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December 24, 2010
'India has gained added leverage in Afghanistan'

December 23, 2010
Stabilisation of Afghanistan a distant dream: India

December 17, 2010
US wanted Bollywood stars to 'stabilise' Afghanistan

December 15, 2010
Indian-American to assist Holbrooke's successor
Holbrooke's last words: 'Worried' about Af-Pak

December 13, 2010
Af-Pak envoy Holbrooke remains in critical condition

December 11, 2010
Pak to seal parts of Afghan border during Muharram

December 09, 2010
Clinton welcomes Indian efforts in Afghanistan

December 07, 2010
Most Afghans want US troops out by next summer, says report

December 04, 2010
Obama, Karzai avoid discussing WikiLeaks

December 01, 2010
Pak producing nukes faster than other nations: Wikileaks

November 30, 2010
Trainee Afghan cop kills 6 US soldiers

November 29, 2010
Turkey kept India out from Afghan meet to appease Pak: WikiLeaks

November 28, 2010
Will the next Wikileaks expose India's corrupt?

November 20, 2010
US calls for India, Pak's support in Afghan transition

November 16, 2010
Afghan talks fail after Mullah Omar refuses 35,000 jobs

November 14, 2010
'Presence of US troops upsets Afghans now'

November 12, 2010
Is the next Osama planning a bigger 26/11 in India?

November 11, 2010
I can deliver Pakistan from darkness: Musharraf

November 10, 2010
India trying to setup 'anti-Pak' Afghanistan: Musharraf
Musharraf questions India's role in Afghanistan

November 04, 2010
'Crying before Obama is not the solution'

November 03, 2010
Why Afghanistan could dominate talks with Obama

October 27, 2010
Obama shouldn't lean on India to placate Pak, says think tank

October 21, 2010
Pakistan key in Afghan peace process: US

October 20, 2010
US may offer military sweeteners to pacify Pak
Afghan government in direct contact with top Taliban leaders for peace talks: NYT

October 19, 2010
We don't know where Osama is: Pentagon
Mapped: The way forward for India-US relations

October 14, 2010
India arrests Australian for siphoning off US funds in Afghanistan
11 militants killed in US drone attacks in Pakistan

October 11, 2010
We killed 2 Indians in missile attack: Afghan Taliban

October 10, 2010
NATO resumes supply into Afghanistan after Pak lifts blockade

October 06, 2010
Taliban, Karzai begin talks at secret location

October 05, 2010
Current AfPak policy 'progressing on track': Obama

October 01, 2010
Exclusive: Taliban rejects Karzai's offer

September 30, 2010
Sharif sold Kashmir to India, led to Kargil: Musharraf
Pakistan's instability compromising NATO's logistics

September 29, 2010
Afghanistan has been harder than Iraq, says Obama

September 28, 2010
India, US mull 'triangular cooperation' in Afghanistan, Africa

September 27, 2010
Despite the US, India leans towards Iran

September 21, 2010
Shocker: US backs Chinese role in South Asia

September 16, 2010
Zardari condemns India's 'brutal' handling of protests in Kashmir
Afghan govt will talk to Taliban, not Al Qaeda: Karzai

September 15, 2010
How not to exit Afghanistan

September 13, 2010
What Kissinger says about India and Afghanistan

September 09, 2010
Taliban close to victory in Afghanistan: Mullah Omar

August 31, 2010
Afghanistan wants India to broaden cooperation

August 27, 2010
Slap sanctions on Pakistan, Afghan NSA tells US
Afghan President's staff on CIA payroll

August 26, 2010
Karzai's key aide on CIA payroll, says NYT report

August 24, 2010
Pak slams Afghan NSA's remarks on terror links

August 23, 2010
Pak arrested Taliban commander to scuttle deal with India
Now, Afghan NSA accuses Pak of harbouring terrorists

August 20, 2010
Taliban kill 30 security guards, 15 hurt

August 19, 2010
Obama orders establishment of new AfPak support office

August 17, 2010
Af-Pak meet: Security, anti-terror strategy top agenda

August 16, 2010
'Osama probably hiding in remote regions of Pak'
India's Afghan gamble: The road ahead

August 10, 2010
'US shouldn't do nation-building in Afghanistan'
'No WikiLeaks impact on US public opinion'
ISI has relationship with Taliban, says Armitage

August 05, 2010
Wanted: A special envoy for Af-Pak
Indian influence wanes in Afghanistan

July 30, 2010
Taliban forces asked to kill Afghan civilians helping forces
Five Taliban members dropped from UNSC blacklist

July 29, 2010
Obama calls high-level meet over war documents leak

July 28, 2010
Nothing new in leaked Afghan documents: Obama
'Indian, Pak officers should attend classes in US'
Former ISI chief blames India for document leak

July 27, 2010
Was it really bin Laden or was it an illusion?
Afghan war document leak: US scrambles to save face

July 26, 2010
Pakistan in denial mode over ISI-Afghan Taliban link
Pakistan continues to support Taliban in Afghanistan:Reports
Polish intel had warned of attack on Indian embassy in Kabul

July 25, 2010
LeT may target Commonwealth Games: Army
India's foreign policy floundering in Af-Pak region

July 23, 2010
US slaps sanctions against Taliban, Haqqani network

July 22, 2010
Longer international presence needed in Afghan: India

July 21, 2010
US to transfer some troops from Afghan next July

July 20, 2010
India to resume medical mission in Afghanistan
Ban, Swedish FM escape rocket attack while landing in Kabul
World leaders back Taliban involvement in Afghan peace process

July 19, 2010
Karzai ensures safety of Indians to Krishna
India sidelined in Afghanistan

July 17, 2010
'US will pull out of Afghan for economic reasons'

July 15, 2010
Walking away from Afghanistan catastrophic: Holbrooke
Taliban training monkeys for jihad?

July 14, 2010
US all set to ban Haqqani network?

July 12, 2010
Karzai seeks removal of 50 Taliban commanders from UN list

July 08, 2010
Osama's ex-cook pleads guilty to terror charges

July 02, 2010
US supports India training Afghan forces
Pak Army denies reports of facilitating Karzai meeting with militants
Never arranged Haqqani-Karzai meet: Pak Army chief

July 01, 2010
What happens in Afghanistan impacts us: India
Pakistan to train Afghan military officers
Al-Qaeda is under serious pressure: US official

June 30, 2010
ISI may be still linked with Taliban: US general

June 25, 2010
Top US general Mike Mullen heads to Pak
Afghanistan: The US surge to nowhere

June 24, 2010
Afghanistan: US should change tactics not generals

June 22, 2010
US' top Afghan commander 'derides' Biden
How US money reaches Taliban in Afghanistan
Don't withdraw from Afghanistan, Indian MPs tell US

June 21, 2010
Is the US considering a long-term stay in Afghanistan?

June 17, 2010
Taliban attack check-post, take 35 Pak soldiers hostage

June 16, 2010
Karzai has not lost confidence in US: Petraeus
LeT-ISI nexus setting up terror camps in Afghanistan, says NYT

June 15, 2010
Pak 'rubbishes' report of ISI training Taliban

June 09, 2010
8 killed in attack on NATO convoy near Islamabad

June 08, 2010
NATO's deadliest day in Afghanistan

June 07, 2010
Karzai sacks country's interior minister, security chief

June 05, 2010
Afghan Taliban reject Karzai's plea for peace

June 02, 2010
Taliban suicide attack: Karzai, Indian envoy escape unhurt

May 31, 2010
Pak bows to US pressure, to send army into tribal belt

May 30, 2010
Taliban facing dissension over leadership: Report

May 29, 2010
After Pakistan, Bangladesh blocks Facebook

May 28, 2010
US NSA presents sugary version of Pakistan visit

May 25, 2010
Marjah is 'a bleeding ulcer' in the Afghan campaign, says McChrsytal

May 24, 2010
Taliban gets 2 lakhs for each NATO soldier's head!

May 23, 2010
Pak: Two arrested men admit to helping NYC bomber

May 21, 2010
'US aware of unofficial talks with Taliban in Maldives'

May 20, 2010
Afghan govt, Taliban to hold talks in Maldives

May 19, 2010
US addressing intelligence gaps in Pakistan

May 18, 2010
Top US officials on way to Pak to talk terror
Kabul: Suicide attack targets NATO convoy; 20 killed
'Why is Karzai hell-bent to reconcile with Taliban?'

May 14, 2010
US' Afghan war costs escalate pass Iraq: Report
Times Square bomber's accomplice held in Pak

May 13, 2010
Won't abandon Afghanistan post 2012, says US
India-US partnership is in shambles: Expert
Afghanistan offers to make peace between US, Iran

May 12, 2010
Why the Gorkhas could solve the Afghan imbroglio

May 11, 2010
US rolls out the red carpet to pacify Karzai

May 10, 2010
When Obama lost his temper over Afghanistan
Terror groups revamp strategy: IB
Obama administration gears up for Karzai's visit
Kandahar awaits another bloody summer

May 09, 2010
Obama asks officials to treat Karzai with respect

May 05, 2010
US wants China to play bigger role in Afghanistan

April 29, 2010
Pak needs reassurance over India threat: Pentagon

April 26, 2010
Pak spy reveals back-door deals of ISI, US and Taliban
India should robustly support Karzai
Fiddling while the country burns

April 23, 2010
Taliban behead 4 men for spying for US

April 22, 2010
'US, corrupt Karzai have stoked angry insurgency'

April 21, 2010
Bangalore blasts a terror drill by Al Qaeda?

April 12, 2010
India will get access to Headley, Obama tells PM
Marginalised India's Afghan options

April 11, 2010
Clinton defends Karzai's remarks

April 06, 2010
Attack on US consulate: The Afghanistan of Pakistan

April 05, 2010
US frustrated with war-torn Afghanistan: White House
Defuse Indo-Pak tension, says Obama's secret directive

April 03, 2010
Osama bin Laden is alive, says Pak journalist
No talks with Taliban, says India
'India, Pak should seek proxy peace in Afghanistan'

April 02, 2010
Pak has no objection to India-Afghan ties: Qureshi

April 01, 2010
'Despite US funds, things have got worse in Pakistan'

March 31, 2010
Poverty kills more people than war in Afghanistan
Obama focusing on ties with India, Pak, Afghan: White House
Exclusive: Taliban suicide squad chief speaks

March 30, 2010
US troops get ready to storm Kandahar

March 29, 2010
Obama vows to destroy Al Qaeda's safe haven in Afghan-Pak
'India alert about China's military modernisation'

March 26, 2010
Taliban says it can 'reconcile' with India but justifies Kabul attack
AfPak one of the common interests of US-India ties: Willard
'Headley plea revealed Qaeda's European links'

March 23, 2010
US-Pak dialogue: All eyes on General Kayani

March 22, 2010
'Terrorists consider Bangladesh safer than Pak, Afghan'
Pak to raise India's presence in Afghan issue?
'India will continue to be a terror target'
Clinton seeks conditional talks with the Taliban

March 20, 2010
India's goodwill and Pak's bluff in Afghanistan

March 19, 2010
UN admits to holding secret talks with Taliban leaders
No death sentence, extradition for Headley

March 18, 2010
US drone strike kills Al Qaeda mastermind of CIA bombing
Any terror strike in India will worsen Indo-Pak tension: US
India won't scale down operations in Afghan: Rao

March 17, 2010
Why Taliban No 2's arrest infuriated Karzai

March 16, 2010
'There is peace on our borders with China'

March 15, 2010
Karzai seeks joint anti-terror strategy with Pakistan
Indo-Pak rivalry can be very costly: Afghanistan
India building protected 'chancellery' in Afghanistan
Al Qaeda is under fantastic pressure, says Holbrooke

March 12, 2010
India to send more ITBP troops to Afghanistan
Af-Pak situation, a concern to entire world: Putin

March 11, 2010
Kayani, Pasha continue Pak's anti-India agenda: NYT
India 'close friend', Pak 'conjoined twin' for Karzai

March 09, 2010
India, Brazil on Qaeda's terror radar, warns CIA

March 06, 2010
Indian medical mission's operations suspended in Kabul

March 04, 2010
Pak agencies nab key Afghan Taliban leader
NSA Menon to visit Kabul tomorrow

March 03, 2010
Saudi Arabia and Pakistan's 'Islamic Bomb'
'LeT, not Taliban, behind Kabul terror strike'
'LeT gunmen had detailed info about Indians in Kabul's hotels'
'I don't think Kabul attack was targeted at Indian facility'
Fresh terror threat against Indian missions in Afghanistan
Army Major injured in Kabul terror strike dies

March 02, 2010
Indian investigators in Kabul to probe Friday attack
How the Lashkar has overtaken Al Qaeda
Global jihad's evolving strategy: Focus Al Qaeda

March 01, 2010
Indian investigating team rushed to Kabul

February 27, 2010
PM asks Karzai to ensure protection for Indians
Kabul attacks could be an attempt to 'provoke' India: US think tank
'Kabul attack marks Indo-Pak wrestle in Afghanistan'
B Raman: Was India targeted again in Kabul?

February 26, 2010
Kabul attack: Special aircraft to bring back Indians' bodies
PM denounces Kabul attack
Pak court bars extradition of Afghan Taliban leaders
ICCR condemns death of Indian tabla player in Kabul
'Headley arrest may have forced Pak to crack down on Taliban'

February 25, 2010
Pak snubs US, turns down request to hand over Baradar
Pak blames 'Indian networks' for terror strikes in India
CIA, ISI strike up an uneasy alliance against Taliban

February 24, 2010
Key LeT militant arrested in Pakistan

February 23, 2010
India's isolation is not good news for the West

February 22, 2010
Taliban targeting Sikhs and Hindus in Pakistan
Haqqani network: Chasing the shadows
Baradar is 'useless,' Taliban mocks US

February 19, 2010
Taliban leader Haqqani's son killed in US drone attack
Obama's blunt warning forced Pak to go after Taliban
New Delhi must hold its nerve in the Great Game
Lashkar commander killed in Pak suicide attack

February 18, 2010
Baradar's arrest could lead US forces to Osama

February 17, 2010
New Pak terror outfit a ploy to confuse investigators: IB
I have never met Kasab: JuD chief Saeed
Baradar arrest: The ISI-Afghan Taliban honeymoon may be over

February 16, 2010
Why Charlie Wilson hated India
Unknown Pak group claims responsibility for Pune blast
'Baradar's arrest will not disturb the Taliban insurgency'

February 15, 2010
US Senator Kerry meets Dr Singh

February 14, 2010
Prince Harry 'set to return to Afghanistan'

February 13, 2010
NATO forces launch major offensive on southern 'Taliban fortress'

February 12, 2010
Osama's successors will be much worse, warns son

February 10, 2010
19 killed in suicide blast in Pak's Khyber region
Pak seeks greater role in Afghanistan; US wary

February 09, 2010
'US-Europe ignoring India's role in Afghanistan to appease Pakistan'

February 08, 2010
London conference on Afghanistan: Implications for India

February 05, 2010
Your Say: Should India hold talks with Pak?

February 04, 2010
Sensitive Holbrooke doesn't even want to mention the 'K word'
'US may attack Iran soon'
Slain US soldiers were training Pak paramilitary forces
The Taliban is down but not out
Pakistan remains pivotal to an Afghan solution
Pak scientist found guilty of attempt to murder by US court
'Pak continuing support to Taliban, Haqqani group as backup plan'
Pak army will remain 'India-centric': Kayani
India unprepared and unwilling to defend democracy

February 03, 2010
Pak: Biggest US drone strike kills 31 Taliban fighters
American soldiers killed in Pakistan

February 02, 2010
Taliban warns of 'big war' if Pak attacks N Waziristan
Al Qaeda biggest killer of innocent Muslims: Obama

February 01, 2010
Taliban's 'suicide bombing boss' may replace Hakimullah
India ignored at Afghanistan summit
How Hakimullah Mehsud became a dreaded jihadi

January 31, 2010
Taliban leaders deny meeting with UN envoy
Is Hakimullah Mehsud dead? Not sure, says Pak

January 29, 2010
Mullah Omar not interested in peace talks,says Clinton

January 28, 2010
70 nations converge to resolve Afghanistan crisis
US should strike deal with Taliban to resolve Afghanistan: Col Imam
Foreign troops may be in Afghan for 15 years: Karzai

January 27, 2010
US wants India to do its dirty work in Pakistan
No blank cheque to Karzai, says White House

January 26, 2010
'NATO powers want high-profile role for India in Afghan'
Afghan meet: India may want international forces to stay

January 25, 2010
Pak reluctant to wage war against Afghan militants, says US
Indo-Pak tensions loom over Afghan aid conference

January 23, 2010
Gates defends statement on 'repeat of 26/11 attack'
Bihar: Suspected Taliban terrorist holds Pak passport
Al Qaeda doesn't care about Kashmir: US defence secy

January 22, 2010
'World should take lessons from India's work in Afghan'
We can't guarantee no repeat of 26/11 in India: Pak PM
US bends to Pak pressure; to share drone technology
India important for US success in Afghanistan: Holbrooke
Air India on high alert after LeT hijack threat

January 21, 2010
Must wipe out Taliban safe havens: Gates to Pak
Pak: Woman killed, 22 hurt in ambush
Pak envious of India's dominance in Afghanistan?
Be ready for a long haul in Afghanistan

January 20, 2010
Khost massacre: a point of inflexion in Obama's war?

January 18, 2010
Explosions, gunfire rattle Kabul

January 17, 2010
US training 'crack unit' to seal Pak N-facilities

January 16, 2010
I am alive and uninjured: Pak Taliban chief

January 15, 2010
'America should help India, Pak in back-channel talks'
US can't succeed in Afghan without Pak: Gilani
Pak Taliban chief Mehsud injured in US drone attack: Report
Is this what Osama looks like now?

January 14, 2010
Holbrooke to visit India on Friday

January 11, 2010
US-Pak trust deficit will take long time to bridge: Mullen
AfPak border still epicentre of Al Qaeda: Obama

January 10, 2010
No need for India in Afghan council: Pakistan

January 08, 2010
US doesn't see India sharing Afghan border

January 06, 2010
US asks Pakistan to hunt down and extradite Illiyas Kashmiri

January 02, 2010
Pak claims arrest of RAW agent from Balochistan
Afghan attack is big blow for the CIA

January 01, 2010
UN to relocate foreign staff in Pakistan
Terror threats still loom large over India
CIA says seven of its officers killed in Afghan attack

December 26, 2009
No transit route to Afghanistan for Indian trucks: Pak

December 24, 2009
'Kandahar hijack was India's diplomatic failure'

December 23, 2009
Holbrooke defends US drone strikes in Pak

December 17, 2009
US seeking to split Taliban with cash and jobs offers: report
US working very hard to solve Kashmir imbroglio, without any mediation: McCain
'LeT, ISI plotted Oct attack on Indian embassy in Kabul'

December 16, 2009
We don't give enough aid to Pak: US special envoy
Suspicious Pak wants more US pressure on India
India to seek info about Headley-Rana's role in 26/11: Nikam

December 15, 2009
US to bomb Pak's Quetta if it gets actionable intelligence
Indo-Pak dialogue must to prevent conflict: Clinton
Blast in Kabul: 8 killed, several injured

December 14, 2009
Pak court stays deportation of American 'jihadis'
Obama's Afghan strategy: Surge or retreat?

December 11, 2009
We are as strong as we were earlier: Pak Taliban
For the Pentagon, the Pakistan Army can do no wrong

December 10, 2009
Pak army reluctant to act on Afghan Taliban: Petraeus

December 09, 2009
'Where was the breakthrough N-deal announcement during PM's visit?'
Pak, Afghan, India 'must cooperate' to end violence: Kerry
No shortcuts to success in Afghanistan, says US
'Indo-Pak security relationship has consequences in Afghanistan'

December 08, 2009
Pakistan's war against Taliban going badly
As usual India is left to fight its own battles

December 06, 2009
We don't know where Osama is: US defence secy
Tharoor defends Obama's Af-Pak policy

December 05, 2009
US not leaving war-torn Afghanistan in near future
US not 'cutting and running' from Afghanistan: Clinton
India has a role to play in stability in Af-Pak: Mullen

December 04, 2009
US lawmakers question Pak's sincerity in war
US favours signifianct role for India in Afghanistan
'Success or failure of Afghan policy would be clear by 2011'
Obama's strategy is more about US than Afghanistan

December 03, 2009
UN welcomes Obama's new Af-Pak strategy
Al Qaeda helping Lashkar to attack India: US

December 02, 2009
US to send 30,000 troops to Afghan, withdrawal in 18 months
Obama gives Karzai 18-24 months to achieve Afghan goals
Obama consulted PM on forming Af-Pak policy
Not exit, but transfer-and-transition strategy in Af-Pak: Mullen
No more blank cheques to Karzai government: US
India shares US goals of new Af-Pak policy: Envoy
Contours of emerging US strategy in Af-Pak
Al Qaeda has a safe haven in Pakistan: Obama

December 01, 2009
Pak a key element in new Afghan policy: US
Obama to update PM on his Af-Pak strategy
Obama issues orders to send more troops to Afghanistan
Four policies that can help US change Pak mindset
Afghanistan and the 'Age of Obama'

November 30, 2009
Making sense of the Af-Pak cauldron

November 29, 2009
'Osama bin Laden was within reach of US troops after 9/11'

November 28, 2009
UK, France pledge support for India's fight against terror
Pak seeks 'meaningful talks, not photo-ops' with India
How the 'Bulldozer' failed in Pak, Afghanistan

November 21, 2009
Former Afghan governor sent 3,000 of his men to Taliban

November 20, 2009
Krishna asks Pak to ensure quick trial in 26/11 case
Afghan Taliban chief not in Karachi: Pak govt

November 19, 2009
Karzai sworn in for 2nd term as Afghan President
'India reading too much into US-China joint statement'

November 18, 2009
'One more 26/11 attack could have huge consequences'
'No US exit in Afghan till Qaeda eliminated in Pak'

November 15, 2009
Tackling Afghan roadside bombs a new priority for US Army

November 12, 2009
Afghan envoy warns Obama against troop surge

November 09, 2009
Zardari is a criminal, a fraud and a third rater: Musharraf
Afghan govt under Indian intelligence's influence, claims Musharraf

November 06, 2009
Pakistan is still supporting Taliban: US expert

November 05, 2009
Karzai is the legitimately elected President of Afghanistan: US

November 03, 2009
Taliban warn of guerrilla warfare against Pak army
Obama lauds Karzai; urges to improve governance

November 02, 2009
Pak raises reward on Hakimullah, 18 Taliban men to Rs 41 cr
Karzai orgainsing run-off poll rigging: ex-UN official

October 29, 2009
US concerned about corruption in Afghan: Kelly
Obama signs bill to 'buyout' Taliban fighters

October 28, 2009
US diplomat resigns over Afghan war
US, China to work together for stability in Afghan, Pak
Clinton warns Pak about nuclear-armed terrorists

October 27, 2009
US to triple number of civilian officials in Afghanistan
Majority of Al Qaeda leadership eliminated: US expert
Kerry rules out sending US troops to Pak to fight the Taliban
No proof of Karzai's brother being a drug lord says Kerry
'Afghans must not see America as occupiers'

October 26, 2009
Obama to discuss Af-Pak strategy in situation room

October 25, 2009
Pak troops capture Tarkona mountaintop, kill 15 Taliban men
Karzai rival claims he saved Afghanistan's democracy

October 24, 2009
'US general in Afghan plotting against Pak military'
Need a comprehensive global movement against terror: India

October 23, 2009
A runoff is in Afghanistan's best interests, says Karzai

October 21, 2009
Obama lauds Karzai's decision to agree for election runoff
Iran questions ISI's links with terror groups
Afghan run-off: Obama calls Karzai, Abdullah

October 20, 2009
US rejects Pak allegations on Indian presence in Afghanistan
Karzai ready to accept runoff after election audit
Afghan election commission orders runoff

October 19, 2009
We'll give the Taliban a befitting reply: Army chief
'Taliban militants have more money than they need'
Situation in Pak is very serious, says Antony
'Pak army needs Taliban assets to counter India'
Al Qaeda recruiting cadres from Europe, US: Report

October 18, 2009
Pak's 'mother of all battles' might turn futile
Al Qaeda based in Pakistan, says US

October 17, 2009
Iraq was hard, Afghanistan is harder, says Obama

October 16, 2009
Ilyas Kashmiri's Ghazwa-e-Hind plans to spread terror in India
Conditions attached to Pak aid, US assures India

October 15, 2009
US working to squeeze funding to terror groups
Taliban chief threatens to fight India from 'Islamic Pakistan'
'Al Qaeda's centre of gravity is Pakistan'

October 13, 2009
'Taliban's financial clout soaring, Qaeda funds run dry'
India must deploy troops in Afghanistan

October 11, 2009
'Pak has most to gain from peace in Afghanistan'

October 10, 2009
Taliban acting on Hakimullah's recent warning
PM talks to Karzai, discusses situation after embassy attack
India hints at Pak link to Kabul attack

October 09, 2009
Why India's diplomacy is in disarray
UN hails, Taliban condemns Nobel Peace Prize for Obama
Kabul blast: Karzai assures India of probe
Close India-Afghan ties drive Pak crazy: ex CIA official

October 08, 2009
Taliban claims responsibility for blast near Indian Embassy
International community condemns Kabul suicide attack
India supports reconciliation with Taliban

October 07, 2009
US may be aware of Osama's whereabouts: Qureshi
Time to turn on pressure on Pakistan: India
Pakistan asks US to share information on Osama

October 05, 2009
New Pak Taliban chief vows to strike Pak, US targets

October 02, 2009
Pakistan fears India's rise in Afghanistan: US official
Osama is in Pakistan's tribal belt: US diplomat
ISI chief denies nexus with Taliban

September 30, 2009
Taliban chief's brother killed in US drone attack

September 28, 2009
'US believes Karzai would be re-elected'

September 25, 2009
Krishna denies comment about political settlement with Taliban
Afghan national arrested for plotting 26/11 style terror attacks in US

September 24, 2009
Pak Army, ISI covertly aiding Taliban: US report

September 22, 2009
ISI, Iran intel helping Taliban in Afghan war: US commander

September 20, 2009
Taliban chief warns US-led troops in Eid message

September 16, 2009
US forces in Afghanistan under-resourced: US military chief
Terror groups becoming more linked in AfPak: US
British troops far from defeating Taliban, says Brit defence secretary
Al Qaeda seeking nuclear secrets from Pakistan: Holbrooke

September 14, 2009
US drone attack kills 8 Taliban men in Pak; 159 surrender in Swat

September 10, 2009
'Afghanistan and Pakistan are distinctly different countries'

August 31, 2009
US shouldn't manipulate Karzai's ouster
Does it matter if Advani knew or not?

August 29, 2009
Afghan polls: Abdullah cries foul over 'election frauds'

August 28, 2009
Afghan elections are historic: White House

August 27, 2009
9/11 plotters still alive and planning, says Mullen

August 26, 2009
Over 40 killed in Kandahar vehicle blast
Al-Qaeda-Taliban alliance stronger than ever, says US army chief
'Afghan poll results will impact fight against terrorism'

August 24, 2009
US commanders in Afghanistan seek more troops
Karzai's first priority will be to open peace talks with Pak, says aide
Pak denies Taliban operating from Balochistan
Al Qaeda 'very capable' of attacking US: Mullen

August 22, 2009
Afghan elections a blow to Taliban: Experts

August 21, 2009
I covered up for Advani on Kandahar, says Jaswant

August 19, 2009
Three suspected Taliban bank attackers killed in Kabul encounter
'Indian efforts in Afghanistan irking Pakistan'
'India has a legitimate interest in Af-Pak'
Afghan polls: Democracy in difficult times

August 18, 2009
Rocket attack on Afghan presidential palace
Al Qaeda shifting base to Pakistan, says Obama

August 17, 2009
No peace talks till foreign troops leave, says Afghan warlord

August 15, 2009
7 killed, 90 injured in Kabul blast

August 13, 2009
'India has designs to destabilise Pakistan'

August 10, 2009
Taliban gains ground in Afghanistan
The death of a 'bad Taliban'
'Baitullah Mehsud is alive, but ill'
Al-Qaeda plans to install its commander as Pak Taliban chief, says Malik

August 08, 2009
Mehsud's death may embolden Pak army, ISI
'Mehsud's death doesn't mean the end of Taliban'

August 07, 2009
Who will succeed Baitullah Mehsud?
Afghan polls: Karzai faces tough battle

July 30, 2009
Avoid 'unnecessary' suicide bombings, Mullah Omar tells Taliban

July 29, 2009
Stable Pakistan necessary for stable Afghanistan, says Miliband

July 28, 2009
Wealthy landowners reluctant to return to Swat: Report
Taliban militants behead Swat police constable
India, Afghanistan resolve to fight terror
'Holbrooke's mandate is strictly AfPak, not India'
Call for Pashtun nation is not far away

July 24, 2009
Osama bin Laden is in Pakistan, says US
India running terror training camps for Baloch youths: Pak
'Hillary dispelled India's doubts on Obama administration'
Indo-US ties: The thrill is gone

July 23, 2009
Fazlullah is alive and healthy, claims Taliban

July 20, 2009
26/11, 9/11 terrorists not here, says Pak govt

July 15, 2009
'LeT trying to escalate Indo-Pak tensions'

July 14, 2009
India under pressure in Obama's AfPak strategy

July 13, 2009
Obama orders probe of killings of Taliban prisoners
How Obama's AfPak strategy benefits India

July 10, 2009
Al Qaeda fears its time is up, says book

July 06, 2009
US-Russia sign landmark deal to cut nuclear warheads

July 02, 2009
US troops launch massive operation in Afghanistan
Obama launches 1st major op in Afghanistan

July 01, 2009
Why the Pakistan Army is struggling against the Taliban

June 25, 2009
US NSA Jones meets Narayanan, discusses Af-Pak situation
The three dangers that India faces

June 22, 2009
Will use Pak nuke weapons against US: Al-Qaeda
Reclusive Taliban leader Mullah Omar re-asserts command

June 05, 2009
Pakistan: Chaos, near-collapse and survival

June 02, 2009
'Pak is told to target the Muslim bomb against India'
'India can't become a global player without Pak'

May 29, 2009
The prime minister's SCO dilemma

May 27, 2009
What's common to terror attacks in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan

May 23, 2009
Pakistan to sign another deal with Taliban?

May 13, 2009
US losing information war against Taliban, admits Holbrooke
Holbrooke refuses to comment on India's role in AfPak

May 12, 2009
US sacks top commander in Afghanistan

May 07, 2009
Son of Swat peace negotiator killed in Pak shelling
Pakistan may collapse in three months, warns expert
Karzai raises issue of civilian casualties in Afghanistan

May 05, 2009
'Taliban ahead in propaganda war'
American soldiers in Bible row in Afghanistan

May 04, 2009
Pak, Afghan presidents to meet Obama on Wednesday

April 30, 2009
Osama still alive, suggests Obama

April 25, 2009
Focus on Taliban instead of India, Pakistan told

April 24, 2009
Pakistan must take action against Taliban: US

April 20, 2009
Taliban vows to enforce Shariah across Pakistan

April 17, 2009
'Pak is obsessed with India than combating terror'
Pakistani Ambassador slams US policies on AfPak

April 14, 2009
Why did Holbrooke visit India on poll eve?

April 10, 2009
After busting terror plot, UK points fingers at Pakistan

April 09, 2009
Why we should fear the Talibani mindset

April 08, 2009
Holbrooke, Mullen meet NSA

April 04, 2009
US seeks to triple non-military aid to Pakistan
US seeks India's help in Afghanistan

April 03, 2009
US lawmakers demand accountability from Pak

April 02, 2009
'Pakistan still considers India as its principal enemy'
Obama ends Pak veto over India in Afghanistan

March 28, 2009
How the US plans to defeat the Taliban

March 27, 2009
Pak, Taliban in "ambiguous" relationship, says US ambasssador

March 26, 2009
11 militants killed in Pak suicide attack
ISI helping Taliban in southern Afghanistan: Report

March 25, 2009
Taliban take over lapis lazuli mines in Swat

March 24, 2009
Don't give up on Afghanistan, India tells US

March 20, 2009
Mullah Omar must denounce violence, says Karzai

March 18, 2009
There is nothing like good Taliban: India
Obama to expand covert war in Pakistan?

March 10, 2009
It's not cricket, just the ISI gaining strategic depth

March 09, 2009
President Obama's challenges in AfPak

March 08, 2009
RAW helping militants in Afghanistan, says Musharraf

March 06, 2009
Why US strikes in Pakistan will continue

March 05, 2009
Pakistan bigger threat than Afghanistan: US diplomat

March 02, 2009
All terrorist networks have safe haven in Pakistan: Gates

March 01, 2009
We must refine our goals in Afghanistan, says Obama

February 27, 2009
Obama's budget proposes more aid to Pakistan

February 25, 2009
New strategy for Afghan, Pak to defeat Al Qaeda, says Obama

February 24, 2009
Terrorists from Pak, Afghanistan pose biggest threat: FBI
Taliban declares indefinite ceasefire in Swat

February 23, 2009
Taliban releases Pak official in exchange for militants
Imran Khan advises US to strike a deal with Taliban

February 21, 2009
Pakistan government, Taliban agree to Swat ceasefire

February 20, 2009
No breakthrough in talks over Swat peace deal
LeT plans terror strikes across the world
'He saved me, but I could not save him'

February 19, 2009
'Pakistan had no choice but make a deal in Swat'
Pak, Afghan foreign ministers to be in US for policy review
'Musa's murder an attempt to scare away scribes from Swat'
Analysis: Why Obama ordered troop surge in Afghanistan

February 18, 2009
Diplomacy and development key to success in Afghanistan, says Obama
CIA using Pak airbase to strike against militants: Report

February 17, 2009
Osama most likely hiding in Pakistan, says scientific study

February 16, 2009
US special envoy meets Pranab, NSA, Foreign Secretary

February 15, 2009
Taliban announces ten-day truce in Pakistan's Swat

February 13, 2009
Taliban spreads into Pakistan's heart

February 11, 2009
26 killed in attack on government offices in Kabul
CIA analyst to chair policy review on Afghanistan, Pakistan
In Swat, Pakistan army faces 1971-like situation

February 10, 2009
Why Al Qaeda threatened India
Get serious about war on terror, Obama warns Pak
Afghanistan govt 'detached' from the region: Obama
Pakistan resurrects an Al Qaeda ghost

February 09, 2009
Kidnapped Indian national dies in Afghanistan

February 02, 2009
Senior UN official kidnapped in Pakistan
'The US will be nervous about the Kashmir issue'

January 28, 2009
India's role in Afghanistan lauded

January 23, 2009
Karzai comes under Obama scanner
How Obama avoided a 'misguided policy blunder'

January 22, 2009
Pranab in Kabul, terrorism high on agenda
India hands over key highway to Afghanistan
Holbrook to be special US envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan

January 16, 2009
Pak police crack down on Taliban hideout in Karachi

January 09, 2009
Afghan President to visit India on Jan 11
Afghanistan approach must involve India, says Petraeus

December 19, 2008
Mullah Omar's designs on India

November 17, 2008
Come for talks, I'll protect you: Karzai to Taliban

November 12, 2008
Obama may rope in Iran in Afghanistan peace bid

October 29, 2008
US elections: Waiting for bin Laden

October 26, 2008
Indian diplomats' stay in Afghanistan extended

October 10, 2008
Taking stock of the Afghan war, seven years on

October 08, 2008
Losing the psy-war in Afghanistan

October 07, 2008
US, Saudi Arabia revive Taliban's comeback

October 01, 2008
New US commander's mantra for war on terror

September 24, 2008
Karzai supports joint Pak-Afghan force for border patrol

September 23, 2008
India to send more ITBP troops to Afghanistan

September 22, 2008
Afghan ambassador-designate kidnapped in Pakistan

September 15, 2008
64 Taliban militants killed near Afghan border: Pakistan

September 12, 2008
Was Pak army chief aware of Kabul bombing plan?

September 09, 2008
Pakistan: Top Al Qaeda leaders among 21 killed in madrassa strike

September 03, 2008
US-led forces kill 20 in Pakistan

August 29, 2008
Prince Harry desperate to go back to Afghanistan: Reports

August 20, 2008
Pakistan government should rein in ISI, says Karzai

August 11, 2008
India's new challenges in Afghanistan

August 08, 2008
Why it's crunch time for Pakistan

August 07, 2008
Remembering diplomat Venkat Rao
US has dramatically improved ties with India: Bush

August 05, 2008
Pakistani woman arrested for attempted murder of US soldiers

August 04, 2008
Mullah Omar operates Taliban from his base in Pakistan: Report

August 03, 2008
US warns Pakistan of action if attacks continue

August 02, 2008
Terrorism gaining deeper grip in Pakistan: Karzai
Al Qaeda No 2 al Zawahiri may be dead: Report

August 01, 2008
Top ISI officers may be behind Kabul attack: Report

July 31, 2008
Pakistan hits back; blames Delhi, Kabul for unrest

July 29, 2008
Pakistan PM for multi-pronged strategy to combat terrorism

July 27, 2008
US has got to get Afghanistan right: Obama

July 21, 2008
India makes its anger on Kabul attack clear
Kabul bombing: Pakistan must probe India's charges against ISI

July 16, 2008
Afghanistan: Another frontier of Indo-Pak rivalry?

July 14, 2008
CBI director's visit to Pakistan cancelled after Kabul blast
India may send more ITBP personnel to Kabul

July 13, 2008
Menon in Kabul to ensure its assets' safety

July 12, 2008
Obama favours execution of Osama bin Laden

July 11, 2008
PM visits families of Kabul blast victims

July 10, 2008
Indian intelligence agencies had warned Kabul about possible attack
India attacks Pakistan for trying to enter peace deal with Taliban
No foreign hand in Kabul blast: Robert Gates
Al Qaeda, Taliban involved in Kabul attack: Stratfor
Over 100 kg of explosives used in attack on Indian embassy

July 09, 2008
Drawing lessons from the Kabul bombing

July 08, 2008
Embassies top militants' hit list

July 07, 2008
Why the Indian embassy in Kabul was attacked
ISI involvement in Kabul embassy blast suspected
Kabul blast: 4 Indians among 41 killed

June 28, 2008
Afghanistan not Iraq is biggest concern for US

June 19, 2008
US needs a tougher policy on Pakistan: Obama

June 18, 2008
US defends Karzai's plans to send troops into Pak

June 13, 2008
No immediate threat to US from Osama: Pakistan

June 07, 2008
'Military option open in Pakistan-Taliban talks'

June 05, 2008
Afghanistan: Indian jawan killed in suicide attack

May 20, 2008
Al Qaeda's fidayeen 'nursery' catches them young

May 19, 2008
Pak government, Taliban to sign peace deal
Kidnapped Indian was chained, starved, threatened with death

May 18, 2008
Kidnapped Indian freed in Afghan, family celebrates
Kidnapped Indian national freed in Afghanistan

May 16, 2008
Pak tells US cross-border attacks can't be stopped

April 29, 2008
IPI pipeline doable: India

April 27, 2008
Hamid Karzai escapes assassination bid

April 23, 2008
Father of Indian abducted in Afghan seeks Centre's help

April 22, 2008
Indian worker kidnapped in Afghanistan

April 20, 2008
Afghan: Pak envoy's kidnappers demand release of top Taliban leader

April 19, 2008
Pakistani envoy in Taliban custody

April 16, 2008
Bodies of slain BRO men arrive in Delhi

April 15, 2008
US will help Pakistan reconcile with India

April 05, 2008
Afghan govt bans 'un-Islamic' Indian serials
Al Qaeda wants nuclear weapon to strike: US

March 31, 2008
Pakistani Taliban ready to hold talks with govt
Pak-Afghan border is Al Qaeda's safe haven, warns CIA chief
How young girls become 'opium brides' in Afghanistan

March 13, 2008
Don't underestimate Al Qaeda: India tells UNSC

March 11, 2008
Al Qaeda stronger thanks to Musharraf deal: US intelligence

February 29, 2008
Prince Harry fights Taliban militants in Afghanistan

February 28, 2008
'The peace process with Pakistan will continue'

February 27, 2008
US must adopt a tough Al Qaeda policy

February 25, 2008
Gallows for downloading a document!

February 17, 2008
Pakistan elections: Keeping fingers crossed

February 15, 2008
'Missing Pak envoy not in Khyber Agency'

February 14, 2008
Pak crackdown in tribal belt to trace missing envoy

February 13, 2008
'Al Qaeda is not interested in Afghanistan'
Pak has no clue on missing envoy's whereabouts

February 05, 2008
Kandahar hijacking: Three get life imprisonment

February 04, 2008
Bush for increase in funding to fight terrorism

February 01, 2008
Gathering info from Pak-Afghan border difficult: Boucher

January 31, 2008
'India has a constructive role in Afghanistan'

January 29, 2008
Bush seeks support on Iraq in final address

January 28, 2008
US to step up anti-Al Qaeda efforts in Pakistan

January 27, 2008
Threat to Indians in Afghanistan; security stepped up

January 09, 2008
Bodies of slain ITBP men flown back to India

January 03, 2008
Afghanistan: Suicide attack kills two Indian security personnel

December 26, 2007
Britain entered into peace talks with Taliban: report

December 06, 2007
Afghanistan: Major allied offensive planned on Musa Qala

December 03, 2007
Heritage sites need to be preserved in conflict situations: PM

November 30, 2007
General Kiyani's appointment has US nod

November 06, 2007
Afghanistan: Bomb blast kills dozens

October 29, 2007
Stop use of air power in Afghanistan, Karzai tells US

September 11, 2007
How Osama has survived for six years

August 28, 2007
Afghanistan will produce 8,200 tons of opium

August 12, 2007
Stop Iran-Taliban cooperation, US to Karzai

August 10, 2007
Musharraf will be re-elected by present Assemblies: Pak PM

August 03, 2007
Taliban claims to have kidnapped Indian engineer
Afghanistan: Reports of kidnapping of Indian denied

July 23, 2007
Al Qaeda faces ideological split

July 20, 2007
India rejects reports on RAW-trained Afghan bombers

July 18, 2007
Pakistan seals border with Afghanistan

July 16, 2007
Britain's Afghan casualties as high as WWII

June 26, 2007
Afghanistan still the largest opium producer: UN report

June 18, 2007
A K Antony on Indo-Afghan ties

June 17, 2007
Kabul: 35 killed in police bus blast

June 15, 2007
No way to treat Pakistan

June 10, 2007
Taliban menace: 134 Indian commandos to go to Afghanistan

May 31, 2007
Why Pranabda makes sense

May 15, 2007
A setback for the Neo Taliban

May 04, 2007
Peaceful periphery is a prerequisite to sustain our growth

April 14, 2007
US' Pak policy hasn't proved effective: Report

April 05, 2007
Road diplomacy: India names street after Afghan war hero

April 04, 2007
Lessons for SAARC from the European Union

April 03, 2007
President Karzai talks tough on terrorism

April 02, 2007
New Al Qaeda leadership in Pak: Report
Pakistan sheltering Mullah Omar: Karzai

March 29, 2007
The transformation of SAARC

March 22, 2007
'Benchmarks on US aid to Pak needed'

March 13, 2007
Indo-Pak talks: Unrealistic to expect breakthrough

March 08, 2007
Taliban, Al Qaeda regrouping in Pakistan: Gates
India denies Pak charge of aiding terror in Balochistan

March 02, 2007
Why Musharraf can't get tough with Al Qaeda

February 28, 2007
Attack on Afghan military base: US mum

February 27, 2007
Pakistan 'determined' to fight Al Qaeda

February 26, 2007
Taliban planning unprecedented military push

February 23, 2007
Karzai questions Pak's opposition to Indian consulates

February 22, 2007
Terror on Pak-Afghan border a problem: US
Australia likely to double troops in Afghanistan

February 16, 2007
How US will tackle a resurgent Taliban

February 12, 2007
Gates in Pak to discuss new Afghan strategy

February 09, 2007
Editors discuss relevance of SAARC

February 06, 2007
India, Pak interested in stability of Afghanistan

January 28, 2007
My commitment to fight terrorism is unshakable: Musharraf

January 24, 2007
Afghanistan promises adequate security for Indians
Kabul: Foreign minister launches Indian Embassy Web site
Inclusion of Afghanistan in SAARC will help establish peace: India

January 23, 2007
Allow transit to Afghanistan, India asks Pak

January 22, 2007
Pranab to invite Karzai for SAARC meet

January 15, 2007
Hillary Clinton in Afghanistan

January 12, 2007
US official says Al Qaeda HQ in Pakistan

January 04, 2007
'We will drive foreign troops out of Afghanistan'

December 28, 2006
Block weapons sale to Pakistan, Indian-Americans to Senators

December 27, 2006
Despite turmoil, Indo-Afghan ties flourish

December 15, 2006
US must stop appeasing Musharraf: Expert
'Who do Pakistanis fancy themselves to be?'

December 11, 2006
Post peace deal, Taliban tightens grip in north Pak

November 29, 2006
NATO losing to Taliban: Pak

November 23, 2006
Afghanistan may become failed state: UN official

November 19, 2006
India: terrorists cannot make us leave Afghanistan
Thank you for your valuable support: Karzai
India's partnership with Afghanistan is multi-dimensional

November 18, 2006
International community must continue military, economic support: Karzai

November 16, 2006
Afghanistan: Lessons India must learn
Al Qaeda is against India's work in Afghanistan: Official

November 15, 2006
Karzai, PM to kick off Afghan summit

November 14, 2006
US needs an exit strategy in Afghanistan: Pakistan

November 03, 2006
Al Jazeera's English channel from Nov 15
Video says Mullah Omar is leading battle against US forces

October 31, 2006
All killed in madrassa raid were ultras: Musharraf
'Peaceful Afghanistan can improve Indo-Pak ties'

October 26, 2006
'US must have zero tolerance for Pak-based terror networks'
Al Qaeda shifting focus from Iraq to Afghanistan

October 23, 2006
Mullah Omar warns Western forces

October 18, 2006
'I've distanced myself from the Karzais'

October 16, 2006
'The US is really stupid'

October 12, 2006
'India should just shut up'

October 11, 2006
'US and NATO are being viewed as the new Afghan warlords'

October 10, 2006
'India is Pak's fundamental concern'

October 06, 2006
'Osama is not in Pakistan'
Will US fury work in Afghanistan?
Afghanistan: 5 years in, fear of failure

October 03, 2006
We never aided Taliban: Ex-ISI chiefs

September 30, 2006
Bush praises Musharraf's role in war on terror

September 29, 2006
Musharraf, Karzai agreed to stay in touch: White House

September 28, 2006
Meeting with Bush, Karzai was excellent: Musharraf
Osama is well, and hiding in Afghanistan, says Musharraf
Musharraf, Karzai in frosty meeting
Extremist training in Pakistan must stop: Karzai
Bush hosts feuding Musharraf, Karzai at dinner

September 27, 2006
'Pak must do much more to dismantle terror infrastructure'
Osama is alive and safe: Taliban commander
Musharraf's book is a 'pack of lies'
Musharraf takes on Bush over Iraq war
Resurgence in drug trafficking embarrassment to Afghanistan: Karzai
Jury still out on Pak deal with tribal chiefs: Karzai
'It's in Pak, Afghan interest to see Osama brought to justice'
Work with India, US tells Pakistan

September 26, 2006
No Taliban leaders in Pakistan: Musharraf
Pakistan should shut madrassas: Karzai
How Musharraf conquered Washington

September 25, 2006
No one forced me to join war on terror: Musharraf

September 21, 2006
Osama 'probably' in Pakistan's Waziristan: Clinton

September 20, 2006
Support Indo-Pak peace process, Musharraf urges US

September 19, 2006
How India helps the neighbourhood
'Musharraf's US visit an opportunity to ease tensions'

September 17, 2006
Musharraf siding with US against Muslims: Taliban

September 14, 2006
'Musharraf fuelling Baloch crisis'

September 13, 2006
India successfully integrating Afghan refugees

September 11, 2006
'Hunt for Osama in Pak speculation'
Bush to host 'iftar party' for Musharraf

September 07, 2006
Deal between Pak and pro-Taliban will help both countries: US

September 06, 2006
India to press for UN convention on terror

September 04, 2006
Afghanistan: 200 Taliban feared killed

August 29, 2006
Is Balochistan another Bangladesh?

August 25, 2006
Democracy vs terrorism

August 22, 2006
Capitalism vs Global Islam

August 21, 2006
Kashmir militants are a danger to world peace

August 18, 2006
Afghanistan: America's options

July 27, 2006
'We will take care of slain engineer's family'

July 26, 2006
No plan to send troops to Afghanistan: India
A Big B-sized misadventure for Afghan boys

July 21, 2006
Jaswant Singh's version of the Kandahar hijack
Bush Administration strongly defends F-16s sale to Pak before Congress

July 05, 2006
Two blasts rock Kabul

June 30, 2006
Will continue to fight you: Osama to Bush

June 29, 2006
Afghanistan's drug trade security threat to region: India

June 28, 2006
N-deal with India made under special circumstances: US

June 27, 2006
Calm LoC spurs drug trafficking

June 26, 2006
Army chief convenes high-level Kashmir meeting
Mullah Omar warns Karzai

June 25, 2006
al-Zawahiri calls for Afghan uprising

May 23, 2005
The new India-Pak battleground

May 19, 2005
Pak behind violence, says Karzai
May 17, 2005
ISI hand suspected in engineer's killing: Pranab
May 14, 2005
Pak denies role in Suryanarayana's death
ISI hand in Suryanarayana killing?

May 10, 2005
'Pak democracy means Afghan peace'

May 08, 2005
Are you for the N-deal or Al Qaeda?

May 04, 2005
India ahead of neighbours in press freedom index

May 03, 2005
Who beheaded Suryanarayana?

May 02, 2005
Slain Indian engineer cremated in Hyderabad

May 01, 2005
On his final journey home
Slain engineer's body brought to Delhi
How safe are Indians in Afghanistan?

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