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Will Modi's win change Indian politics?


Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has come back to power with a decisive victory third time in a row, wiping out the Congress effectively from the state.

Many of his followers now want to see him in the prime minister's chair, but some questions may slow down the controversial CM's journey to the most powerful post in India.

Why didn't Modi win anything near the 150 seats he had bragged about in his campaign? Why were so many of the ministers in his cabinet ousted by voters in this election? Why did the Bharatiya Janata Party not grant a single ticket to a Muslim candidate? Why has Modi never expressed grief or remorse about the post-Godhra riots that continue to taint his image?

Sheela Bhatt,'s Senior Editorial Director, News, has reported about the political upheavals in Gujarat for decades and extensively covered the recent state polls. She will be on Rediff Chat on Friday, December 21, at 11 am, to answer all these and many more questions about Narendra Modi's victory juggernaut and its domino effect on national politics.

So log in on Friday, December 21, at 11 am with all the questions you have ever had about Narendra Modi and his race for the PM's post.

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