, 2009
China blocks YouTube

March 22, 2009
China arrests 100 Tibetan monks for attacking police station

March 20, 2009
Economic blues threaten China's internal security

March 13, 2009
China not serious about resolving Tibet dispute, say US Congressmen

March 11, 2009
Tibetan issue: US flays China, hails India

March 10, 2009
US asks China to respect human rights of Tibetans
Chinese and US naval warships face-off
China has made Tibet a 'hell on earth', says Dalai Lama

March 01, 2009
China's lunar probe Chang'e-1 lands on Moon

February 27, 2009
Is the Obama administration ignoring India?

February 20, 2009
Why China could have a difficult 2009

February 19, 2009
China locks down Tibet ahead of 50th anniversary

February 09, 2009
India-China naval 'faceoff' reports bogus

February 04, 2009
India, China face-off in the Indian Ocean

February 03, 2009
China angry with Britain over shoe-throwing incident

January 29, 2009
'US should back India for permanent UNSC seat'

January 22, 2009
Pak had asked China to negotiate with India post 26/11

January 16, 2009
Smuggled Indian fertilizer used to make explosives in China

January 05, 2009
China mediating between India and Pakistan?

December 30, 2008
India, China to hold boundary talks again: Pranab
China-US ties at new historical starting point

December 27, 2008
Properly handle ties, China tells India, Pakistan

December 17, 2008
Dalai Lama announces semi-retirement

December 15, 2008
What if Mumbai-style attack happens in China

November 26, 2008
Obama may change US policy on China: Brajesh Mishra

November 24, 2008
Sino-Indian ties: Troubled times ahead

November 21, 2008
Sino-Pak nuclear cooperation will need NSG approval, says US
'I was amazed by the economic development in India'

November 13, 2008
India to activate airfield near China border

November 12, 2008
The end of the Dalai Lama's Middle Way?

November 11, 2008
China 'regrets' Pranab's remarks on Arunachal

November 10, 2008
Talks between China and Dalai's envoys fail

November 07, 2008
Indo-Chinese joint army exercise in December

November 04, 2008
'China poses new challenges to India'

October 25, 2008
PM meets Hu Jintao in Beijing
Peace needed for sustainable development: PM
PM meets German Chancellor Merkel

October 24, 2008
Dr Singh meets world leaders in Beijing

October 18, 2008
N-reactors: Pak, China sign pact

October 15, 2008
Taliban shadow over Zardari's China visit

October 14, 2008
Pak, China may sign civil nuclear deal

October 13, 2008
'Mao made us free, Deng made us happy'

September 25, 2008
China successfully launches first spacewalk mission

September 24, 2008
India, China explore life beyond Vienna
Pakistan to seek nuke fuel technology from China

September 23, 2008
Steady progress at Sino-India talks

September 19, 2008
China's approach at NSG is behind us now: India
'China and India have no fundamental conflicts'
Indo-Chinese border talks inconclusive

September 18, 2008
Pak to engage China to counter Indo-US nuke deal

September 16, 2008
Indo-China boundary talks from September 18

September 15, 2008
None the wiser from Yang's visit

September 09, 2008
China invites PM to Asia-Europe meet
We did nothing to block waiver at NSG: China

September 08, 2008
'India will have China's answers on Monday'
'India, China should work together for peace'
Chinese foreign minister meets PM, Pranab

September 06, 2008
NSG meet: PM holds talks with Pranab, NSA
Understanding China's stand at Vienna

September 02, 2008
China says it won't obstruct India at NSG meet

September 01, 2008
China: People's Daily questions Indo-US N-deal

August 30, 2008
22 killed in south-west China quake

August 26, 2008
Stop 'separatist actions': China tells Dalai Lama
N-deal: China remains non-committal

August 12, 2008
Tawang dispute blocking India-China border talks: NSA

August 08, 2008
All of Beijing is an Olympics venue
India to get vital flood data on Brahmaputra from China
Bilawal Bhutto in China to attend Olympics opening ceremony

August 07, 2008
Congress, CPC pledge to enhance ties
'Chinese success in Olympics will be our success'
US has dramatically improved ties with India: Bush

August 05, 2008
China diary: Paris of the Orient

August 04, 2008
16 cops killed in terror attack in China

July 27, 2008
24 per cent Chinese view India as an enemy: Poll

July 25, 2008
India to lobby hard with China over N-deal

July 24, 2008
China studying India-IAEA safeguards agreement

July 23, 2008
China denies killing of monks by police

July 17, 2008
China will not object at IAEA
Didn't snub Dr Singh on Olympics: China

July 15, 2008
Friendship with India, China to be Russia's priority

July 09, 2008
China proposed restoration of my powers: Dalai Lama

July 07, 2008
China warns Dalai Lama over Olympics

July 05, 2008
Dalai Lama disappointed with China talks

July 02, 2008
Tibet situation is grim, says Dalai Lama

July 01, 2008
China mum on talks with Dalai Lama's envoys

June 30, 2008
Dalai Lama's envoys reach China for next round of talks

June 21, 2008
Olympic torch starts tense relay in Tibet

June 19, 2008
India chair set up at Shenzen University in China

June 16, 2008
An inside account of Sino-Indian border talks

June 13, 2008
India plans to strengthen mountain warfare machinery

June 12, 2008
Tibet talks timeframe under discussion, says China
Dalai Lama calls for calm in Tibet

June 10, 2008
No confrontation with China: Antony

June 09, 2008
Government soft on China due to Left: Rajnath

June 07, 2008
Pranab hands over quake relief goods to Chinese authorities

June 06, 2008
China expresses concern over Dalai Lama's activities
China: Pranab confers Padma Bhushan on Indologist
China thanks India for earthquake aid
Peace in Asia: India wants to work with China

June 05, 2008
India, China on US trafficking watchlist
India, China discuss Sikkim row
Pranab Mukherjee meets Chinese foreign minister
China: Mukherjee-Wen meeting cancelled

June 04, 2008
China diary: A Bangalorean in awe
Tibet row: China quake relief may delay talks
India rejects China's claim over Sikkim province
Don't lose sight of China's potential for rivalry
Pranab in China, border row to dominate talks

June 03, 2008
On eve of Pranab visit, China hopes for fair solution to border row
Let us resolve boundary issue: China to India
Mind your own business, China tells US
Arunachal Pradesh not disputed territory: Pranab
India to send more aid to Myanmar, China

June 02, 2008
Indian, Chinese troops hold border meet

May 31, 2008
India reopens air force base near China border

May 26, 2008
While India sleeps, Chinese threat grows

May 24, 2008
China miffed over UK PM's meeting with Dalai Lama
1 million Chinese to swamp Tibet: Dalai Lama
China earthquake: Death toll nears 90,000

May 23, 2008
Russia,China sign billion $ energy deal
China earthquake: Death toll crosses 55,000

May 22, 2008
Boundary talks with India making progress, says China
'Chinese actions can be friendly & threatening'

May 21, 2008
Tibetan govt calls for temporary halt to anti-China protest
India rushes more relief to China

May 20, 2008
Tibet crisis delays Mansarovar yatra

May 19, 2008
Shanghai Diary: Why the Chinese are unhappy
China praises India's help for quake victims

May 18, 2008
China quake: Official death toll 32,477

May 17, 2008
India airlifts quake relief to China
China: Quake survivor lived on cigarettes and urine!

May 15, 2008
India to airlift relief material to China
China's quake toll more than 50,000

May 14, 2008
Shanghai Diary: Why the Chinese are angry
China seeks quake data from ISRO
China quake toll mounts to 20,000
China quake: More troops sent for rescue operation

May 13, 2008
Chinese premier visits quake-hit province
India ready to offer aid to quake-hit China
Earthquake toll in China crosses 12,000

May 12, 2008
No Indians affected in China quake
Shanghai Diary: Miracle within a miracle
Over 8,500 killed, 900 students buried as powerful quake hits China

May 09, 2008
'Chinese are very keen to come into Indian Ocean'

May 08, 2008
Olympic flame reaches Everest summit
'Talks with Dalai Lama's envoys are merely delaying tactics by China'
Dalai Lama should take concrete steps to sustain talks: China
The Chinese threat in the Indian Ocean

May 06, 2008
Dalai Lama must take concrete actions for further talks: China

May 05, 2008
Tibet talks end abruptly as Beijing talks tough
In China's wild, wild west
Number of Chinese nuke subs worry India
3 killed in blast on bus in Shanghai

May 03, 2008
US backs talks between China and Dalai Lama

May 02, 2008
Dalai Lama's envoys, China to meet on Saturday
China's covert nuclear plan revealed?

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