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Wronged techie: 'I just want my selfrespect back'

January 24, 2008 17:26 IST

In the wee hours of August 31, software engineer Lakshmana K Kailash was picked up from his Bangalore home by six policemen from Pune on charges of defaming Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj on

Despite protesting that he did not know anything about it, he was taken to Pune and thrown into jail, where he spent 50 daysfor an offence he did not commit.

His luck changed and three people who were behind the offence were arrested. Lakshmana, who is currently with his family in Tamil Nadu, spoke to Rediff readers on Thursday and spoke about his ordeal and his decision to slap a legal notice demanding Rs 20 crore from Bharti Airtel [Get Quote] and the Pune police.

For those who missed the chat, here is the complete transcript:


Lakshmana Kailash says, Good afternoon everybody!! This is Lakshmana Kailash K. I am here to answer your questions.

deep asked, What is biggest learning from this episode?
Lakshmana Kailash answers,  at 2008-01-24 14:53:50patience

Ravi asked, Lakshman, Its good that real culprits have ben arrested. Otherwise you will keep struggling for your freedon now also.
Lakshmana Kailash answers, Yes. you are true. I was struggling for my freedom those 50 days. I was mentally prepared to be patient till end of my release, as my family needs me.

smallman asked, How long do you think the legal process will take
Lakshmana Kailash answers, The legal process might take quite some time, but i have learnt the patience inside the jail. So my strategy is to be patient and fight till end(as i did inside the jail). no time frame in my mind.

shashank asked, How are you now?
Lakshmana Kailash answers, can't say fine. but slowly recovering from it. Thanks.

karthick asked, kailash - your perseverance is well appreciated. Take care of your health and we all hope for the best for you in the future.
Lakshmana Kailash answers, Thank you very much.

guru asked, i feel sorry for what all happened to you, But You have to teach them a lesson
Lakshmana Kailash answers, Just i want my selfrespect back, and i don't want to see another innocent victim in cyber crime. Thats my aim.

rajeshkumar_221 asked, Congrants for your release. Whom do you think were the real culprit, the service provider or the police. Thanks and
Lakshmana Kailash answers, thanks and let the legal process take its course of action.

Yes asked, Lakshmana, is there a way to cover your story in a book. Yours is a story that should be read by many more! Have you ever thought of writing a book, hiring a ghostwriter for you, or allowing a writer to do the work for you?
Lakshmana Kailash answers, I have already started writing it for my own purpose. Let me decide later about publishing it.

jayant asked, hi lakshmana, how serious an offence it is to defame somebody on orkut? ( i don't mean to say that u actually did it)
Lakshmana Kailash answers, I understand that defaming anybody on any platform including orkut is an offence.

Mahesh asked, Hi Laxman, First let me thank you for bringing some general awareness to our legal system and also making a very strong sentence. What happened to you can happen with anyone who uses internet and I feel the same episode is expected to repeat. My question is with respect to the people who prosecuted you (with no literacy in the IT). Do they deserve to be in their post anymore? Do you think our legal system can get you the 20 crore in atleast 20 years (I know you are not actually behind this amount)?
Lakshmana Kailash answers, cyber techniques - relating to investigation has to be imported from developed countries. We have to update more on the cyber techniques from them.

Murali asked, Hi Lakshman.. Did you try taking up your case through TV Channels like TimesNow or CNN-IBN. You might get more support from public for that matter to fight your case.
Lakshmana Kailash answers, Some channels have already reported my case. More channels may give coverage in future. I hope.

jayanthp asked, i wish you the very best in fighting for justice. But I also urge you to remember to do it with a sense of calm and equipoise. What you are doing is for the sake of society at large and not for the sake of retribution.
Lakshmana Kailash answers, Thanks for your encouragement.

Vrunda asked, Lakshmana, Heartfelt congrats for the courage and patience you & family are showing to tackle this situation… We are with you! Please let us know, how can we help you?
Lakshmana Kailash answers, Pray for me and fight - even for a small negligence which you face in your day to day life. That is a great help you can do for me. When we do our duty by asking questions, then only we will get a good service and justice.

MAVERICK asked, Hi Lakshmana. Do you think our judicial system is strong enough to protect innocent people?
Lakshmana Kailash answers, Yes certainly. I have full faith in the judicial.

BlitzKrieg asked, Hi Lakshmana - How did u come up with the figure of 20 crore? 20 Crore is a lot of money. Would you accept an out of court settlement with Bharati?
Lakshmana Kailash answers, It is a cumulative compensation for various damages suffered by me including damage to my career, my future,my psyche, my health, my self respect, my social status and 50 days pain & mental agony.

Raagz asked, Firstly I'd like to congratulate you, how r u doing now. When they arrested did they provide you any evidence, or just they were suspecting you?
Lakshmana Kailash answers, The police team arrested me only on the basis of information provided by the service provider(Bharthi).

Rishi asked, lakshmana, i wud urge u to continue ur fight against the system so that ur case becomes an example and inspiration to all of us that 1 single person can fight and get justice against the whole world
Lakshmana Kailash answers, Thanks for your support. That is one of the main objectives of my fight.

deep2 asked, you know we are very emotional people, this kind of crisis can break someone..what was your inspiration to fight on?
Lakshmana Kailash answers, My inspiration to get back my self respect and social status which i worked hard for the last 25 years and i don't want to see another innocent victim, chating with you in future like me.

deep2 asked, you know we are very emotional people, this kind of crisis can break someone..what was your inspiration to fight on?
Lakshmana Kailash answers, My inspiration is to get back my self respect and social status which i worked hard for the last 25 years and i also don't want to see another innocent victim, chating with you in future like me.

spd asked, I understand Bharti uses IBM"s technology for managing its IT. how come IBM's tech could not help detect the real culprit
Lakshmana Kailash answers, Please shoot the question to the right people......I am not the right person to answer this question. asked, how r u doing lakshamana after that horrific phase of ur life?
Lakshmana Kailash answers, The nightmares of the prison life still continue to haunt me. But i m making all efforts to lead a normal life. My family and friends are also supporting me a lot.

MAVERICK asked, Lakshmana....Cant imagine one of the biggest Telecom Service Agent can commit such a big blunder. Dont you think Government should setup a separate judicial system for I.T crimes with good I.T Professionals and not like illiterate people working for a large enterprise like Bharti?
Lakshmana Kailash answers, Yes. It is desirable that special court for cyber crimes be established. The presiding officer of such special court must have thorough knowledge of cyber law.

chandra asked, Do you think we need to revise cyber laws in India? Do you think cops have enough exposure to the way Internet works?
Lakshmana Kailash answers, reformation in cyber law is always welcome to make it more efficient.

deep2 asked, are you working on a)ways to prevent such mishaps b) create awareness amongst people,even educate law and judiciary - which are again made of people and it helps!
Lakshmana Kailash answers, The very fact that i m available for this chat is to spread awareness and prevent such mishaps. Rest of the awareness has to come from media.

chats asked, Hi, Don't you think that the people who got you into this mess i.e. the police and Airtel officials should be charged for criminal negligence?
Lakshmana Kailash answers, I have already got issued a legal notice to police and Airtel.

punepolice asked, Why do you need 20 crs.. do u think u wud've earned 20 crs in those 5 months.. no doubt you have undergone trauma.. take 10 times of your monthly salary and an additional 100 times worth of you monthly salary.. that should do it.. this is what the courts will tell... be prepared to answer this.. if you feel that you have to get back your self respect.. then why do you need 20crs.. we will splash a full page ad in all major newspapers in the country proclaiming you are a gentleman.. or is it that only money can get back your self respect
Lakshmana Kailash answers, U need to step into my painful shoes to understand what i m going through and went through. Self respect and monetary compensation are independent of each other.

pravin asked, acording to you what is appropriate solution for this type of incidents?
Lakshmana Kailash answers, Proper discharge of duties by service provider and efficient & skilled enforcement agencies. Maturity among the internet users also.....

mukund asked, Lakshmnaaa. you will be rememberd as a freedom fighter for Techies...since you got the opportunity to go to prison without doing any crime... like our freedom fighters... you are the next leader,politically too..
Lakshmana Kailash answers, Thanks. Let your words come true. :-)

Salman Sultan asked, what were your feelings in the first day of prison
Lakshmana Kailash answers, Horrible,scary and a kind of insecured feeling....still searching an apt word for that........

arjun asked, How was your life in the prison, what do you think the Indian government should do to upgrade these prisons
Lakshmana Kailash answers, Life in prison like hell. The prison lacks even basic infrastructure and facilities. For instance .... there were 3 toilets for 400 people. Food quality is pathetic. The atmosphere is unhygenic. Government can do a lot to upgrade the prison.

amittendulkar asked, what is the most difficult challenge u faced in prison
Lakshmana Kailash answers, unknown, when i will be proved as innocent. obviously the toilet ......

amittendulkar asked, what is the most difficult challenge u faced in prison
Lakshmana Kailash answers, unknown, when i will be proved as innocent. obviously the toilet ......

Bolice asked, This is not really a democracy, what do you say? No where else would anyone be arrested for posting on the net.
Lakshmana Kailash answers, My arrest has nothing to do with democracy. I was wrongly arrested due to the wrong information provided to the cops.

prashant13 asked, what would you like to do now so that your lost pride could be redeemed
Lakshmana Kailash answers, First of all i w'd like to get justice for all the sufferings that i have undergone.

jojo asked, where exactly did they catch /summon you? were u shocked? did u prove innocence? if so y didnt they let u go?
Lakshmana Kailash answers, At my residence. Yes i was terribly shocked.At that time they arrested me..... they thought that i was the culprit based on the wrong information that was provided to them. Yes afte 50 days, my innocence was proved, hence i was released by the court.

durgadoss asked, in that case the cops are at fault...they should have verified the authenticity of the information provided to them... like that anybody can provide any information to get the innocent arrested...what nonsense
Lakshmana Kailash answers, I asked the same question to them. They replied me that they got the information from a reliable resource and not from a lay man walking on the road.

rathinavel asked, Are you getting proper sleep now?
Lakshmana Kailash answers, I am still struggling to sleep due to my jail memorries and the horrific thing that my self respect is been stolen.

techi asked, Hi, we all want to support you, kindly let us know in what way can we help you, in term of support against the people because of whom you had this incident.
Lakshmana Kailash answers, For the moment u can continue to discuss this and create more public awareness.In future let me launch my website and inform you all. From the said website, i wish to help people facing similar problems.

km asked, Don't you think Airtel is the main reason behind your sufferings? What can police do if the information given by Airtel is wrong? I agree that they should have checked the validity of the information provided only is they can cross check. In this case the entity to cross check will again be Airtel only.
Lakshmana Kailash answers, Thats what the police said.

nirupma asked, hey lakshman, i don't have any questiions but just wishing you best of luck in your fight for justice.
Lakshmana Kailash answers, Thanks Nirupuma.

nirupma asked, hey lakshman, i don't have any questiions but just wishing you best of luck in your fight for justice.
Lakshmana Kailash answers, Thanks Nirupuma.

Rambabu asked, Lakshman, I had a similar experience. Luckily for me, some well wishers pitched in. My family and me faced the trauma for three days, but it changed me as a person. I can understand what your family went through. I thank god that you are out of it now. I wish such a thing doesnt happen to you or anyone again. Best Regards.
Lakshmana Kailash answers, Thanks. Thats why i am fighting for.

msiva asked, How did they found that the IP provided by the Airtel is wrong ?
Lakshmana Kailash answers, My court release order says that, which is duly signed by honourable majistrate.

Lakshmana Kailash says, Thank you one and all for all the support and kind words.Pray for me.