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November 10, 2004
The End of the Arafat Era
'Contrary to Likud Party propaganda, Arafat has never been an obstacle to peace, but rather, a precondition for it.'
October 18, 2004
India-US tech treaty: A fool's bargain
'If Indian policymakers really think that friendship/partnership with America will help India enter the Nuclear Club, they are deluding themselves.'
October 11, 2004
Loss in Maharashtra will erode BJP revival
'In Maharashtra, the stakes are much higher for the BJP than the Congress.'
August 19, 2004
New Delhi, wake up!
'The Centre can clamp President's rule on Manipur. But that would begin a potentially catastrophic confrontation with a state of the Union.'
July 12, 2004
India is marked by cascading inequalities
'If you are born underprivileged, you face growing discrimination in education, freedom, employment, income, etc. In most people's case, the injustice is never compensated.'
July 05, 2004
BJP's 'Tallest Leader' is a Dwarf
'Vajpayee has lost his touch and his mystique. His stature has shrunk to a fraction of its size before the elections. Once a master of tactical manoeuvre and shrewd rhetoric, he has fallen to the level of the run-of-the-mill politician.'
June 22, 2004
Hardline Hindutva or just drift?
'The BJP leadership lacks the intellectual ability to grasp the quality and causes of the electoral defeat. But does it have the resources to devise a grand game plan to stage a comeback?' asks Praful Bidwai.
June 02, 2004
Only two cheers for the UPA
'Will India become a subordinate, passive component of an unequal, unjust global order? Will it further enlarge its domestic cesspools of grievances while keeping the poor insecure and wretchedly unhappy?'

May 5, 2004
BJP scrambles for Muslim votes
'Even Murli Manohar Joshi, one of the more inflexible of BJP hardliners, promises to modernise madrassas by installing computers!'
April 12, 2004
Towards a hung Lok Sabha?
The latest opinion poll results will 'discomfit the NDA's strategists. They can no longer feel safe or secure about its prospects'.
January 15, 2004
The 'minority' card is a dud
'What the BJP wants is not leaders, only mannequins.'
January 13, 2004
Fighting for global justice
'The main message that will ring out from Mumbai is: Another World is Possible! Indeed, it is. We must fight for it.'
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