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• November 31, 2002
Blast in Kandahar kills 18 people

• November 29, 2002
8 feared killed in Afghanistan clash

• November 28, 2002
US will brook no interference in Afghanistan: Khalilzad

• November 25, 2002
Afghanistan frees 87 Pak prisoners

• November 25, 2002
Plan to kill Karzai, Fahim foiled

• September 5, 2002
Attempt on Hamid Karzai's life
Twin blasts in Kabul; 20 feared dead

• July 6, 2002
Afghanistan's vice-president assassinated
Assassination shocks Afghanistan

• July 3, 2002
'Afghanistan Is Moving Away from Taliban Extremism

• July 1, 2002
US bombing kills 40 in Afghanistan

• June 14, 2002
Karzai vows to fight 'warlordism' and 'corruption'

• June 3, 2002
Top Taliban officials held reunion near Peshawar: Newsweek/PTI

• May 6, 2002
India keen to help Afghanistan rebuild roads

• April 2, 2002
Musharraf on surprise visit to Afghanistan

• March 26, 2002
US to train Afghan army personnel

• March 11, 2002
800 Al Qaeda, Taliban men killed: Report

• February 27, 2002
India can help bring peace, stability in Afghanistan: Karzai
Afghanistan committed to eliminating radicalism: Karzai

• February 8, 2002
Pakistan, Afghanistan decide to bury past

• February 7, 2002
Afghan warlords demand ransom for Pakistani prisoners

• February 5, 2002
MEA to have special Afghanistan unit

• January 31, 2002
Afghanistan wants Indian role in reconstruction

• January 18, 2002
Karzai to visit Washington on January 28

• January 4, 2002
Omar may have been arrested: Afghan minister

• January 3, 2002
Pushtoon heartland still unsafe for Indians

• January 2, 2002
Advance party of peacekeeping force arrives in Afghanistan

• December 29, 2001
Osama in Bajaur, Mullah Omar in Gilgit: Report

• December 28, 2001
Afghanistan wants US to stop bombing
Sept 11 strikes cost US one trillion dollars: Osama

• December 27, 2001
India to airlift 1,000 artificial limbs to Afghanistan

• December 26, 2001
US marines on high alert in Afghanistan

• December 24, 2001
Top Taliban leaders seek rapprochement with Karzai
Taliban deputy intelligence chief held
Taliban looted billions from the exchange market
US forces can stay till terrorism is wiped out: Karzai
Afghanistan seeks Indian help to compose anthem

• December 22, 2001
Hamid Karzai sworn-in as Afghanistan's interim head
Pak announces $ 100 mn aid for Afghanistan

• December 21, 2001
Jaswant Singh to witness swearing in of Karzai govt
Security Council okays multinational force for Kabul
Taliban suspends all political activities: Zaeef
Indian embassy in Kabul to open on Saturday

• December 20, 2001
Afghanistan administration on collision course with UN
100 hurt in Mazar-e-Sharif explosion
India-Pak should stay focused on unfinished agenda in Afghanistan

• December 19, 2001
Karzai supports international security force
15 killed in clash between Al Qaeda men and Pakistani guards
UN sets up fund for Afghan interim government

• December 18, 2001
Afghans want Indian embassy to reopen soon

• December 17, 2001
'India and Afghanistan will have stronger ties' - Yunus Qanooni
Osama, Omar escape to Pakistan: Report
Al Qaeda fighters fleeing Tora Bora
US launch night raids on Tora Bora
American flag flies in Kabul after 12 years

• December 16, 2001
Last Al Qaeda position falls, Rumsfeld meets Karzai in Afghanistan

• December 15, 2001
Al Qaeda fighters make surrender offer
300 Al Qaeda fighters surrender
Key issues remain as UN works on Afghan resolution
Anti-Taliban forces advance 2 km in Tora Bora: Rumsfeld

• December 13, 2001
Laden admits planning September 11 strikes
Deadline for Al Qaeda surrender passes; US attacks intensify
Tora Bora deal: Give up your leaders, go free

• December 12, 2001
Abdullah Abdullah to hold extensive talks with Jaswant
American Talib says biological strike on US soon
Burhanuddin Rabbani unhappy with Bonn accord
US targets Al Qaeda positions after surrender deadline breached
Al Qaeda miss surrender deadline
Afghanistan seeks long-term cooperation from India
Al Qaeda fighters set conditions for surrender: AIP
US believes it has bin Laden cornered in Tora Bora
Senior Taliban or Al Qaeda leader taken to another country

• December 11, 2001
1,000 bodies around Kandahar airport: Report
Asphyxiation killed many Taliban prisoners: Report
Al Qaeda men in Tora Bora seek truce

• December 10, 2001
S K Lambah to lead second mission to Kabul
US drops 'daisy cutter' on Tora Bora cave complex
Osama will be turned over to ICJ: Karzai
Karzai unhappy with NA minister's visit to India: Pak media
Lambah to lead second mission to Kabul
Laden wants death relayed on TV: Reports
Northern Alliance wants to retain charge of Kabul security
Afghan warlords arrive at an agreement on Kandahar
Abdullah Abdullah to visit India on Wednesday

• December 9, 2001
Osama, Mullah Omar still in Afghanistan: Cheney
Afghan factions jostle for power in Kandahar
India to guard against Taliban-like regime in Afghanistan

• December 8, 2001
Osama to be hunted down in days: Afghan commander
Mullah Omar held by warlords: Reports

• December 7, 2001
Osama, Omar still elude their seekers
Documents relating to IC-814 hijacking found in Kabul
Ex-Kandahar governor takes control of residence
Pakistan to set up embassy in Kabul
N Alliance captures Tora Bora; Osama escapes
Taliban surrenders Kandahar; Omar missing
No mercy for Mullah Omar: Karzai, US
UN defers issue of peacekeeping force
Taliban surrender deal splits Alliance commanders

• December 6, 2001
Mullah Omar to surrender Kandahar: Reports
US rules out surrender deal for Kandahar
Foreign fighters must face justice: Karzai
Uzbek Dostum to boycott Afghan interim govt
New Afghan interior minister to visit India
Afghan accord should lead to broad-based govt: India
Pak will recognise Afghan interim govt
India has a role in Afghanistan: Abdullah Abdullah

• December 5, 2001
1000 Afghan militiamen close in on Osama: Report
Woman to be Afghanistan deputy premier
Afghan interim govt composition finalised

• December 4, 2001
Hamid Karzai to head Afghan interim administration
Oppn forces retreat from Kandahar airport
Osama's second-in-command wounded: Report
Afghan official claims to have located Laden
Taliban cracking up, dissidents flee to Pakistan: Report

• December 3, 2001
Oppn forces enter Kandahar airport
Afghan accord ready to be inked: Report
Afghan factions demand amendments to UN draft accord

• December 2, 2001
UN outlines draft accord for interim Afghan govt
US jets bomb Kandahar, as hunt for Osama continues

• December 1, 2001
Afghan talks stalled: UN
5 US soldiers killed in suicide attack: Taleban
US plane shot down in Kandahar: Taleban
Rabbani to accept interim council
Afghan talks heading for a deadlock
US intensifies hunt for Osama, Omar
Hindus, Sikhs in Afghanistan can practice their faith

• November 30, 2001
N Alliance captures member of Al Qaeda
Mullah Omar urges Taleban to continue fighting
NA delegation fails to get Bonn talks adjourned
Northern Alliance agrees to multinational security force
Top Northern Alliance leader quits Bonn talks
Russia vows to support Rabbani govt

• November 29, 2001
US planes pound Kandahar, Alliance troops close in
Northern Alliance, Zahir Shah agree on interim council
Rabbani striking deal with Pakistan
Top Al Qaeda leaders believed dead: US
Don't recognise Rabbani: US to Russia

• November 28, 2001
Officer killed in Mazar-e-Sharif prison riot: CIA
Assets of Taleban govt frozen by UN
US bombs Al Qaeda, Taleban leaders' compound
Northern Alliance retakes Qala-e-Jangi
Taleban recapture Spin Boldak: Report
British marine commandos fly into Afghanistan

• November 27, 2001
Afghan deal within three days: Alliance delegate
US Marines seize key airstrip in Kandahar
US bomb kills 10 Northern Alliance soldiers

• November 26, 2001
Osama, Mullah Omar in hiding: Northern Alliance
300 revolting Al Qaeda prisoners killed
Taleban vows revenge for alleged massacre
Taleban panic as Kandahar airport falls: Witnesses
US soldiers land near Kandahar: Report

• November 25, 2001
Northern Alliance troops enter Kunduz

• November 24, 2001
India turns focus on Afghanistan reconstruction process
India will have role in Afghanistan's future: Vajpayee
30 US commandos killed: Taleban
Taleban evacuation of Kunduz underway: NA
Taleban tortured infants, children: Report
Situation in Mazar-e-Sharif improving: UN
UN-sponsored Afghan meet postponed by a day
US for all-inclusive govt in Afghanistan

• November 23, 2001
Northern Alliance launches 3-pronged attack on Kunduz
Revival of Indian hospital in Kabul to provide badly needed relief
Pakistan mulls setting up Afghan mission
Northern Alliance 'in touch' with Pakistan: Report
Britain opens diplomatic mission in Kabul
600 bodies discovered in Mazar-e-Sharif: ICRC

• November 22, 2001
Scribes told to leave Taleban-controlled areas
Pak choppers rescue commanders trapped in Kunduz
Northern Alliance promises lenient regime
Pakistan orders Taleban embassy closed
Taleban to surrender Kunduz
Three more scribes killed in Afghanistan: Report

• November 21, 2001
Northern Alliance troops set to enter Kunduz
Rabbani calls for end to warfare in Afghanistan
Top US general meets NA leaders near Kabul
Indian diplomatic mission arrives in Kabul

• November 20, 2001
Taleban consulates in Quetta, Peshawar closed
UN trying to convene meeting on Afghanistan

• November 19, 2001
Four scribes feared dead in Kabul ambush
Taleban willing to surrender Kunduz
Mullah Akhtar Usmani named successor to Mullah Omar
Laden has left Taleban controlled areas: Zaeef
Ex-Afghan king can play symbolic role: US
Russia to open embassy in Afghanistan
Pro-Taleban Uzbek commander killed: Dostum

• November 18, 2001
Noose tightens around bin Laden: Report
Northern Alliance agrees to take part in UN-sponsored meet

• November 17, 2001
Burhanuddin Rabbani arrives in Kabul
Laden has left Afghanistan: Taleban
G-21 for early meeting of all Afghan factions
Pakistan won't grant asylum to Laden, Omar
UN rejects Taleban request to negotiate surrender in Kunduz
Taleban confirms Atef's death
US envoy avoids meeting Northern Alliance
War is far from over, feel Pushtoons
Taleban deny surrender of Kandahar
Northern Alliance shows no mercy to foreign soldiers

• November 16, 2001
Omar orders withdrawal from Kandahar
US claims to have killed close Laden aide
US bombs hit Taleban ministry building, mosque
Taleban chief Mullah Omar in Kunduz: Report
US, British troops land at Bagram airport
Form new Afghan govt by consensus: India
Zahir Shah has role in future Afghanistan govt: UN
Bush, Putin agree on Afghanistan plan
Fleeing Taleban may land in Kashmir

• October 31, 2001
India appoints special envoy on Afghanistan

• September 22, 2001
Major General (retd) Ashok K Mehta on the lessons from Afghanistan

• September 19, 2001
Amberish K Diwanji on India and the looming war in Afghanistan
Pak armed force and ISI units still in Afghanistan: Reports

• September 18, 2001
Deploying US troops in Afghanistan risky: security experts

• September 15, 2001
Major General (retd) Ashok K Mehta on the next Kosovo

• June 1, 2001
S Gopikrishna on the plight of Hindus and Sikhs in Afghanistan

• May 26, 2001
UN panel flays Pak for not enforcing curbs against Taleban

• May 3, 2001
Pak refuses entry to Taleban ministers

• April 14, 2001
Pak rules out role for India in Afghanistan

• April 10, 2001
Pak wants UN to oversee its border with Afghanistan

• March 9, 2001
Egypt envoy in Afghanistan to save Bamiyan Buddhas

• March 2, 2001
Parliament condemns destruction of Buddhist relics in Afghanistan

• January 9, 2001
Laden wants to leave Afghanistan: Daily

• November 15, 2000
Extremists confess to training in Afghanistan

• July 19, 2000
Many casualties in renewed fighting in northern Afghanistan

• June 24, 2000
USAID earmarks $ 6m for drought relief in India, Pak, Afghanistan

• May 24, 2000
India, Iran get closer to counter Pak, Afghanistan

• January 21, 2000
Maulana Masood Azhar leaves for Afghanistan